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  1. Hey Milli, Does the 1.03 contains the older patches? I didn't download 1.02, only 1.01 and 1.03.
  2. I've just started a new profile, and I must say the mod is amazing. I've noticed one thing though, the voice at the start on the airport was russian. Can I restore back the original English somehow?
  3. I'm seeding, already uploaded more than 100GB.
  4. One question though, do I need to install any unofficial patches (1.67, 168) or the MOD contains that?
  5. OMG, it's not even my birthday. Thank you Milli.
  6. Last time I saw a mod like that, it was only a fade animation. Am I wrong? I thought you ask for a proper animation, or maybe I didn't saw the latest mods. If the case is the latter then I'm sorry
  7. As far as I know TDU doesn't support movable elements, only TDU2.
  8. I just hope you are not. I've seen many project became dead soon before its release (not your projects ofc)
  9. Still can't wait for this awesome mod. Hope you won't discontinue the project, Milli.
  10. Milli, can you upload some new screenshots from platinum? :)
  11. Milli can you tell when will be TDU platinum available? I never mean to hurry, and of course just asking, take your time :) Is it possible that it will be available this year? :) Screenshots are amazing.
  12. Thanks for the hard work for every modder and Milli for the pack. Can't wait for the new one :)
  13. Great sound, thank you!
  14. I don't have a favorite :) Gallardo, Countach, Diablo and F50 are amazing :) F12 Berlinetta too :)
  15. Could you release a pack which doesn't replace original vehicles? I would drive the new ones (like the diablo or the f50) but want to drive the old aston db9 as well :)
  16. I can reproduce this. However if you launch with the batch files, this issue never happens.
  17. Original Physics Maybe it's not the vanilla one, I copied my backup from the unpacked version of the game, which already has unofficial patch.
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