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  1. Good Driving there Mb, You should give me a race on it onetime, When i get xbl back that is, i think i could beat ya ;)
  2. hi diab, can u change my name back to copey please, blob was mean and changed it :(
  3. add me on msn if anyone wants to chat [email protected], i will accept cause im nice
  4. ford focus better be on this game if not atleast some pugs or skodas or volvos :P
  5. account got hacked no more pictures sorry
  6. old 1 was alot better but cannot beat the 66' version
  7. update of my desktop, i got bored looking at the focus lol
  8. heres my desktop, very simple :p:thumbsup:
  9. heyloo, in the chatbox u said i should format my harddrive, how do i do tht, write bk, copeyy
  10. hi diablo, can you change my name back to COPEY CFC some idiot changed it, fyi if it doesnt get put bk i wont go onto anotha tdu again
  11. xbox mate, ent spoke to ya in ages, i might be gettin tdu for pc soon tho :)
  12. yeah ill think about what im doin when i get some money in, i hope you didnt break the desk :p
  13. i would get that but there aint english subtitles on that :(
  14. im waiting for T4XI to come instock on amazon :D my merc has 5031miles on it Uk :) i use 2 lovee that car but im puttin miles on my ferrari now =]
  15. iv got the 3rd but im going to get the 4th soon :D
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