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  1. Afternoon chaps :) Been a while, car is still a pile, but i find this place somewhere to document a few of my updates as I CBA to do a build thread. [ATTACH]27162[/ATTACH] Actually made a change to the car for the first time in ages: Before: [ATTACH]27163[/ATTACH] After: [ATTACH]27164[/ATTACH]
  2. Car show at Brands Hatch on sunday :) [ATTACH]26553[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26554[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26555[/ATTACH] Haven't polished this thing for more than a year :eek:
  3. I've been in one with 300bhp, feels like my mates 400bhp evo because it's so light and nimble!
  4. Made me giggle a couple of times but mostly bland. Film editing is still nice but I guess it's the same team as before. Only bit I liked was Chris Harris on Extra Gear. Harris is just funny because he's honest like Jezza.
  5. Didn't know you'd got an Abarth mate?? Goes to show how active I've been recently. [ATTACH]26353[/ATTACH]
  6. This is what an Evo that's been parked up for 4 months looks like: [ATTACH]25403[/ATTACH] :( Even the quality of the photo deteriorates :lol:
  7. Nice video mate :) Good to see you dipping your hand in to the YT business.
  8. Looks like brands hatch? Since they keep about 1000 M3's there for the driving experience days...
  9. I love you guys :glomp: I'm not sure what will happen with the evo but as it's not a daily now it could potentially see some track day action!
  10. Looks like a prius to me, Soooo, I may have put the rally car away for winter (bit of a conflicting statement that but nevermind) to save money on fuel while there's no car shows... Bought a daily: [ATTACH]24309[/ATTACH] *sigh* Hopefully i'll get some nice wheels for it, coilovers and the sport body kit, will be like having my civic all over again! :D
  11. MX is looking awesome at that show Criss! Cheers for the comment. Another vote for having the like button back *knocks on admins door* *kicks door for mod room*
  12. Gotta say the standard of Cars is getting very good in here at times! @ Diablo and Softie cheers guys :cheeese: More from a show I camped at recently. Excuse the poor quality I just wanted cool sunset pictures :lol: [ATTACH]24146[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]24147[/ATTACH]
  13. Been a while :) I find myself having less time to come on here these days :( I miss you lot! [ATTACH]24077[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]24078[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]24079[/ATTACH]
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