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  1. This site is really good and the models are free to access http://www.massimamotorsports.com/ http://aironeracing.ovh.org/massimamotorsports/dirt.html These models are mainly for 3Dstudio
  2. Just good critics ;) Because it's your opinion...and opinion of player, it's not interesting ! And I know what I say, this is my Blog (modded cars) : http://gtacarpassion.blogspot.com/ Many modders send me their new models, but I only speak of those that I like ;) PS: and all modders are testers...because they are players first and foremost.
  3. ...nothing to say... Pure Modding :eek: Great work Tool !
  4. Is better than some beta who are in download here .
  5. OMG :eek::eek::eek: Thanks for the find :thumbsup: The car-mod is maybe ugly but is the first that I see, and it dared :eek:
  6. "Audi R8 - 70% - 800+ Downloads since 24 Dec 2008." Imagine when the car finished ;)
  7. So, what's news ? Fix ? (transparency of the roof to the outside view)
  8. I am impatient to see the progress of the GT500KR
  9. ça promet d'être trés cool tout ça ;) et ton site est bien sympa ;)
  10. it will be possible to have a link of your R8 ?...in beta/a taste :o
  11. 13 years old :eek: OMG ! you have the time to become a great modder, concentrate you on your studies and good luck man ;)
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