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  1. You have to make a patch with street racing cars Continuation of a good work
  2. I really like your mod. but it has this small defect, which makes it a bit hard to see the road when going over 330kmh Greatly improves the game. Continuation of a good work
  3. Continuation of a good work
  4. Hi I love these mods, but again I get a problem look at the road See the pictures [ATTACH]26296[/ATTACH][ATTACH]26297[/ATTACH]
  5. Server is on?
  6. Dani_ReiS

    Time Cycle

    Is the server problem?
  7. Dani_ReiS

    Time Cycle

    time cycles is working ? My stop in ibiza at 00.00
  8. Hello I have a problem that occasionally appear in windows 8.1. Installed windows 10 and the game only open once. The problem is this: This application is not compatible with the operating system installed. Please install the Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or higher programs already ran the older windows compatibility method but nothing
  9. I can not find the name ferrari with HEX workshop Can you send me db_data corrected
  10. I think I have a problem with this patch. I install and everything is ok. test and I have no problems I modify the supra to have a few more horses with this program TDU2 Vehicle Property Editor ver10, and the names of Ferraris, example ferrari enzo change to porsche enzo. Just happens to me that after using the program to modify
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