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  1. You are right why go into the unknow when you already know your car very well. Working on your car during this weather is lets say problematic specially with the tempreture drops.
  2. Man that sucks. i hope that all that isn't going to break the bank to fix it.
  3. Gave the car a bath before it's doctor apointement for a timing belt replacement And gave one to the Dacia aswell but couldn't finish because of the weather
  4. Done. Great idea, that would be usefull for 3d printing car parts you badly need.
  5. Decided to upgrade the old BNS to a MK1 RNS-E since the MK2 in my opinion doesn't look right with it's piano black plastic.
  6. Some more shots The BBS's for me look really neat on the DB5 This things just goes mad fast.
  7. Man your shots are stuning, have you tried competing on the photo contest on the forza forums?
  8. So i guess Land Rover and Jaguar is doing something in Corsica, because i seen just this week 3 new Discoverys with GB plates and RHD wich 2 of them were towing a small tracked excavator, 1 Discovery 4th gen RHD GB plates, 1 Defender with a snowplow again RHD GB plate and a few of new E paces mixed between GB and french plates all with Jaguar Experience on the sides.
  9. They are dirty the pic just doesn't show. still have to clean them for the first time.. Perhaps you have some sand on the hinges of the pedal and that makes the pedal not that nice to touch. or try cleaning with a toothbrush and with some dish soap or try and blow the sand with compressed air.
  10. This and GT2 was the games that made my friend and i spend evennings and nights doing the famous 60 lap endurances. Good times indeed.
  11. Recently installed this just couldn't install the foot rest since it's from a TT and need abit of modification to fit
  12. Is that a duck or a vaccum cleaner shaped like a duck. even the cat was like "what the hell is that?"
  13. Dude stop. that toyota shot on the snow looks so life like.
  14. Now that just looks like a pic from a porsche advert, just missing the text.
  15. Bought some of this last week and arrived earlier this week [ATTACH]30503[/ATTACH]
  16. I ain't saying i wouldn't try it but maybe with some good amount of butter and some ham. chorizo and cheese it would maybe not taste that bad or would actually favour the taste.
  17. I have to agree with Calster and robik. the FnF movies should just stop with the 5th maybe the 6th. Another film is the Shrek. Should stop after the 2nd
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