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  1. Been some time away... Here are some screens
  2. Nice pics Loek! There are some nice sets like the GT3RS and the black AMG GT-R. Keep it up!
  3. Some people just want to watch the Caterhams crash... Many millions Thanks! There's one that it's easier to transfer... Although a bit more expensive :p EDIT: Added another one
  4. Wow, excellent work Zoqqer! Modelling looked promising, but with every animations looks even better ;)
  5. Triedo to go for a more realistic look with photoshop Original
  6. Have you tried from another image hosting site like Flickr, abload or similar?
  7. He says "About the same size, if not bigger", I don't have my hopes high though. If the map is the same size as FH3, I hope that they've opened some more roads
  8. AC at night looks odd and nice at the same time, like it's not fully pitch black, but more like a full solar eclipse (? Anyways, here are some PC2 pics
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