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  1. Great car, great quality mod. Otlichnaya rabota!!! Is it possible to make M5 F10 for TDU2? I downloaded the one converted by you from Forza4 for TDU. That was awesome.
  2. Excellent mod. Always wanted X5 for the game. M5 F10!!!!! That is awesome!!! X5M would be more awesome.
  3. Awesome work. It'd be great if you make 2012 BMW M5 F10 and 2011 BMW X5 and X6 Ms from Forza 4.
  4. Awesome!!! Prosto klass! I have the whole garage of Grin's cars. always wanted luxury BMW! Changed Lexus 600hl no problems, changed Audi a6, some problems with driver seat position (moved camera slightly, now it is ok!).
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