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  1. Dude you are my hero! I already have physics and sound made for this car
  2. You are confused your talking about customer based Porsches with bolt on rauh welt aches the mod and sound and physics made are based on an actual purpose fully built rauh welt Porsche so it would come with a highly tuned promodet engine as all rauh welts do Below is a quote regarding his own personal built Porsche this should give you an idea on how much he cares about performance I'm only sharing this because I love how fast these things are..... To give you an idea of how fast it is. This car runs in the mid 58's at Tsukuba circuit. The current track record for an NA car is in the 57's. The current production car record AFIK is that of a Radical SR4 1.2 at 1.00. Times around that circuit are 997 GT2 1:03, 1:04 for an R34 skyline, 1:01 for an R35 GTR, e92 M3 1:05.
  3. I don't have a lot of time at the moment due to work but later I'll share some links about the Porsche Jdm tuner scene then you will understand. And the rauh welts are standard is nonsense nearly all off them run highly powered engine setups I spent hours researching this and the rev limits before I made the sound EDIT.. THIS LINK EXPLAINS ABIT Pelican Parts Technical BBS - Rauh Welt Begriff
  4. It's not ment to be a 911 mate... It's a Rauh welt tuned 993 so it should never sound like a standard 911 or have standard 911 redline
  5. Combat didn't stop modding because nobody donated as magic and i already said he stopped posting here while he was working hard to save for a new build he asked people to donate if they could if you care to check the top of the project paradise thread u will see combat is listed as 1 of the top donaters so he puts his time effort and money into tdu and this forum.. for me he is 1 of the best tdu modders ever and the quality of the work he makes is second to none here...
  6. I think people seem to be confused.. combat has not stopped modding he's still very much active on tdu he's been putting in long hours at work trying to save for a new build.. with the attitude and comments of some people I can see why he has walked away from this forum.. this thread was created to help people share is work and some muppits think its cool to take cheap shots at someone who has done more for this forum than they could ever dream of
  8. Thanks guys! feedback from the community it's all gratefully received its the only reason I do this:) The 458 was my main project here I added the gto sound as a request I agree its not very realistic yet but it adds an alternative for those people who want something abit more realistic than the standard file, I could make these so much better with a bigger file size but the 766kbs limit restricted what was possible
  9. As the title says heres a couple of Ferrari sounds ive been playing around with nothings ever finished as far as im concerned so ill probably change or update them at some stage the redlines are standard for the cars i used but the ignition time for both cars should be set to 0.70 as instructed in the readme ;) heres a quick preview video of both the sounds and the sounds can be found here.. 458 Italia- Ferrari 458 italia sound mod by pdb 599 GTO- Ferrari 599 Gto sound mod by pdb Hope you enjoy my work :happyroll: have fun:tipshat:
  10. @robikv3 I've been using merc sl300 cam it's not good for rear view mirror but center position and side mirror are ok to me
  11. I would also love those deep dish rwb rims man I'm sure xten has built the car around very deep rear wheels so hopefully it will work Also I love your rim work dude I use your wheels on nearly all of my cars ;)
  12. try posting in the (TDU2) Mod shop mate this is for TDU the original and better version ;)
  13. Thanks guys :D this car sound was a real pain it's taken longer than most others I'm still not 100% happy or finished with it yet so stay tuned for updates and new projects ;)
  14. TDU Corvette C6 (Z06) Sound mod By pdb This mod is a direct replacement for either the C6 or Z06 corvettes the parameters are as standard so no need to change rpm or rev limits also included is a copy of my (drift missile) physics as used in the preview video the car is lowered and ive tweaked the handling and also adjusted the gear ratio's slightly to fix the impossible 6th gear problem these physics are purely optional and are not required for the sound to work be warned its low mean and fast ;) there are 3 versions of the sound V1 is naturally aspirated V2 is naturally aspirated with added rumble and backfire V3 is a supercharged sound that bangs rumbles and pops this is my first attempt at a supercharger its not perfect but i used real samples to make it Preview Download Corvette C6 (Z06) sound mod by pdb
  15. @violater, thanks man I'm trying hard to make the sounds :) @tdufreak. Thanks dude the transmission sound I added after researching 993 videos they all seem to have loud whines, and the turbo sounds are different manufacturers of dump valves. Personally I use the turbo flutter but I just thought I'd add a few variations for people to choose from.
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