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  1. Not yay :( My PC is kinda old now, I've modified it a bit since buy, but it's still pretty old. I turned on TDU, went for new save game, played for a bit, wanted to buy my first car and PC turned off. Windows doesn't want to start normally, it starts in safe mode and VGA mode, where I currently sit. I hope my graphics card didn't die, I'll try to uninstall the drivers for it and install new ones, maybe they've crashed for some reason. Well, hopefully. Edit: Good news is, nothing is terribly broken. The bad news is, my fan on graphic card has stopped working and that's why my computer shut down. I put normal 10 cm fan very close to it, so far seems to be working, temperatures in Windows are normal. I have to test it in TDU though, if temperatures won't get too high.
  2. I can beef up the GT5 sound through the equalizer to make it more 'meaty'. But I don't promise anything for now, I'll do my best, but I haven't done this for over 2 years now.
  3. OK, reading this sad message about servers closing made me nostalgic and I came back here. Maybe I can dig my TDU save, remind myself how I made the sounds before and make new ones. Old sounds that aren't available for download are gone for good unless someones has them and uploads them for me, then I can upload them again. Otherwise, it's gone. For the new sounds, I will record my own samples from GT5 (some sounds are good, they're not really hoovers like people tend to say) and maybe FM4 (but I need to ask my friend for help with these. Any requests for now? :)
  4. Your sound modes are awsome man sometimes i dont even listen to my musci anymore lol!
  5. i know what the problem was man.. i downloaded the original file instead of your mod, i downloaded the one from Filefront like i always do at your mods but this one was the original file , i already got the sound and it sounds great!!
  6. You must put it in wrong place. It should be Euro/BNK/Sounds/Vehicules. It is for normal F1, if you want it on others, you must change filename.
  7. Hey fifomaniak , im a fan of ur works man! great job , but to get straight to the point :) , can you please reupload the Mclaren F1 sound , because when i download it and put it in its still the same sound .. :( Tyvm!
  8. Cześć, słuchaj mam problem z Twoim modem dźwiękowym do Corvetty Z06. Gdy już zainstaluje tego moda... Kompletnie nie ma dźwięku silnika. Masz może jakieś pomysły jak to naprawić?
  9. If I remember well, it fits into all F1 versions. http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=15004
  10. I'm asking zo6dude, cause I'm assuming your cruise and his one isn't the same? Correct me if I'm wrong tho.
  11. What time it will be for GMT+1? (I have 15:06 ATM)
  12. I'm not talking about practical top speed. I'm saying theoretically, if there would be enough power and no air drag. At 7000 RPM on 6th gear it should reach 324 mph.
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