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  1. DL is down... :( Someone please Re-up?
  2. House, DUBSTEP, D&B, and Trance are my fav genres... TDU is going to blow my ears away if it's music choice takes from even just one of those genres....
  3. What song is that running through the trailer? I hear it on the radio all the time where I live...
  4. That reminds me, love Lancias. I have only seen one in the US before. And it was ugly, still sounded beautiful though. They are gonna be my next favorite offroad car, they are also rally legends.
  5. I have a sweet spot for the 22B. That rare Widebody coupe makes my thighs shiver... ooh yeah. amen, physics are horrible right now. The drifting is horrible and They need to take a more realistic approach if they want me to spend money and purchase this game as much as i love ATARI and Eden... BROFIST. http://i759.photobucket.com/albums/xx238/Cuban_Legend/fistbump.jpg Like i said bro , no hard feelings if you've got respect. I just at first thought you didn't is all. Regarding it being out of place: considering that TDU's devs are specifically categorizing vehicles into 3 slots, one being Offroad. Doesn't it make sense they'd pick a few Rally Bred brands that stand out to represent the best Offroad vehicles? So in that case, it seems to make perfect sense that they'd pick at least one of Subarus rally-raced line-up for TDU2. Of course we don't know for sure if its going to be under the 'offroad' category but it could very well be assumed safely. Just sayin.
  6. I still recognize Burns as a driver. And his game is the best of all rally sims imo, I just didn't like the man as a person. Solberg is my replacement for him. I know, crazy right? "Hard to accept?" TDU2's team obviously seems to have respect for the brand off-road quality and pedigree enough to feature it in the game... just sounded like you lacked some respect for Subaru considering 3 of the greatest drivers in Rally History happened to be driving a Subaru Impreza during the peak of their careers is all I'm saying. No hard feelings though. Also, calling it a straight 'ricer' is a serious misinterpretation. Subarus are not ricers. They are built to look and sound powerful because they are built powerful from the factory. (they dont require aftermarket tuning to 'look fast and powerful' like highschoolers do with stock hondas/acuras) An Impreza WRX STi with 300HP on 4WD, stock rally-inspired wing and all, @ stock its only a Cobb-Stage-2 tune away from nearing the BHP output, speed and lateral agility of their Rally-raced cousin. So not only will I be smoking you all offroad, but I'll be able to turn on a dime on the street while I roll around with my 4WD DCCD Boxer.
  7. I am now praying for the old Evo 9 and an Evo X to be in teh game. We need the RIVALRY. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  8. OH MY GOD. :bananadance: you guys remember how much i begged people to make the impreza into a modcar for TDU1? And how much I loved the poeple who did madke imprezas for TDU1? Now my dream is officially true. I can finally drive my RL car in TDU and off-road it like it's rally-bred self its made to!!! OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ALL OVER MY FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OHHHHH http://i759.photobucket.com/albums/xx238/Cuban_Legend/EeT8v7O8PXWjW4HQjF9SGmTocfUyQ4Z4.jpg So beautiful :crying: Looks like a Pre 2008 model (pre-hatchback) model. Possibly a 2006/7, the headlights are the same on 2004/5 but the red/white are reversed. :bananamad: "A run around early ingame?"... Imprezas are rally-bred beasts. They were loved by Peter Solberg and Colin McRae, they are rally gods. Show some respect in their memory.
  9. yay i get more hours to sit and try to win that Audi TDI >_>
  10. Great Wall of China, Hopes there are codes left. This and Crysis 2's x360 Stress test are going to make my social life dissapear this weekend! :lol:
  11. New HD720p Trailer out now! E3 2010: Exclusive Cars & Locations Trailer HD Atari presents an Eden Games production with this new trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2 featuring exotic cars and locations, exclusively on GameTrailers.com! :D
  12. I've added Ryzza's transcript to the HD Youtube Mirror upload, you can view the Transcript (in Real Time linked to the audio) it by clicking "(CC)" and selecting "English" under Caption Selection! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8F87Pj-7nI Thanks Ryzza.
  13. Youtube is precessing automatic captions/subtitles for the Interview, it takes a while for them to show up. It also takes a while for the HD720p to fully process, it will get better in quality in the next hour. And the timing error has been fixed.
  14. So... I can't give this news the thread it deserves.. >_> I'll be posting this little tidbit I found here in this existing thread until it gets it's own thread. An interesting 5 minute long interview with Eden's Senior Producer regarding... TDU2! :D Source 1280x720p Youtube Mirror Upload https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8F87Pj-7nI Enjoy! ^_^ Edit: I am aware of the timing glitch in the Youtube Version, and am working on a fix. :) Re-Edit: Timing Error Fixed! :D
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