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  1. Hi Reilsss my nickname is Orbix9 and i wan't to ask you a favor:can you send me or re-upload the McLaren F1 GT with GTR Wings please? Thanks.
  2. Happy newyear to you back, and hopeful you had a good holiday season. Like anyone else I look up to the next version. Also drew some frinds attention to this great mod ^^
  3. In case someone is wondering what the SLR looks like: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CLtx4e5W8AANhZk.jpg:large Source is the Crew Twitter post from 6th August. Also I think its kinda funny how in the interview they sayed the new cars focus on japanes cars. Yet from what we see... Aston Martin Vanquish 2012 (European) Lotus Evora GTE (European) RUF Rt35 (European) Subaru BRZ (Japan) Lotus Exige (European) Mercedes SLR 722 (European) Looks like the Ivory Tower Develops belive we live in Japan (by we I mean them and me because I live in Europa too). I personally dont mind as I Prefer European cars alot over Japanes once. But all people that hoped for JDM are probally deeply dissapointed... Also I think we will see a Pagani Zonda, because I do rember the Zonda Name shows up in the linces credits ingame. And I doubt Ivory got the Zonda Linces only to put a Zonda Spoilder on the Huayra.
  4. Supriced nobody gave a comment about that they anounced that the close car cam will make its return. I'm quiet happy about that. Now I just hope as mentoned that we get the option to move the driver seat. But eh if they consider returning that camera position. Maybe they reconsider returning the view angle as well as a option... From What I know are the devs at last aware that some parts of the community requested to get it back or adjustable. Now i got a question. I do rember me (but can't find the prove at the time, because it maybe never existed and I just fantasy this in my mind together, or because it got removed, or because I look at the wrong spots). Anyhow I do rember somewhere on the news post they mentoned that car tunning gets improvments as well. And then I wondered if that maybe mean that we get more visual tunning parts. For example the option to use Stock Spoiler in all Specs, or get car colored body parts that are sofar only in carbon fiber (Hoods, Fenders eventual some spoilers even) Does anyone know anything? Or rember seen that anouncement too?
  5. Indeed on the screen is the RS not the One:1, and I personally like the RS as well more as the One:1, Its a great result for the End of the CC/Agrea Line up. For the game I dunno maybe the Agera / Agera R is more suitable.
  6. got curiose and got a question. Would / could StarGT's Agera Koensiegg be added? I mean the model kinda converted to the game already and looks greatly nice dosnt it?
  7. All I really wanted was a fix for the fix on the cockpit view... I didn't ask for race diceplines I hate... oh well the monstertrucks may be some fun...
  8. I think we can call it DLC Phase 2. At last in the main forum they say they plan to support the crew way longer then till november. Personally I already thougth my self, they maybe setup a second season pass. Either way I personally welcome to see car packs poping up monthly. There so many more cars that could walk into the game rigth? Either way I'm very happy that they keep going. not like TDU2 where you wondered "why are there no DLC's? Dont they want extra money?"
  9. Yes but the other things are not cars that got cleared out in the forums already. People hope its patch content like adjustable seats or fixed cockpit camera positions. Well some sort of patch I consider.
  10. I'M kind of supriced that the RUF RT35 wont be the first after season pass DLC car. Considering it was anounced ahead of time. The new Stingray Corvette... I was kinda wondering why it was not in the game to begin with. For the Mercedes I really ask myself why there is a circute spec, for that car..... What I'm most supriced is that they wrote that season pass owners don't have to pay... I was expecting a new season pass or dlc car packs to buy. Apprently, I'm wrong and they not as money hungry as I would had pressumed... All in All good news I say!
  11. Im more dissapointed about mo Circute Spec for the McLaren, Specialy since the F1 has real racing History and examples for what the circute spec could look like from real live (GTR Long / Shorttail). I think it would had suited as circute car far more that that cadillac SUV. But the offical sides says as OZ Mentoned, that it was a misstake in the spec counting. And that there will be none :/
  12. I wrote a question on the offical forum, maybe we get a answer if the missing specs for VW and Mclaren come. Maybe with the actual patch that has to come in still. but somehow I doubt it a little :/ I agree with OZ that it would had been nice to see a Circute Spec McLaren F1
  13. I'm wondering what they make with the F1, I mean the perf spec is a GTR/LM Shorttail Body kit that we already saw. But the Circute Spec could be a longtail maybe. (In my oppinion that would be rather nice...
  14. Spec List of the next DLC surfaced: I wonder if the curcitspec of the mclaren is the longtail one.. that would be nice, but then again if they dont resort the camera problem they crafted today I see little hope in anything... Also why got never the missing Tachometer needle fixed in the 4c or Agera R? its immersion breaking, but not as much as that new cockpit camera position.
  15. tryed the new patch out as well. Anything they added is very nice, EXCEPT the new camera positions and handling. those majorly ruin the fun playing the game now. Camera is now stuck to the steeringwheel in cockpit, like in tdu2, and it looks horrible on any car i tryed out. (makes me not want to use the interior at all anymore. the modfication on the close car camera, i dunno they better added it as a new camera position to select, rather then replace the orginal they had so far... I prefered the old one. I do hope enogth people complain and they add a option to select the old way or something.
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