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  1. And3rs

    That aint true ha
  2. And3rs

    Hey why is your name no longer M4 Bus Lane.. U foken w0t fgt
  3. And3rs

    U fukin wot m8 yer 1 cheeky kunt ill rek u fgt
  4. And3rs

    If you ever change yer name, change it to M6 Toll :)
  5. Wait a second.. Your name aint patch nor jatch....?? Wtf xD
  6. Aw that sucks.. You would have to save and buy that Caterham for yourself :) Im happy there is a bit more freedom here.. I can drive whenever we are going somewhere, even with the whole family in the car. The adult next to me is counting as the responsible driver, so yeah :)
  7. Haha really? xD What kind of cars only wieght 550 kg? :S I can drive anything. I have driven a 263 hp BMW, a range rover, toyota landcruiser, 200hp Lexus, 200hp Galaxy etc :) The last two are my father's own cars so i drive them loads.
  8. Cool! Im learning to drive aswell! I have been on the roads since i turned 16 in January and i have driven 27 different cars.. :)
  9. Whatup homie, havent talked to you in ages!
  10. And3rs

    Turn your iPod on lol
  11. And3rs

    Lol awesome xD Thanks bro!! :)
  12. And3rs

    Turn your damn iPod on btw, i told you to leave it on -.-
  13. And3rs

    Youre still at this forum? (: lol
  14. And3rs

    Come on, do it!!!!!
  15. And3rs

    My small home cinema Razzi: Photo Sharing Trollolol make an account and like my photo : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  16. And3rs

    Turn on your iPod ffs! You made my iphone send you a mms, fu
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