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  1. Yes, I'm in! Now it's time to configure the wheel, resolution, etc. That Doobrie pic absolutely is from TDU1 but I just wanted to share it in case he still comes to this site and fancies a trip down memory lane.
  2. Re-installed TDU2 and downloaded the necessary files. Looking forward to a drive in Ibiza. Well done to all those involved. I wonder if Doobrie still gets behind the wheel.
  3. That's a brilliant idea. The last time we played was on ‎22 ‎August ‎2009, ‏‎12:04:13 on a Saturday because I still have the screenshots too, woohoo! I've still got the game installed and bumped into Rebuilda a couple of weeks ago. I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying life.
  4. Hello from Pogorobo, Today I found this Platinum mod and managed to get it working on an existing profile. I love it. BIG THANKS to all the people that made it happen. I never uninstalled TDU1 after more than ten years playing this wonderful game and now it's so much better. Using the new mod has fixed a few things such as the wrong ride height / camera views on modded cars that I couldn't get right, and all of the town/place names that appear in white at the upper right corner no longer has broken/unreadable text. I sold every car except the Alfa Romeo GT, which put over $6 million
  5. Hi guys and gals. Re-install Direct X from within the game's support folder to enable force feedback support. It also activates the clutch and H-Shifter. Woohoo!
  6. Hey there. Good cruise and a great way to start my career in The Crew since I downloaded it minutes before the cruise. And Doobrie, I can go one better with the no texture loading, ha ha. I was on a bridge when I took the first screenshot. It's happened quite a few times so I'm wondering if that's why the game is free, because there's something wrong with the code that causes this every now and again. I have to press R to reset the car which usually works, but I've also had the game hang at a black screen withe loading circle spinning around. The no texture crash happened twice on the 2
  7. another 9 giggle bytes to download. Already jumped in and played the first few missions to get to HQ. Keyboard feels fine. Time to google search if the G25 is use-able.
  8. Hi from Pogo I was cruising last weekend so i'm up for a drive to relive our old skool days whenever you're ready, Rebuilda. I know a few months ago Duke was asking me when we're going to get back online and I hate to let the guy down. The only issue I had to fix was due to the changing/removing of applications that happens with the Windows 10 software updates because this had modified the model of wheel I use from a G25 to a generic blue wheel with only 2 pedals. This also explained why none of the keyboard / wheel mapping was active in the game options. There are a few pos
  9. I have it on a backup hard drive, so I'm going to see if I can get it going again on Windows 10 this weekend. Anyone up for a cruise this Saturday or Sunday?
  10. Hoo'ah! Download now. About time I dusted off the G25 and saw what my new components could do. CPU - AMD FX4300 3.8ghz running at 4.633ghz. GPU - cheapo AMD 370 2GB. A lot better than my previous AMD5850 1GB
  11. hey, I only have it as a jpeg which I've attached. any good?
  12. Hey, Has anyone manage to get TDU1 working with the GeDeSaTo downsampling tool? We all love modifying TDU so why not play at a higher res then usual and then down-sampling it? I got it working but I didn't know I had to change the resolution I the game settings. I then re-installed the tool but now my game crashes when loading so I don't know what setting I chose to get it working. Help? With the HD mod and a decent pc with fps to spare I would like to increase the quality. If you want to play around then google GeDoSaTo or try this... http://blog.metaclassofnil.c
  13. 1 wheel donated to a good (TDU player) home & 1 G25 PSU! yep, i donated one wheel to a good friend, one joypad bought for Devilbound and Rebuilda sent me a replacement G25 psu when I burnt mine out a few years ago. Long live TDU. Pogo
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