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  1. long time havent been here..wow about hands,can i download them from somewhere ? or from where i can find this file ?
  2. i just did it for myself like i doo,but originali its tools s5,just putit there r8 dashboard,did leds,tinted lights,windows.but 1 huge problemo if tool says that i dont have a premission to realese it then i cant give u:confused: i was asking premission to tint my windows on s5(2-3 months ago) and hi told me no:D but look with windows i changed half car lol :D so for reales i need premissions anyway
  3. GT-R Spec Top Speed: 449 km/h 0-100 km/h 3,2 sec Redline : 7000 rpm cylinder capasity:6000 cc Max Power: 750 bhp max torque:650 n.m. 6 gear RWD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpY2e5TwJYM
  4. rear rims looks sick,this car is sick,waiting for it
  5. hmm what max redline have slr in game ? i have other stats there,and dont remember what was originali there. btw nice car
  6. have same prob from far distance,u can see it also when car driving out from garage
  7. this car is sick,my new love in game,is it possible to make a version with black or body colour hmm how to explayn,from lower bodykit ? u have a dark grey colour there what we cant change,brbr i holp u understund what i mean..
  8. hey man where can i download this rimshttp://img14.imageshack.us/i/20090530002009.jpg/ racer hardware blog dont have them

    1. try this http://rapidshare.com/files/234922695/WHL_VOLK_GT_C_WHEEL_PACK_V1.zip
    2. i like evo or subaru,can u make new1 subar like ken block ? no offence for old stuff man i know im bad sometimes and sorry for that(we all have a shi.i days) but face it u are the best modder,atleast for me,cus ur windows nice and cars are pure not bad tuning--- so sorry for old shi. man...but do u plan to make new subaru or evo in feature ? ? ? cus if im rite u did this subaru when u didnt make mods with pure windows like u do now all the time,i mean i like ur mods now they looks better then originals in game thats why i asking u? and sorry for my bad english like allways.saash
    3. And Saash hopefully you won't ever make a statement that you know nothing about. ;) whadever dude! i guess when i want and what i want.
    4. hmmm nice mode,but my fps changed after adding this mod,someone have same problem or i see things wrong way ?
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