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  1. gotta new YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/HorizonNetworksTV !!! WORK IN PROGRESS !!!
  2. let me see what we can do, soon as i got my connection back!!
  3. It's been too long since anyone put any pink on here.....So i suppose i'd better do it.
  4. evening... right if ya from aussi, i shall say morning and speak inna kinda aussi slang... saw your vids on youtube and i have to say: incredible.. i see if i add you on live soon... chears!
  5. [IMG] NOW IT'S WAR! :nuts:
  6. [IMG] this is what Ducks are made for: cleaning toiletes!!!
  7. [IMG] Wanna call it quits?:twisted:
  8. [IMG] "uhhh, i get posted on ducks profile, i am so exieted!!! " dont mess up my profile or you get more of "her"!!! :twisted:
  9. There's too much Red on this page. What this needs is some girly pink for a girly German :nanananana::nanananana::nanananana:
  10. Hey sweetheart, yeah it's going good ty, how's it going with you? xx
  11. dum di dum dum! hey sweetheart! how are you doing? xx
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