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  1. Reupload Astra_Gauges.rar (4,42 MB) - uploaded.net
  2. Hey some of my modded cars have problems with the wheelsize. I've replaced the SL65 AMG with the S65 AMG and the IS350 with the 600 SEL AMG and now the wheels are to big... Is there a way to fix that problem? :ill:
  3. Hahah pretty much! Nah I gave up on TDU2, Ataris support is..pretty crappy and unorganized. So I'm trying TDU1. :)
  4. [IMG] :D:D What game are you trying to mod, TDU or TDU2?
  5. Not much, decided to come back and I just decided last night to try some modding myself, I'm just gonna start with car physics and such but I thought I'd do it for people that want to put some car mods on other cars (Camera swap, etc). I just started so I've got no idea what I'm doing >.<
  6. Hey man, long time no speak :) (It's Dark Stealth)
  7. WOW I'm really impressed by your work! First I thought the link in your signature is showing an android tablet :nuts: I wish you good luck in the further development of this skin.
  8. Here you go WIP DJvitas: Dodge Ram
  9. You guys should stop complaing about LHD and RHD, its really not that hard to drive RHD cars. You should appreciate the modders work, and the work of the guys who made RHD cam positions possible. [email protected]_$HOTGUN, thanks for the best R33 Skyline I've ever had in TDU, it's amazing and I love to drive it!!! :-)
  10. geilst danke man :D
  11. Hey, ich hab dein Franz Beckenbauer GPS nach TDU2 convertiert, darf ich das releasen? :3 Hey, I converted yor Franz beckenbauer GPS to TDU2, can I have your permission to releasing it? :3 Vid link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDfBhka3Hos
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