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  1. Forza 6: Turn 10 Select Car Pack & July Update Another month has gone by which means it's time for another car pack and update to the Xbox One racer, Forza Motorsport 6. This month as you have probably already noticed seeing as though you did click on the BIG truck is that this is not your standard Forza car pack. There are two stand out cars for good, or bad reasons depending on how normal you are, or are not. Available from today is the 2015 Mercedez-Benz Truck which is sure to be a big hit with the people who are out there just to ruin your multiplayer experience, or fail miserably by missing you and just totalling themselves. And to match the humongousness of the truck is the awesome little 1957 BMW 'Bubble' Isetta 300 thingy which can be used for something, surely. And now for the riff raff such as the 2015 McLaren 570s which is essentially a 'baby' P1, the stunning Fiat 124 Spider from the drop top golden era and then three race cars consisting of a 2014 Chevrolet #4 ROAL Motorsport RML Cruze TC1 WTCC, 1969 Ford Brawner Hawk III and a 2014 Jaguar #14 Emil Frey GT3 Jaguar XK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8IWB11MQE Available now as a standalone download for $6.99/£5.59 or you can always buy the individual cars at somewhat marked up prices. July Content Update Just a small update this month unless you're brave enough to race online that is. Three tracks have been put back in to the online roster after having their dirty lap track boundaries modified to prevent people cheating or gaining advantages by cutting corners too much. The three tracks are Circuit de Catalunya, Circuit of the Americas and Monza. [gallery columns=4" link="file" ids="4965,4966,4967,4968,4969,4970,4971" orderby="rand]
  2. [headline]Microsoft says 'Yes' to cross-network play[/headline] This is big news and something many have been asking for so long and it seems that finally, Microsoft have seen the light! Announced at the GDC conference or something like that this appears to start off with Rocket League being the first to support the new functionality now available and open to developers. It's only an invitation right now and it's mainly for the smaller ID@Xbox division but starting off with a game as massive even if it is only an indie title (Minecraft says hi) says a lot for how quickly this could explode to incorporate the bigger names in the future. This could get very interesting. A Letter from Chris Charla: ID@Xbox Updates and GDC - Xbox Wire Microsoft to let Xbox One games connect with PC and other console networks Eurogamer.net
  3. [headline]Is Microsoft Going To Kill Gaming?[/headline] Today in the news - Epic Games Co-Founder Tim Sweeney has denounced Microsoft's decision via The Guardian to unify Xbox One and Windows 10 (called Universal Windows Platform) in what he is calling "the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made". But why is combining two platforms to be able to stream and cross-play a bad idea? Here is... Read more on this...
  4. Universal Windows Platform Monopoly, Go! Today in the news - Epic Games Co-Founder Tim Sweeney has denounced Microsoft's decision via The Guardian to unify Xbox One and Windows 10 (called Universal Windows Platform) in what he is calling "the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made". But why is combining two platforms to be able to stream and cross-play a bad idea? Here is what Sweeney has to say about the matter: Microsoft has launched new PC Windows features exclusively in UWP, and is effectively telling developers you can use these Windows features only if you submit to the control of our locked-down UWP ecosystem. They’re curtailing users’ freedom to install full-featured PC software, and subverting the rights of developers and publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers. ... The specific problem here is that Microsoft’s shiny new “Universal Windows Platform” is locked down, and by default it’s impossible to download UWP apps from the websites of publishers and developers, to install them, update them, and conduct commerce in them outside of the Windows Store. If you want to ignore the technical mumbo-jumbo, basically all developers must place their game/apps on the UWP/Windows 10 store, which would give Microsoft direct control over, well pretty much everything. The current system is a very open one with purchases and apps/games being able to be purchased and played from a variety of places - what we would call an open market. With the changes being made, it would give monopolizing control to Microsoft directly and we here think, no one man should have all that power.** Microsoft has provided an answer in regards to Sweeney's call out which reads: “The Universal Windows Platform is a fully open ecosystem, available to every developer, that can be supported by any store. We continue to make improvements for developers; for example, in the Windows 10 November Update, we enabled people to easily side-load apps by default, with no UX required.” What do you think about this bold move by Microsoft? Will the new UWP cause a monopoly with us all begging at our lord and saviour, Microsoft's feet? Or will it simply make a more streamlined gaming experience that both PC and Xbox One gamers can enjoy? Let us know in the comments down below and as always give us a shout over on the forums. ** Trademark registered Kanye West "Power" 2010, all rights reserved directly to the creating artist, please don't sue us Mr. West.
