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  1. Any turboduck members that played it? Would be interested to hear feedback from people who can drive and have long experience with driving/racing sims :)
  2. First post about this game: December 30th 2011 :whistle: The demo is out!! BEWARE demo file :tup:
  3. It is keyboard+mouse only, for now. Wheel support is planned for the future.
  4. The time has come and I'm looking for betatesters! If you're interested and have a GPU equivalent or better than the GTX770, drop me a line via PM
  5. Still preparing the tech demo - quite happy with the new visuals, now populating the game-world with some additional models I made in the past months. A couple of new mages: and checking out how it feels with ambient sound: Enjoy! ;)
  6. :D my bad. Sleep deprivation taking its toll on me... [h=3][/h]
  7. Thanks :) The plan is to have some kind of modular music tracks that will react to what's happening in-game. Still to be tested... Thank you! Here's a bit more of that:
  8. Excellent read Diablo! Huge congratulations and thanks for your work! :)
  9. Babies :D Better antialiasing could help. Also the youtube compression makes it look more grainy than it is. Also started tweaking the engine sound: ...it's really not obvious to get it to sound like the real thing: , And finally, a new test using real volumetric lights:
  10. Here's a longer video, from a chaser's perspective :) :
  11. Thank you! If all goes well, it should be the year where you finally get to play this :) :) A short n' comfy drive through the woods:
  12. Best wishes to all of you! Happy 2017 :nods:
  13. Don't think anything will ever get close to the level of technological novelty that TDU has brought, back in 2006. It's just part of history now, and no new game has managed to trigger feelings of that intensity IMHO. FH3 might be a worthy successor although from the videos I've seen I'm really not digging the handling - hope I'm wrong
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