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  1. Hey again, it was the no cd. With the original .exe its working fine! Had a nice little cruise :)
  2. Hey! First I really want to thank the team behind this fantastic mod! But i've got a problem. I started a new savegame and when I want to start the first race it just doesn't start. All buttons like start or change car are freezed and I can only exit the game via the Esc-Menu. Everything else worked fine. Should i deinstall the community patch?
  3. Hey, as i said, you did a very great job! ;) Forza is a good source for cool sounds :D Additional a little advertisment for my SLS sound coming this week^^
  4. Hi, Lexus LFA Sound from NFS:Shift Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXjIdmp8QLg Download: Click! Credits: FranckRibery for the video!
  5. Hey, you did a very good job in the transitions, but in my opinion it sounds not like a 458 Italia! The 430 and the 458 are sounding completely different! But good job! :)
  6. Hi, converted from SHIFT 2! Download: Click! Enjoy!
  7. Hi, I'm back with a new sound for TDU2. Its for the 430 Scud. Converted from NFS Shift! Video: Download: Click!
  8. Oh, can i have your 599XX and the HKS Genesis please? It would be great :D My E-Mail: [email protected] EDIT: Oh, i forgot +rep ;)
  9. Hi, the Turbo sound is in my Common Sound file --> http://www.jt-tuning.de/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=409 A short translation: Reifenquietschen: GTR2=tires squeal: GTR2 laut=loud leise=quiet schalten=shifting; gear change Kompressor Pfeifen=Supercharger Noise Version mit Komplett entfernten Turbo-Whine= Version without any Turbocharger- Noise In this Common sound is the police siren included Click on "Datei speichern" to DL ;) @urban, turbolag, camryt: yes, it's a bit other than the real impreza sound, but the Dirt 2 '08 sound is so ... i don't know how it is in english: knackig
  10. Hi, i've converted the Impreza STi Sound from DiRT 2. There are no transitions, only bad thing is the backfire (:D). I hope you like it. Please set the ignition times to: Igniton Time (Ignite): 0.800343 sec. Ignition Time (Rev up): 0.78 sec. Ignition Time (Rev down): 3.41 sec. Video: Download: Click
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