  5. Forza Lamborghini Centenario Turn 10 Studios and Lamborghini have announced at the Geneva International Motor Show that the next Forza cover car will be the Lamborghini Centenario. The super-special and limited edition car created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the iconic marque and is already sold out in the limited-run of 20 of each Coupe and Roadster versions made available. As it is likely none of us reading this are one of those lucky buggers who have been able to grab one, then the next best thing is getting to see it on the road and failing that at least our games will allow us to somewhat experience the driving pleasure that this car provides. Thankfully it appears it's not an exclusive, as the words "First in Forza" are used, signifying the car will be seen in other games later on. Yay! More info about this 'next Forza' will come at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, however if we take a look at the typical Forza release schedule - and with Forza Motorsport 6 having released last year - the smart money would put it at being Forza Horizon 3. This being the case is strengthened even more if we look at how the cover for Forza Horizon 2 featured the Lamborghini Huracán. Unless we're going to get a third spin-off for the series in the way of a community-desired Forza Rally, but then having a hypercar fronting a rally-sim might just be a bit on the weird side. We’re excited to continue our long history of working with Lamborghini and to be part of their 100-year anniversary by celebrating the Centenario as the featured cover car of the next Forza game,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. “It’s an honor to announce our partnership at one of the world’s biggest automotive shows, and we look forward to unveiling the game at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.” “Working with Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios allows us to broadly share the limited-production Centenario with an unprecedented global audience and let them experience the emotion of driving the most powerful Lamborghini ever produced,” said Maurizio Reggiani, board member for research and development of Automobili Lamborghini. Source: ForzaMotorsport.net
  6. Forza for PC for Forza The 'Forza for PC' that many have been asking for could turn out to actually be Forza for PC if a recent rumour from Chinese website WPDang is to be believed. It is reported on Windows Central that Microsoft have plans for making Windows 10 big in gaming and part of this is using the Windows Store to be more appealing in this aspect, by being the exclusive vendor of their own first-party titles such as Forza Motorsport 6. And it was actually a bit of a surprise when it was recently revealed that Remedy's Sci-Fi shooter Quantum Break, known as an 'Only on Xbox' exclusive ever since it was first shown, would be releasing on PC the same day as the Xbox One. So the mentions of "unnamed sources" stating that Forza 6 and the unannounced - but no doubt coming - Forza Horizon 3 will be making their way to the PC is not something that's entirely easy to dismiss; you certainly won't hear many on PC complaining about it! Naturally it makes business sense, getting your products in front of and able to be bought by as many as possible is what selling is all about at its core. How though, this could affect the Xbox, Xbox Live and their future will be something to watch. Source: WPDang
  7. We often see new Xbox dashboard updates released in November, and 2015 is no exception. MajorNelson talks with an engineer and demonstrates what's new and improved this time around. [subhead]The Highlights[/subhead] Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility with initial support for ~100 titles Windows 10 app look and feel Cortana voice commands in supported countries Streaming to Windows 10 PCs
  8. Rocketing onto Xbox One Smash hit car footballing title Rocket League is coming to the Xbox One in February 2016. Currently only available on PlayStation 4 and PC, the developer Psyonix has previously said it would bring the title to more platforms but had yet to say when or to what -- though Xbox One has been an obvious prime contender. And last night at The Game Awards, where it took home Best Independent Game and Best Sports/Racing Game, that was confirmed via the showing of the World Premiere trailer for the Xbox One version. A common thing with this game is themed vehicles and the Xbox One edition will itself get two exclusive Battle-Cars: the Halo HogSticker and the Gears of War Armadillo, with no doubt more platform specific machinery to come post release. Unfortunately the cross-platform multiplayer capability that the PS4 and PC currently enjoy does not look as if it will be coming to the Xbox One, not even against Windows 10 users.
