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  1. [ATTACH=full]31428[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]31429[/ATTACH] Forza Horizon 3
  2. I've the game backup, I can upload it for you in a file hosting website if you want.
  3. New cars don't surprise me anymore, Milli, please add new events. Obrigato Milli and the mod team :D :D We need more races in A7. A8, A6, A5 classes to enjoy all the cars. Please make more races :D
  4. [ATTACH]30666[/ATTACH][ATTACH]30667[/ATTACH][ATTACH]30668[/ATTACH][ATTACH]30669[/ATTACH] Toyota AE100 Sprinter GT
  5. Search for TDU 2 hacks by lalalalalalala in google.
  6. Damn, I was so lost in PC thing, I forgot I'm the only one playing Forza from PC(in this subforum, I assume) . Haha, too bad mate, yes Xbox Live Party will do.
  7. We have Xbox Live Party on PC mate. XD
  8. I'm interested. Also, if you want to chat, let's just make a discord server. There's no need to check/refresh and post on this forum for every single thing you know. :D
  9. raceroom is the worst possible simulator game ever made
  10. the racing school missions are quite easy tbh. the B class training acad is quite complicated but it's manageable. try to use driving aids, see if that helps.
  11. if you're using manual transmission then just before that corner use 4th gear. check the video I posted
  12. @Loek if you want I can share my tune, check for TDUK under Mclaren 570S (use search and put description)
  13. What about this weeks challenge? @Loek @Ryzza5 @TIMELESS
  14. Thank god I use Firefox and Edge. Chrome is a RAM eater and the only think I like about chrome are the plug-ins.
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