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  1. Hello everyone, I've recently returned to the TDU:c forums and I've noticed that a few brake and camera mods have been released. But I've started this thread primarily to ask if, are there any mods that somewhat 'restore' the handling and physics to that of TDU 1 (or better), and how. I was a huge fan of TDU 1, I spent countless hours cruising around in my modded cars and was very pleased when they announced the sequel. However, I heard so much criticism about TDU 2's handling and physics system when it released that I refrained from buying it, as all the cool new features would make no difference if the driving was not enjoyable, and I'm sure I was not alone in thinking this. I thought this thread may also serve as a way of publicising and reviewing existing physics mods that have been released and comparing their effects to TDU 1 (which in my mind had a near perfect handling and physics system for cruising) in order to inform others of the progress that is being made in solving the issues. Cheers P.S: Having not been on the forum's in a while I'm somewhat out of the loop, so if I've missed the release of a huge official handling-fixing patch then I'm sorry and feel free to give me abuse :P haha!
  2. Really good job :thumbsup: still a few little bugs left but it's still great to drive :)
  3. @Mrs Softie: Sorry, my mistake :D @CarMadMike: Edited my post with non wheel blur version :). Some reason my brain decide to skip over the photoshopping rule :D
  4. I thought little edits like that were allowed? Just not significant edits like placing objects... :). If CarMadMike decides the wheel blur is too much I'll happily remove it :p
  5. I'll give this a whirl... http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv357/mightyreds93/PoTW57-1.jpg (edited out wheel blur now :p)
  6. Very Very Nice. Another one to add to my collection of luxury cruisers :D. +rep :thumbsup:
  7. Hey man, you probably haven't seen my PM yet but I've since realised you've been getting too many requests from people asking you to extract Forza 3 models, and thats kinda what my PM was about so you can probably ignore it :D Reds
  8. Hey sorry, some reason that comes up as an invalid thread, even when I google it :S. Btw do I need an Xbox360 and Forza 3 to do this? Because I'm guessing I do (I dont have either). So if that's the case and it isn't hard to get the models into Zmod format, would you mind just getting a model out of Forza 3 for me? Obviously I'll do the rest and give you credit :D. Thanks Reds
  9. Hey guys, I know I've been out of action for aages now. Basically, my computer got a virus and I had to format my hard drive. Thats why I've been away from TDU and TDUc for soo long and also why all my 3D models have been lost. So this project is cancelled, sorry. Reds
  10. here i made a tutorial http://forum.tdu-central.com/showthread.php?t=18979 good luck!
  11. Hey Terzer, I'm kinda thinking I'd like to start modding, I've tried and suceeded before but with crappy undetailed models I've made myself so didnt Release. I've realised you've managed to export models from Forza 3... How? I'd really like to know because there are some cars I'd really like to put into TDU myself on the list. And with a number of modders converting Forza 3 cars we'd get through them in no time :D
  12. I put this on my DBS and DB9... Crusing around in my DBS there's no need for Radio I just drool over this the whole time :p Great Work :D
  13. Sheesh, I come back to TDU:C after a year or so not playing TDU and I find this beaut' in the mod shop :p. I used to find the DB9 Volante (what I put this on) a bit boring but with your DBS mod and fifomaniak's DB9 sound its just a different car all together; I can't stop driving it! :D Seriously I think this is the best mod you've made so far :thumbsup:
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