  9. So what was flying round the internet last week is in fact correct... From the statement on there website... Full article can be read on there website, here. ----> "Yes, we're being bought by Microsoft"
  10. Ultima Leak a Forza? We all know there has been plenty of hear-say and hints that Forza Horizon 2 is probably in development at Playground Games, from LinkedIn profiles last year and Playground themselves saying they were working on an "...exciting, unannounced project for Xbox One" the clues are all there. And now we have yet another, and also a possible release from a likely source in Ultima Sports Ltd (how often do car makers leak this stuff?), who via a post on their Facebook - which has since been removed - have announced that they can't 'stop smiling and twerking' (may have made that up) after agreeing to a new contract with Microsoft for a "new video game to be launched later in 2014". We are assuming this to be Forza Horizon 2 and not Project Gotham Racing 5 though either would be very nice! Both would be bloody fantastic!! With a statement of 2014 it's going to be a busy year for the racing enthusiast whatever their taste what with; The Crew, Project CARS, DRIVECLUB, BeamNG DRIVE, Assetto Corsa, [the next] Need for Speed and now Forza Horizon 2 it is most definitely a good time to be a fan of the racing genre. The matter of Horizon 2 no doubt being exclusive to Xbox One also raises the fact that it could well be a system seller - Microsoft are obviously pinning their hopes on Titanfall doing that after splashing the cash to 'money hat' exclusivity to the Xbox consoles and PC - as there's many a people out there who like nothing less than the glorious visuals of a racer to sway them into buying new hardware. Could the end of 2014 see a bit of a skirmish between Horizon 2 and The Crew? Well at least on Xbox One it certainly looks like it could be. Thanks - videogamer.com | worldsfactory.net
  11. Love Smoke is in the Air For those of you who have another love in your Xbox One and Forza Motorsport 5, you'll be happy to know that you'll be able to show it some affection this February too with the latest DLC Car Pack. Along with The Smoking Tire the bods at Turn 10 have produced this heavy on the horsepower selection featuring cars from all the main regions of the world and as you should well expect by now should have something for every picky car fan around. Out on February 4th the ten-car pack will cost the usual or be free if you have the 'Car Pass' with buyers of the pack being gifted the 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale free. Forza 5 - The Smoking Tire Car Pack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8DUxU4zpuc Forza 5 - The Smoking Tire Car Pack Gallery [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="5] Talk with us and share your media in the Forza forums of our community! Thanks - ForzaMotorsport.net
  12. Bringing IGN The New Year to Forza 5 Forza Motorsport 5 and IGN have again teamed up for the release of the first monthly Car Pack DLC for the Xbox One exclusive racer. The 10 car pack as expected contains a real mix of types, from the absolute classics such as the Ferrari 250 California and Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage to the cult icons such as the Peugeot 205 T16, Ford Escort RS1800 - and for the Japanese Drift fans - the Nissan Fairlady Z 432 as well as a couple of 'normal' entries. There are a number of let's say "old friends" too including the Ferrari 575 Maranello and Lamborghini Reventon but to be honest you can't really expect a brand new generation launch game to compete with former entries in the series in terms of quantity so we can let them off a bit for it. The full list is below as well as a trailer showing the cars in action. The pack is available now for $10 or the equivalent in your currency, as well as the option of a Car Pass for $49.99/£39.99 which will give access to six DLC packs saving you a total of 18% over buying each pack on its own. 2013 Caterham Superlight R500 1961 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage 2013 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG 1977 Ford Escort RS1800 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello 2008 Lamborghini Reventón 1957 Ferrari 250 California 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z 432 1984 Peugeot 205 T16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ3hMEOqUHw Thanks IGN & ForzaMotorsport.net Follow the discussion about Forza on our forums and even join in and share your Forzatography!
