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  1. I remember back when I also modded cars, this was a common dummy problem in the low-res cockpit model.
  2. NO LAMBORGHINI?!?!?!?!?! They lost one big TDU fan..... Ridiculous! 10 Mercedeses no Lambos. Lazy devs! 5 years of development, Hawaii is almost the same (with the ridiculous slopes and jumps, same tree models, signs, traffic cars, few new roads (asphalt)), very few cars... I knew it that they will ruin the game when I heard them to speak only about social experience....
  3. Happy B-day! :birthday:
  4. Hey! Could you re-upload your Bugatti Veyron physics mod please? "Link to thread" Thanks!:)
  5. hello, i found that the links are broken. does anybody have the installers on his computer? because i had hdd fail and i lost enormous amount of data. can anybody mirror the lux and the sport bodies? Thanks! p.s. i think to remake it (now i'm much more experienced with moding), but i will make it maybe when the winter comes...
  6. здрасти. да наистина е така.
  7. Оо как сме ;) Много българи имало тука бре..
  8. zmodeler doesn't support these kind of "textures". it cannot be done... otherwise brilliant mod, thanks!
  9. i couldn't agree more! i also hate bmws. i'm impressed, that nobody yet, has burned our souls, or sent us to hell... its a quite a bold statement.... :D
  10. Hello, terzer, I`m korean TDU wanna-be modder who want to convert forza3`s Genesis Coupe into TDU. Can you give me 3d model of Hyundai`s Genesis Coupe in max format of 3ds format? or Just Teach me how to extract forza 3`s 3d model? If you can, send me mail to [email protected]
  11. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has more votes for crying out loud.... what is going on with this world.... i voted p.s. 1st game- kinda shooter 2 - shooter 3 - strategy 4 - role playing 5 stooter 6 shooter 7 action adventure 8 shooter 9 shooter 10 shooter :D what is common in these games.... VIOLENCE where is the wold going....
  12. if you noticed the wipers, planes, some trees, poles are very early wip. the plane was just 1000polys :) they have much work, but so far its brilliant. if it has proper handling, it will become one of the most brilliant driving games of all times! i fell sorry for the rival companies... :D
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