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  1. :D Oh what happened? :(
  2. Looks great mate :) Especially the big tower in the water and the big building made of brown bricks :P
  3. This is your visitor message in 2011 :p
  4. COME ON #+$%&§ MSN NOW *trollface*
  5. Thanks:) Hmm TDU2 won´t have Porsche and no Lamborghinis either:( I wished i could put higher resolution texutures on that car put TDU doesn´t allow such a high file size:(
  6. It´s not Russian, it´s German :p But there are two download links Black Interior: Download Schwarz.7z Beige Interior: Download Beige.7z ;)
  7. No Sorry;) But here are some interior color modifications available: Test Drive Unlimited Central | Vehicle Textures | Porsche 911 Sport Classic - Innenraum Textur :)
  8. Wow some really great shots you got there :D:thumbsup:
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