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  1. This is your visitor message in 2011 :p

  2. Any plans for some TDU2 Car Model converts? Since it has a few good cars not found in Forza 3.
  3. The handling is worse than TDU1, the cars seem to just move left and right(as opposed to turn) and its unpredictable, my 370Z handles nicely ones then the next thing you know it just spins out.
  4. PTOTR get your arse on MSN

  5. This is your first Visitor message in 2011. :) TROLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOL

  6. There's a neat "Rape Yellow" option in this configurator.
  7. The only good car here is the Ferrari 250 GT California, that car is just lovely. and the Merc isn't too bad either, I'm glad they removed the BMW.
  8. Piotr you should come online more often :(

  9. I'm surprised this game was actually released this time. Looks like I have to pick up a PS3....
  10. Looks like a significant improvement over your older mods, might give it a try in the next few days. The next logical step to improve your mods would be working doors + windows.
  11. Meh, I tried the Shift Demo a few months ago and it was terrible, the Physics felt weird and nothing like a simulator(FM3 used in this comparison) or an arcade game(PGR4 used as comparison)
  12. Just wondering whats the name of that girl in your desktop picture? (The black and white one)

  13. He apparently forgot to put a link, so it won't work for anyone(me included)
  14. Now that there are several more mods out and the RHD Compatability, can you please do camera sets for these cars? BMW M1 Bugatti Veyron (2.0 FINAL) Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano(2.0 FINAL) Holden HSV W427(RHD) Lancia Stratos Mercedes C63 AMG(Tool) Mercedes SLS AMG Nissan GT-R(2.0 FINAL) Toyota 2000GT These cars would get the number up to 300.
  15. Just wondering... is the Improved version getting an MPH meter too?
  16. I'd reckon that this will get a lot of downloads now that an actual SLS mod is out. *downloads*
  17. So does that mean there's no possible way to edit/change rim sizes?
  18. How do you exactly edit Rim Sizes? :confused: I went to the Database and saw all the Rim Sizes and such, but when I click 'Edit' it refuses.
  19. Your future plans look good so far, I like the SLS and Rapide.. The Taurus I don't like so much but I'm sure there are some people who'll like it(Mostly North American players) Is there any chance that you'd make a McLaren MP4-12C? Tool's version is a bit old and the car is placed too far back...
  20. Make a Nissan 300ZX please ;~; But a Jaguar XKR-S would be pretty cool in TDU.
  21. Nice pics, I had a Yellow 8C too, but then I went for a Black paintjob. :p
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