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  1. Working, starting university very soon, spending time with my lady. Just the normal life of a 19-year old, you know. :D :P
  2. How about yes? :D Thanks a lot, mate! <3
  3. Merry Christmas, TDUCK! I love you all and I hope you have a great time with your closest people. :bunny::bunny::bunny::bunny:
  4. I'm posting this on behalf of my best friend Martijn (aka Mb). Told you you're gonna pay for your words. :lol:
  5. Liked and commented. :) P.S. It says that it ends in 4 days here: Project For Awesome | Indiegogo
  6. Look at the thread's title and go home. :jealous: And Martijn, you know you're going to pay for this. Big time!
  7. Photoshop lvl - over 9000! P.S. It's my new facebook profile pic. :lol:
  8. Diablo came through my window one night and said that if I don't join and donate at least 10$ he'll duck up my life. So I did. :P
  9. This Means War - 7.5/10 Three Steps Above Heaven - 7/10 Loosies - 8/10 Heat - 9.5/10 Cop Out - 8/10 That's for the last half a year, I tend not to watch many movies. :/
  10. Best thing about Eindhoven so far are the nice sunsets which can be seen almost daily. ^^
  11. ^ I approve of this a lot! :) Meanwhile, in my room - Dutch influence. :D
  12. Well, I guess they won't tax you 25 euros per lap in this weather. xD Oh, and btw, slowest lap ever is being done atm by Mr.Lonely (1st pic).
  13. My current phone wallpaper. Click for original resolution. :)
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