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  1. When it comes *Rofl* if they think they are done with it , what not means it is compleatly done ! I don't wait anymore , when it comes out it is good , if it doesn't it is also good, so we get no new Bugs in the game ;) So i can plan my freetime otherway's Greetings form Germany
  2. Can you make an audi a4 avant ?
  3. that is oldi's mod i only helped him a little
  4. Thank you very much , at least one who has to say anything :) , i'll be continuing this when i have more free time see ya all soon ,till then Frank
  5. When were you finish the bmw m6 cabrio
  6. Relaese I'm Sorry for Doubleposting but i've Released the Exterieur would a Moderator Please move the Thread up to Release forum Thank you very much Greetz Frank
  7. I will Try to Release it in the Coming week BUT : The interieur View is not Driveble in the moment you have to wait till i manage to have Time to look whats Wrong there , also it becomes a compleatly Racing dress inside if all works like it should , buit i am still very busy till the end of November so be Patiend .I'll do my best Greetz from Germany Frank
  8. Still Truble i'm very sorry to say so but this will take some time my Reallife kills me in the moment but i will finish it ! Greetz Frank
  9. are you interressed to a meeting in tommorow at 18 h in france or 16h in gmt in front of triumph in group f or g [IMG]
  10. New Pictures Hi Community I'll be Back And here are som Pics of what happend to the GT24 the Last night :) hope you like it More to come soon .... Thx goes to Oldi for Permission to use his Rims & Flow for the HUD Greetings FrankWienberg[GER]
  11. @ Shy Guy , yes i think that that is his thinking ,seen some pics of the Challenger in my Forum last time , looks OK till here Greetz Frank
  12. Thank you all for your Comments and rep , i'll think this one is with V1.4 Final for some time and Thunderhawk and me go over to our other started Mods Frank : -Scirocco GT24 Beta 0.5 is out now -Ford Escort Cosworth ( Wip again cause had to start it new because of Problems with filesize Limitation of BNK Thunderhawk : I want not say to much here but i guess he work's on a : - Callenger 70/71 ( Foose Tuning ) - Chrysler 300C Touring - Also on GT 24 Scirocco Greetz Frank
  13. kanst du oder kann man überhaubt Zmodler exe. bei rapidshare.de hochlden?? währe nett wenn su das machen kannst! schickmir ne privat message!
  14. After this i finish the Escort Cosworth and the mesh from the Porsche 917 Greetz
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