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  1. http://www.filefront.com/16799639/TDU_PATCH_1_68A.rar
  2. @Ryzza5 Thanks that did the trick :)
  3. All the single player race events aren't showing up on the map (online account) ? Any one know how i can fix this ? as i need some money in the game :)
  4. Thanks :D I'm not sure which version i prefer tho 1 or 2 hm, i cant make my mind up :D
  5. The download link for VERSION 1 isn't working for me ?
  6. Yes would love a Audi A6 TDI Diesel engine sound :)
  7. How do i get the mod to work i've copyed some files over in the tdu folder but it say i need to installed disc 1 of 13 or some crap ?? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2937n7n&s=6 I downloaded the torrent file with part 1 - 12 then i add part 0 which i saved in the folder open in the pic I've copyed the CommonWorld - Snowy Light over into the Tdu folder by copy and pasting then over, where do the other files go and how do i copy them in ? also im using winzip. for the files ?? Edit: Just downloaded winrar and i've think i may have done it im copying files atm so hopefully it should work :)
  8. Could some one else up load them all into one file then plz ? Edit: @cis4care nice one thanks :)
  9. Could you plz put it all parts into one big file, it would be easier for me that thanks ?
  10. Could some one paint these rims black plz and upload them on this site ?? http://guides.gamepressure.com/testdriveunlimited/gfx/word/79966281.jpg Could some one try and make some black rims for is car like it the pic or do a mod for this car it would be great http://images.paultan.org/rocket05_01.jpg :lol::):lol:
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