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  1. i did take a bacup of my save file and overwrite it when i have corrupted my save file it seems to work again for me then maybe u should try it to greets Steve
  2. i don't think u can sell the cars in tdu2 at least i wasn't able to so. u have to buy the casino it is fun and u can make lots of money there. cheers Steve
  3. Inoticed this to but i dont care when this happens, i put it in first and the rpm decends directly so that's not a big problem hehe cheers Steve:chewy:
  4. this is a awesome car like al of ur work super again mate keep em comming ;-)
  5. Let's hope so it would be a cool car lol:bananadance:
  6. Hey there. The Ferrari on dredgy's isn't a GTO but is actually a ferrari 599XX, it something like the fxx program. hope that helps greets Steve
  7. simply uninstall the drivers from controle panel then software search the gfc software and uninstal it then u reinstal the old ones cheers steve
  8. lol i had a g-25 but i sold it and don't regret it also. i now use a ferrari f-430 steering wheel and i love it. and shure do look at me we can kick some buds together then hehe cheers. Steve:woot:
  9. hi, my game name (bel)steve. and ur a very good driver i couldnt keep up with u. anyway, keep up the good driving and don't care about what they think, if u know u don't cheat i take ur word on that unless it can be proven and that didn't happen cheers Steve:D
  10. Hi, Can u use modified physics with community patch 1.68? and go online or doesnt that work?
  11. hi there, i believe we met on the road sometime hehe. for your information tdu pe is a tool to edit the physics of the cars in this game. It is made for the reason if u dl a mod car and the performance of the car u replaced is not like in (real life), to edit it so that u can have close to real life performance in the game, let us say that u put a lambo diablo in a masserati ten u can edit the performance of the masserati to act like a real lambo. i hope u understand what i'm trying to say, and to al sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language. greets Steve:badspelling:
  12. hey thank u very much can't wait for it the gtb cams do work fine for the novitec rosso also u can use those i tryed them. good luck greets steve
  13. hey kurgan can u do the cams for the new f-430 and the new 599gto from tduzoqqer those cars are awsome thanks in advance greets steve
  14. oke as soon as i have the time for it i will. was nice to meet you
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