  13. If they think I'm going to spend $550AU on their console + $100 on FM5 and then not have any concerns that my $1300 wheel/pedal/shifter combo doesn't work with it then they must be crazy. PS4 just won (for me)
  14. [headline]Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will Retire in the Next Year[/headline] Microsoft just announced that its CEO, Steve Ballmer, will retire within the next 12 months. He'll remain in his current position until Microsoft finds his replacement. Ballmer has been with Microsoft since 1980, and has been CEO since 2000. A special committee—which includes chairman Bill Gates—has been formed to find his replacement. Something obvious, but interesting to see laid out explicitly, is that Ballmer and the new CEO will continue to oversee Microsoft's "transformation to a devices and services company," so the new CEO will likely have a background in hardware or services. Earlier this year Ballmer was part of a failed attempt to purchase the Sacramento Kings and relocate them to Seattle, where Microsoft is located. Ballmer briefly served as head of the Xbox division last month, before former Windows executive Julie Larson-Green was named successor. In recent years, Ballmer has been a polarizing figure at Microsoft, with many believing he's responsible for the stagnation of Microsoft, and the culture of Microsoft not being able to get out of its own way long enough to enjoy successes that should be a matter of course. His departure will offer Microsoft a chance to change how its corporate structure works. Ballmer will be the latest key executive to leave the company, following former Xbox chief Don Mattrick and Windows boss Steven Sinofsky. Ballmer sent out an internal email going over his decision, which Microsoft has posted under the title Moving On. It has the expected optimistic beats regarding the company's future, and reflects the cumulative success of Microsoft over Ballmer's tenure at the company, but seems to lack that central, recent success that will keep Microsoft moving forward. Here is the letter in its entirety: http://gizmodo.com/microsoft-ceo-steve-ballmer-will-retire-in-the-next-yea-1187983423
  15. ... And Then Unboxes It Again! Major Nelson has treated fans to a 3-month early unboxing video of the Xbox One - Day One Edition. I'll stop writing now since you've no doubt already clicked the Play button and stopped reading this. [embed] [/embed] All done? Great - so what did we just see here? Another massive ugly power brick? Seriously? In the flesh, the console doesn't look that terrible. Unimaginative - yes. In fact it looks like it took him a second to work out which side was the front. A decent selection of ports are included (with a large enough space around the USB port for your bulky flash drives you've got) Dual-band a/b/g/n WiFi built in. No support for the new super-fast 'ac' protocol though. A slot-loading BluRay drive New controller with 'Day One Edition' inscribed for you to show off to your friends, if friends still visit each others house these days. iR blasting (have they revealed a new media center remote control yet or will the old ones be compatible?) A 4K-supported HDMI cable. Useful. A fancy power button (that's basically the same as the newest Xbox 360 refresh, and the original PS3, besides the fact that it lights up) Kensington lock support, just in case the Xbox One suddenly becomes popular. In other news, Microsoft will require a LIVE Gold subscription for key features such as sharing game recordings, making Skype video calls, and receiving TV Guide recommendations based on your viewing habits. Sony quickly responded by saying that it will not charge users to share gaming footage. So what do you guys think? Sound off in the comments section below.
