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  1. LMAO ! more i read these posts, the more i laugh. ive been hacking online games for years, nobody bans you for that. specially game companys, because they don't care. you can use trainer that allows you instant 1000km/h or freezer your timer..etc.
  2. N.G.O

    tdumod problem

    whats the deal with it. it worked fine on my old pc with the backup image. on new pc it DID worked for like 5 times or so ..and then it said that conflict with emulating software. here's what i did when it happend: i only wanted it for lap timer and autogear. so i started it, but my dodge challenger r/t did not had automatic, but still manual. so i exited/rebooted game few times, but still same ****. then i noticed that i didnt put TDUPATH= in it. my tdu is in games. games/tdu, but it seemed to work. at least damage worked, but not gear. so when i pushed F1 it said DAMAGE=OFF (or ON). so i guess this means that mod works and it loaded it fine...even tho my game folder wasnt specified in file. so i setted the path and also tought that maybe damage need to be enabled. so i manually edited damage to take it off in other way. lik mindamage speed to 1000 ..etc then i tried to run it..and it said that "conflict with emulating software" after that my game didnt even boot without tdumod. so i had to exit/reboot all of my tools. like daemon and yasu and tdu too. ..oh yeah and only way i got it working again was when i removed tdumod from my tdu folder. any ideas whats wrong with it ?
  3. N.G.O

    Lap Time mod ?!

    yeah i noticed the record lap time and yes sure i can write it down, but its not that :) it would be way better if it shows like 3 times. but what about timer start/stop, i think it really should start at start/finish line (where the pits are, under the small bridge). also one thing about this engine cut off. when damage is on, then its quite impossible to get gear in when i have driving aid on. as soon as i put in gear..engine cuts off lol. i wouldn't use driving aid at all, but somehow TDU reads my pedals quite wrong. only first 10% of my pedal actually makes any difference. when i press pedal more than 10% or so, then its nearly full throttle.. so blah. -lil bit offtopic, but what is the best lap time that you guys have got (with default TDU car, without using any trianer or mod that changes handling or speed) ..just curious.
  4. N.G.O

    Lap Time mod ?!

    nice, didn't even know about it, BUT it's kind a stupid that lap timer starts in middle of the track, not on start/finish line. is there any way to change that or any other mod that starts only lap timer ? (at start/finish line) Actually i was more looking for a mod that shows like 3 lap times + current and maybe saves lap times into a file or something (lap time + car name) This one basically does the job, but isn't the exact thing i was looking for. I just like to test cars and compare the lap times..its interesting that D class car is better than B :)
  5. N.G.O

    Lap Time mod ?!

    Hi. couldn't find better name for topic. is there a mod that allows you to time the lap times on the racetrack ? I can create a challenge on track, but it would time all laps, but i want it to show each lap's time. so when i cross the start/finish then it stops current lap and starts new. could really use it..
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