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    Dirt 2-GTA IV-NFS World,Shift,Undercover-BMW M3 Challenge-GTR Evolution-

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    Hi guys. Amazing job! I am still having issues, I cant see other players. Any suggestion?
  1. Hi everyone!!! Today is a spectacular day, because after many years I was able to install the TDU again. The problem I have is that I do not remember my gamespy user. Is there any way to play online? I will appreciate your suggestions Thanks!!
  2. im trying to download the TTRS sound from your page, but i cant find the section :S could you help me? lol
  3. ohh, so I will :D thank tou very much for your help TD38. =) >Frank<
  4. Ohhh really?? :A cool dude, you are amazing (Y)
  5. =D Now it works !!!! Thank you very much Duck :P haha now i have only one question, I cant see my houses. Is that normal? lol
  6. Hi !! My OS is Windows XP (i have a vista skin) I can make a duplicate folder inside DETAILS. I dont know whats going wrong :S As you have XP, didnt you have problems at the moment of the installation? By the way, I dont know how to "give the full access to user", is that very difficult? Thanks for helping me :)
  7. Hey dude, your gauges are AMAZING =D I have a request for you :P If it is possible for you to do it, the X5 gauge http://www.kwaree.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/bmw-gauges.jpg and the E63 AMG (I love the way that car was done for TDU, it is perfect :x) http://autowallpapers.net/w/search/Mercedes-Benz_E-63_AMG_2007_Gauges.htm I believe thats all :P Happy new year man, and congratz for your gagues, they are cool ;)
  8. This is mi problem ImageShack - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  9. I am using Windows XP , and have the same mistake-- i dont know what to do =(
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