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  1. I registered here back when it was tdu central. Haven't used it since recently tho :)
  2. Camhack? First time i hear of it. I've been a cockpit driver through all of the TDU series.
  3. Im also cool with it being a (C6) ZR1 mod. But will admit it will look cooler in garage if there is a (C6) ZR1 next to C7 :)
  4. Just updated my upper post with my opinion :)
  5. Oh my god. My dreams literally came true! About to test it, will come back in a bit! -------- POST UPDATE ---------- EDIT: Okay, just installed the mod, bought the California (aka Vette). Here's what I got to say about it: The 3D model from outside looks BEAUTIFUL! I Walked around it few times to admire it :) Small detail i noticed: the rims don't have Corvette logo on them but its a minor thing. Interior: Since the game is kinda a mix between sim and arcade, I always drive in First Person. I've noticed that the windshield glass is too dark to see through. The interior (such as dashboard material) is bit too bright. One big deal for me, the steering wheel is not turning at all. The sound. Currently its the default Calfiornia engine sound, but seeing how you were originally a sound modder you will probably work on that :) One super small thing. Selecting white color when buying a car makes the logo on the front invisible (possible on the back as well but i couldn't see) With this i only try to help you fix this mod to perfection. Im not in any way criticizing you. You are doing a great job. Keep it up! ;)
  6. Take your time and like you said, do it quality over quantity. I'm already grateful that you're doing this!
  7. Dude im really hype for this car I hope you put some work in interior as well! Preview looks great, keep on the good work!
  8. I like how people keep requesting in this thread even tho OP said he'd like requests to be in this thread: Tduchicken's Vehicle Mod Requests | turboduck forum
  9. Yea it was one of the first photos to come out, that's why. But yea, we all know what you were going with so its fine!
  10. I did see that thread yes, but i forgot my password so i couldn't reply :) I was glad somebody else liked & wanted it in the game. And to be a bitch for nothing, you showed pictures of C7 Z06 and requested C7 :P But that doesn't matter, it matters that you did :)
  11. That thing looks nothing like C7. I'll just wait for the real deal.
  12. It actually was a while ago: But i guess i'm just slow... Well he is working on C7 so *fingers crossed* i hope to see it soon. I planned on 100% discovering all roads in TDU2, i postponed that so i could do it with C7 :)
  13. Guys, it doesn't freaking matter where you're from. Everyone's gonna say his country and his people are the best anyway... -------------------- I,for one, am SUPER excited for the Corvette! If you did some work on it, can you tease us with any screens? ;)
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