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  1. No Lamborghini, no Maserati.. no VW Scirocco -.- I'm officially disappointed. However, I'm still buying it. I hope that's not the complete list.. if it is.. a DLC with Lambos would be a great addition :)
  2. Nice news thanks. However, imo, the trailers they've been releasing lately are all the same :oook:
  3. Finally a release date! Feb. 11th, it's not that far lol. Great news Diablo, thanks :D
  4. Wow.. no new info for a long time and now boom! Videos all over YouTube. Honestly, it wasn't a good thing breaking the NDA. I disapprove it as well. But in the other hand I also don't understand why Atari/Eden barely release new info. These videos imo have something some of us wanted to see for a long time: gameplay. All those cute videos showing us new features and such were boring already. So a gameplay video is something nice to see. Thinking as a responsible person, these videos are a big violation to the NDA. But thinking as a gamer, these videos are just what I needed to see of the game..
  5. LOL! Come on dudes, we're getting the game s**n Are you expecting to become old and grey on Q1 2011? LOL! At least, we'll have some other games to play :D But yeah, it's kinda :mad: Beta was "announced" in May.. we're in September and still no useful info -.-
  6. Nice post. But its always the same excuse LOL. "Develop a better product" and bla bla bla :bananamad: They gave us the September release date and announced the beta in May.. We're in August and there's almost nothing new about it.. a lot of people were expecting a delay and now this confirms it. I was really looking forward to it.. well January.. it ain't that bad. Think of GT5 before they gave a definitive release date LOL
  7. Ok lol. Still, I'll only post once we all get a confirmation it's true. Sorry for the offtopic :D
  8. I'm sorry. Since I didn't post any video and such things, I thought it was ok to share my opinion about what happened lol. The info on my post is my opinion that's all. I do understand if you guys don't want any posts about it.
  9. Sorry for the offtopic (if it is lol) but tbh I don't think doing that video is a bad thing. Is there anything new? Anything amazing in there? Imo, I don't see anything special there. Eden should've been the one releasing that video, just to tease those who are patiently waiting for the game. Now if that client leak is true, Atari/Eden should do something about it.. it seems people can't follow some rules these days.. PS: Assuming it's true lol :D
  10. Thanks for the news guys :) I've just sent the email as well :D
  11. I believe that's what he said too :confused:
  12. And I was thinking they gave some info about the beta. Damn kids trying to scam people :mad:
  13. I wonder when will the beta start. This topic has been around for almost one month and still no news about it. MOH will be released after TDU2 and its beta has started already.. I hope this beta starts next month otherwise -.-
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