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  1. yes maybe, but as I said it is not very easy to produce a sound with that video. If someone has found a better one, tell me.
  2. yes it is, I'm not joking *still waitin' for the reserved bugatti* how long did you have to wait for it?
  3. New Sound Hey there, 2CV , I love that car, really great work! Keep up the good work! I tried to make a new Sound for it.. It's in the (released) Sound Section Hope you like it! Greetz Cab
  4. I made a Bugatti Atlantic 57S Sound. I love the 3D model by 2CV SuperGT so i decided to make a new sound for it. I took it from this Video: It was quite difficult because there are not so many videos of the Bugatti on youtube and they are all very short but I wanted to have the "real" Bugatti Sound in my game. Of course, it is a strange name.. : defaultbikeaudio but it is the .bnk the Bugatti uses So I hope you enjoy driving your Bugatti with the new Sound! (mine is reserved.. I'm still waiting for it ;)
  5. hi i can't download ur sound mod extreme package =( could u help me or send me a link greetz cab
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