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  1. humgoo

    Hidden Road on PC version?!

    The Eden "E" teleport feature from TDU1 was not included in TDU2. The "underwater trick" from TDU1 where you could drive on the many underwater roads was never accessible in TDU2. There was a brief period when PC users in TDU2 could "glitch" and drive on top of the water to Eden Island, which is still in TDU2, but this was removed in an update. This is why the excellent Force Feed back wheel support from TDU1 was not included in TDU2 as well as DX11 and Track IR. They are all "PC exclusive" features and the developers wanted to reduce all players to the lowest common denominator in their baffling quest for mediocrity.
  2. humgoo

    Petition to keep TDU1 servers online!

    I think Atari is going out of business soon.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I foresee in the weeks and months ahead a resurgence in interest in TDU1 offlline and the need to tailor ones game to their own preferences. If a user server patch is developed, then TDU1 will be with us for a long time to come. If not, then we can fiddle with the off-lineversion of the game to our heart's content forever. Look at Microsoft's Flight Simulator X. They discontinued the game in 2009 and the amount of DLC for it from 3rd party developers has only increased since then. This is partly because the game itself is easily obtainable and with our newer, faster computers, it actually runs better than ever. My paypal account has been very busy lately as I add mods to FSX and increase my disk space to accomodate the massive photo-scenery files that are being produced. On the other hand, Microsoft just laid off most of it's people at the Flight! studios here in Vancouver. Flight! was supposed to replace FSX but they went the same way as so many developers are doing, dumbing down the game to reach what they think is an expanded market and trying to charge for DLC. It didn't work for Flight! and it sure didn't work for TDU2. What they haven't seemed to grasp is that if they have a good game concept that encourages people to invest time and money into, producing dumbed down, disposable versions of the game (like TDU2) doesn't reach the people they need to sustain it. The recent trend towards cheap mobile apps and facebook kids and housewives that are playing them will move on to other things once the novelty wears off.
  4. The quest for a private server/lan TDU patch is of the utmost importance and the talent pool here at TDUC is fantastic. I have a question regarding converting online accounts to offline accounts. I bookmarked this thread years ago but have never really done the conversions... TDU Mods : Offline Online Profile Conversions [Tutorials] Post #2 is for online to offline but it says you must create a new online profile, get it to freeride and then do the conversion to offline and then copy your contents into the new, edited profile. I am confused and concerned. Is there no way to convert an Online Profile to Offline without accessing the TDU server? Surely there must be a way to convert Online to Offline without access to the TDU server as these instructions will be of no use after 29/09/2012, a date that will live in infamy. Please enlighten me on how to carry out the task I thought I never would have to do.
  5. Follow the link to see how to turn off the AI robots. Look at Post # 6 Is it possible to disable AI bots?
  6. I am sorry but TDU2 sucks, I won't be playing it. At least I can turn off the AI robot cars with the blue names in TDU1 offline mode. I should be fine but I will miss the community. It's been an interesting saga these past years watching Atari completely fail.
  7. humgoo

    TDU2 to back to where it belongs poll

    Instead of moving TDU2 to the bin, how about just moving TDU2 beneath TDU1 and the Mod Shop? Or better yet, move the TDU Mod Shop to the top because they are the most relevant and important forums to most of us, then TDU1 and finally way down at 3rd in the list ... TDU2
  8. humgoo

    TDU2 to back to where it belongs poll

    When the TDU2 fan boys offer you a tall frosty glass of TDU2 Koolaid saying its really OK if you just give it a chance ... decline
  9. humgoo

    TDU2 binned.

    It was moved there. The thread was originally in "Feedback"
  10. humgoo

    TDU2 binned.

    It's time it was tossed in the bin. Bravo!
  11. humgoo

    TDU 1 still active list!

    I never stopped playing TDU1 as I have a lot invested in it, time, mods, hardware, friends. TDU2 was created by people who had no idea how my friends and I play TDU and they imposed a "new" gameplay at the expense of our enjoyment. I really don't see how they can salvage the game called TDU2 at this point, the gameplay is so fundamentally different from TDU1 even if they manage to fix the driving physics, which I sincerely don't believe they can, the actual game core concept of "Sims meets TDU at the Casino" is so lame, its painful to even watch videos of it. TDU2 is such a squandered waste of a brilliant opportunity I feel they have to start from scratch to fix this disaster. TDU1 is an expression of freedom to me and I haven't been able to find that same experience in TDU2 even after looking hard for 7 months.
  12. humgoo

    Is it me, or does TDU 2....

    The driving wheels (such as G25, G27) don't work right because they are simply emulating a controller. There is no true force-feed back in TDU2, there is vibration or "rumble" ... you can set up some workarounds, but the coding is just not there. The brake and throttle are on the same axis ... no heel/toe control like in TDU1 The clutch is a digital button with a time delay slider ... its simply on or off, no feathering control and you can't stall (unless you crash). There has to be a patch released for TDU2 to have proper wheel support. Until then all you can do is experiment with your profiler software with centre spring force and wheel rotation degrees.
  13. humgoo

    PoTW: Week 56 Entry

  14. humgoo

    Hardcore Mode?

    When I read though these discussions about HC vs Normal modes I often wonder if I am playing the same game. There are the HC Drivers and the Normal Mode Drivers. HC isn't realistic but is more challenging to me. The cars corner in a more real way, although they send to be a bit slippy. I enjoy driving with the HC crowd, its just a better experience for me than what I find in Normal Mode. Normal Mode is just too easy with little challenge for me. Its like driving on rails. Cornering is a joke. I drive it just to get enough points to open up HC mode in a profile and I cannot wait to get out of Normal Mode. But ... to each there own ... There is noting sweeter than a HC cruise with everyone driving well and having fun ...
  15. humgoo

    Fuel; Codemasters

    My setup with the keyboard is working well enough. This game does possess a certain charm and I am having fun. I do want to use my Wheel with it. I do not understand why they would put so much time, talent and energy into such a nifty looking game without offering wheel support. It seems unfinished. Thanks for the debug video, I have set it up now.