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  1. Congrats on winning PhOTW! :) Send me the next theme please ;)
  2. Congrats on being the runner-up in PhOTW! Send me the next theme please ;) I'm posting this here because your PM inbox seems to be full.
  3. I think cars like the Daihatsu Cuore, Fiat 126p or Smart Fortwo can be modified to fit under the 550 kg limit. Other than that, there's the French stuff like Ligiers or Aixams, or last but not least, the Caterham 7 (but who's going to buy that for their 16-year old kid?). In fact, most people don't even bother doing that license and just wait to drive the real cars. I've only driven a Skoda Octavia (family car), a Mitsubishi Colt and a Nissan Micra (driver's ed cars).
  4. Nice, I've only driven 3. Here you have to be 18 to drive regular cars, at 16 you can only get a license for cars that weigh less than 550 kg.
  5. Hey there. Not much, learning to drive, what about you?
  6. Happy birthday! :D
  7. GET OUT! :cheeky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCsKEGS4L0g
  8. Happy birthday! :D
  9. I've been busy playing teh GT5 :cheeky:
  10. Ok, I'll add you the next time I'm on. Do you still need that car?
  11. What's your PSN?
  12. Thanks :D Actually I just made another one, but based on a similar concept... Not sure which one to stick with :p
  13. Are you the Maik I chatted with today? :p
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3n0vBcW5fc
  15. That's because you've been blocked.
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