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Porsche Carrera GT

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  1. New Link here and in my 1st Post. Ruf RT-12 Carbon Edition by Porsche Carrera GT.rar Download at remiXshare Filehosting | Fast Anonymous RT-12 Carbon Edition by Porsche Carrera GT.rar greetings
  2. Really really nice work! greetings
  3. It´s a Texture Mod or not? So I think you should post it here: http://tdu-central.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=52 greetings
  4. nice Mod, a new awesome traffic-car Mod from you ;) greetings
  5. Oh yeah I have waited for it! Nice, yesterday I want to drive it, but I had no nice sound, but now ;) greetings
  6. Good luck with your Porsche Carrera GT mod!
  7. This Project isn´t dead! I was on holiday and when I came home, is my PC crashed! So and a special Information but still no Final decision: Maybe I will release (from the moment Version) a V0.9, because I maybe make the Mirage GT new, because I have learnt here something and have now some new parts which I can use for the construction for a new Mirage GT! It´s better if I make a new one, because I would have to invest again some time where I would have to remove first some gaps which would exist by the old parts! greetings
  8. HELLO.When it made a program with which i can do my porsche's who i want?
  9. wow that´s really nice! If I have time, I will test it today! Finally, a nice car for the Audi S4 Cabriolet! greetings
  10. The updated Version looks very nice! I will download it! greetings
  11. you mean anything like that: ? http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=8553 so my links from my pic´s doesn´t work here but at the econd site there is an pic that work! greetings
  12. give my your email please
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