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  1. I have a car pack from a friend and i don't play online and I think that this is unogrinal beacause I didn't pay for it... So if I uninstall carpack you will help me?? Beacause I understand... You prefer to all people have original TDU so without carpack my game will be fully legal and then you will help me??
  2. This car is great!! I replaced a S6 with it. The same engine but different max speed... But I still love it with 275 km/h of Vmax ;)
  3. Hi everyone! I have problem with Jaguar race (pic)! When I'm near 4th chceckpoint my game crashes. :( I tried to race with different cars (XK, XJ220) and I don't know why something like this is going on. Please help me. I must add a note that this is the last race of 120 that I must to win but I can't. :( I have orginal TDU with unorginal carpack...
  4. I create nice one photo. Sorry about first post ;)
  5. I decide to add two pics of new Audi R8 ;)
  6. please show us some interior pics ;)
  7. I don't have ZModeler and also I don't have money to byu it so I can't do it... Can somebody help me??
  8. I don't know what the f*** is going on but it didn't help... My wheels are still small ;) maybe I should set something in this tool??
  9. Thanks man ;) And what I should to do now?? What name are orginal one?? Sorry but I'm a little bit stupid in that "modifications" and I don't know ;) Ok I changed wheels in alfa GT sporting technical kit from ARGT01_F_01 to Alfa_GT_F_01. I obviously changed the name to ARGT01_F_01 but my wheels are the same at in first. I'm not sure do you know what I want to do... My wheels are smaller than in standard alfa from shop (it changed when I tunned my alfa with sporting technical kit). For expample in normal Alfa GT it was 18" and now as you can see at photos in first post they are about 15". This is something that annoying me and I really want to do something with this. I add new photo of problem with alfa GT as example. So again, please help me.
  10. So... I don't know what name have those AMG rims. And I must also say that I don't know well what I must do... I'm not perfect at english...
  11. Hi everyone!! I saw long time ago that when i'm go to tunning a car, then for example in Merc SLK 55AMG and Alfa Romeo GT my wheels are smaller then at first. I have this bug only with tuning by "performance pack" or something like this. So finnaly I decided to do something with that. Does anyone know what I can do with that?? Please help me ;)
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