  16. Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox One
  17. Just the Name I need, or an Attachment (if you have the program, please)
  18. http://au.gamespot.com/news/microsoft-teases-huge-xbox-360-announcement-for-e3-6408719 What could it be? :hmmm:
  19. Turn 10 is taking the popular franchise to the next generation! First things first, let me introduce myself for a bit. I'm Santtu, most of you may know me under the nickname superhyper. This is my first article here and I'm really glad I can help keeping the site active. I'm aiming to write more about the Forza franchise in the future. To kick things off, Microsoft just announced Forza Motorsport 5 to be an Xbox One launch title! Turn 10 has usually made games on a biennial basis and obviously this kicked off many rumours about Forza Motorsport 5 being a 2013 release. E3 2013 looked like a potential place for the announcement but we got it even sooner as Microsoft announced Xbox One earlier today. Amongst all the announced games, Forza 5 was mentioned and it was also confirmed to be an Xbox One launch title. We are more than likely to get more information at E3 but for now, we have a trailer showing the legendary Mclaren F1 battling against its successor, the glorious P1 on the streets of an unnamed city that apparently looks a lot like Prague. Turn 10 also released a few screenshots of the P1, check them out at the end of this article! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy_LDyfCANg As you can tell, the trailer is most likely computer generated, not much can be said for sure but speculation is definitely going to happen as lots of interesting things can be seen (and heard!) Forza Motorsport 5 will be available later this year when Xbox One is released. Stay tuned for more information during Microsoft's press conference in this year's E3 and catch up with all the news right here at turboduck! Updated Gallery with High-res images. [gallery size=gallery-thumbnail" itemtag="div" icontag="span" link="file" columns="4" ids="1573,1574,1575,1576,1577,1578,1572]
  20. On the 15th May Microsoft apparently registered 'Forzavista' as a trademark. Is it a sequel to Forza Horizon? Will it be shown tomorrow at the #XboxReveal? :think: News: Microsoft trademarks Forzavista - CVG UK
  21. Just saw this appearing on my twitter timeline via a retweet and it caught my interest as if true it could actually mean that there really is a THIRD CONSOLE CURSE!! Did Microsoft get too cocky and full of itself like Sony did after the PS2 and is now going to suffer for it? Who knows but this article by kotaku and the many insiders and their tidbits are rather interesting, especially the rumour that MS is trying to snap up exclusives for their next-gen console because their first-party offerings isn't quite so hot or will be available on launch day. The Next-Gen Xbox Is Getting a Hell of an Exclusive, Sources Say
  22. Saw this a bit earlier, but I don't think it's on here, which is odd. :hmmm: Basically, if you've been a Live member for 10 years, you will receive this: The end. :p Time to cry about how I don't have a 360. :cry:
  23. TDU2 made it hard to fly around Hawaii, so let's see if MS Flight makes this any easier. This freemium game is designed to appeal to those who prefer arcade flying instead of a full-blown sim (although hopefully sim settings are still within). Grab the software from here and share your thoughts, pics, videos, etc. https://microsoftflight.com/en-US/home/ ---------- Post added at 15:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 15:13 PM ---------- I knew that the Games for Windows Live Marketplace products were a bit of a ripoff, but I'm feeling a tad more uneasy when I see the prices for currently available DLC: Microsoft Flight - Xbox.com If I understand corectly, Hawaii (the location) came free with a few missions, but to get the rest of them, we have to pay $20? Then you can spend $21 for two more planes? That's $41, or about half the price I paid for the ENTIRE FSX game (which contains numerous planes, and the WHOLE WORLD). Therefore I probably won't be purchasing any DLC until I get a better idea as to how much the entire game costs, by which time I hope there will be a heavily discounted bundle pack available.
  24. I've just read about this and I am actually laughing at the joke of what M$ is doing here. Yes it's Turn 10 also but for the most part MS turn the screws as is evident from so many things via their games. So here's the thing. The Season Pass costs 2400MSP and get's you 6 DLC packs + 1 bonus Muscle car Pack (US rejoices, everywhere else *meh*). Now if you bought the packs for FM3 you know that 2400MSP would be 6 packs for FM3 as they were 400MSP each. Aha, M$ can't have that now can they, nope so the DLC packs are now going to cost 560MSP which as you already know means buying a 1000MSP should you have 0MSP in your account as do MS give an option of what to buy in regards to points? Hell no they don't. Ok so that 2400MSP (actual price 400MSP DLC) get's you a 30% discount (not really) off the 6 months DLC at the new (rip-off/gouge) price of 560MSP. Plus of course the extremely wanted Muscle Car pack. Yeah I know. I guess people are getting stupid these days though as EA did it and people I assume bought it so others are now thinking they will do the same. But wait! What if you bought the LCE version? The LCE DOES NOT INCLUDE the Season Pass only the bonus Muscle Pack!! So there you go, you now get to pay for something you don't have and have no guarantees of liking. Excellent. :rolleyes:
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