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  1. Since my key had quit working a long time ago and with Project Paradise I'm wanting to buy TDU1 for PC for the fourth time. However I can't find the game sold any cheaper than 20 USD and that's for the physical. I'd prefer digital. Anyone know where I can buy the game?
  2. A lot of people including myself have problems with the used dealer not showing the 300c police spec. Could you possibly move the police spec to a different dealer? I've only worked a little with modding TDU2 so sorry if that's an insane request, I wouldn't know. Right now I've been using a body swap to be able to use the police spec.
  3. Nevermind. It seems I managed to get him to understand. +1 unofficial patch user! :)
  4. I've got a guy commenting on one of my videos saying he is trying to install the unofficial patch but is having trouble. I try to help but he doesn't understand english very well. Does anyone here speak Turk and would be willing to help him?
  5. :( I was going to make more videos of the patch but my stepbrother managed to infest my computer with adware. My computer is now running really slow and I can't record video. My PC was almost due for a reformat anyways so I'm going to wipe everything now. Be a while before I can get back to making the videos.
  6. Thank you all for the great work that's been done! :thumbsup:
  7. Does anyone know where the files located for the voices of the annoying people that you give rides to?
  8. I was looking through the mods section for TDU2 and it seems some mods threads that were there just a moment ago have left. Or is it just me? For example, spring environment, fall environment and more rain.
  9. Great work :) However the file seems to be corrupted.
  10. I forgot to port forward after I got a new ISP and router. I'm having a problem when I port forward though. I add 3478,8889 to one PC and when I try to add 3478,8889 to the other PC I get an error saying: "The Destination Ports 3478,8889 service conflict with an existing port forwarding rule offering Destination Ports 3478,8889 service." Am I doing something wrong? Am I suppose to add the ports to both PCs or not?
  11. I have two separate copies of TDU2, one for me and one for my brother. I can join races, instant challenge, co drive, and everything with other players and it's also not very laggy. My brother is in the same room as me on the same network. I cannot join online races, instant challenges, co drives, club races, or go to our houses together. The only thing we can do together is cruise and it's extremely laggy, it's hard to connect to eachother and our cars jump all over the place. We both have no problems with other players only with each other. Anyone know why? -Edit: Sorry, I could have sworn I put this under the sub forum 'support'.
  12. I would like to change the color of the interior of a car. What files do I need to edit?
  13. Wow I feel stupid. I'd completely forgotten about this. Thanks for the help :)
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