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  1. A good few The Crew gameplay videos can be seen in this Preview from the fans' favourite site, Gamersyde. Ivory Tower invited a member of them to come down and try out the game for a few hours and if you didn't know about the site then you should, as they are the place people go to see high-quality uncompressed, direct feed, direct audio and in 60fps videos in all manners of resolutions which can either be streamed for those quick viewer or downloaded for the full-on experience. They were also big fans of the original Test Drive Unlimited so their impressions should speak to a number of us here too. :cool: Gamersyde Preview : The Crew - Gamersyde Google Translation ENG to FR
  2. Hello turboduck community, I wanted to introduce myself to all of the racing communities I could find in order to show them what The Crew & Route 909 are doing as well as giving you guys a chance to be some of the first to play it in the world. My name is James Banks and I am the community manager behind Home | The Crew . Route 909 is a community based around Ubisoft’s new game The Crew, an MMO-Car-PG! We have given early access of the game to 8 gaming centers around the world and have announced a few unique competitions with some fantastic prizes from Ubisoft, Nvidia, Thrustmaster, Gunnar and paid trips to Gamescom or PAX! Route 909 is a special operation in which a few gaming centers around the world get exclusive access to the unreleased car game The Crew between May 16 and June 12th 2014. The main reason behind the event is that we want gamers to discover the game hands on. The Crew is so huge it’s hard to describe: you have to play it to believe it. Now I am not here just to promote the game and Route 909… I am here to ask the community what they think and answer any questions you may have… some questions I may not have the answers for but I will see if I can and try to help you guys understand more about this game in anticipation for its release! And remember guys… Never Drive Alone! Route 909 URL - Home | The Crew Route 909 Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Route909 Route 909 Twitter – Route909 (909Route) on Twitter My twitter – James Banks (BanKseSports) on Twitter **Thanks to Diablo for the account update**
  3. Learn more about The Crew its key features and story line. [headline]Missions[/headline] Go To In these missions you've got a long way to go and a short time to get there. Your aim is to get from one point to another any way you can before time runs out - that means keeping your eyes peeled for shortcuts that suit your vehicle spec and taking the racing line wherever possible. And don't be afraid to cut off other drivers, just do whatever it takes to reach your destination in time. Oh, and something you've got to get your vehicle there in pristine condition, so try not to hit anything on the way. Collect If you're a fan of collecting stuff then this is right up your alley. In Collect missions your aim is to pick up all the items scattered around the map as fast as your engine will allow, because if time runs out you're done. These items could be on-road, off-road, in parks, up hills, beside lakes - basically anywhere, so you'll need to have a close eye on your mini-map. Just keep your wits about you and ensure you take the optimum route to collect them all before the timer runs dry, Get Away There are people out to get you and now your only option is to floor it before half the local PD or gang descend on you like a ton of bricks. Your only goal in a getaway is just that - getaway from your pursuers without your vehicle being wrecked or time running out. Your pursuers will do all in their power to stop you - helicopters, roadblocks, off-road vehicles - you name is, so to lose them you're going to have to drive fast and drive smart. Go on-road, go off-road, cut corners, take down pursuers, just do what it takes to put then in your rear view. When you're far enough away from them you'll start to lose infraction stars and when you've lost them all you're free and clear. Follow It's time to channel your inner detective. In Follow missions you aim is simple - follow one of your posse to the next hideout or tail a target until time runs out. Actually doing this isn't quite so straightforward, while your accomplice may go easy on you, other targets generally do not appreciate being followed and won't make is easy for you. They'll use ever evasive manoeuvre they know and max out their speed in an effort to leave you in their dust. Falling behind is not an option, you drop too far back for too long and they're gone with the wind. To keep you you've got to anticipate their movements and take shortcuts where necessary. Takedown Your car is your weapon. There are many like it, but this one is yours. In Takedown missions you get to put that weapon to good use as you chase down and stop a bad dude or dudette. To stop the target you need to use your car like a battering ram to damage their vehicle enough before time runs out. If you're low on time or want to end thing quickly you can always try to anticipate their route, head them off at the pass and T-bone them for maximum damage. Just make sure they don't get too far ahead because if you lose sight of them for too long then you lose sight of them for good. Outrun Don't worry, there's no actual running require in an outrun. These missions are all about you and your car bersis the clock. You've got a destination to reach and not enough time to get there - the only way you can make is is to pass through checkpoints on the route and add some precious extra seconds to the clock. Checkpoints can be on-road, off-road, between houses, in a forest, up a mountain - anywhere, so keep your eyes open for the next one and try to take the most direct route you can find. Just watch out for trees and stuff. Race If you like fast cars, tire smoke and the roar of engines then races are for you. Your aim in Race missions is - what else? - to win. Race can take place on-road, off-road, in cities or even in the snow, whatever the surface the best way to win is to floor the accelerator, take the racing line and beat down any other drivers foolish enough to come close. The number of opponents can vary from 1 to 7 but don't let that put you off, it just means there'll be more to see in your rear view mirror. [headline]Skills[/headline] Overview The challenges are arcade-oriented mini-games peppered across the world that will put your driving senses to good use. They trigger as you drive through them and can be tackled from any direction. When you complete a Skill your personal best is saved as a ghost so you can race against it and try to smash your own score. You can een come back in a different spec and take sneaky shortcuts your foolish former self didn't think to take. And if you get tired of beating your own scores you can always race your friends' ghosts or the world record and whup their hides even when they're not online. Climb Hope you have a head for heights. In Climb Skills the aim is to get your car as high as possible in the time limit. For those who like to rush in you might want to do some research before you start - it's a good idea to pinpoint the highest point you can see, figure out the most direct route to it and pick a vehicle spec to suit, or you aren't going to get very far. Looking to bag some Bonus POints? Then keep your eyes peeled for the glag on the way up. Better shift it though, the flag looses points over time. Escape It's that fight or flight moment, but your only option is flight... In Escape Skills your aim is to get as far as possible from the marker within in the time limit. You can trigger this Skill from any direction so you might want to scope out your escape route first and choose a vehicle spec that'll give you the fastest and straightest route out of these. The further away you get the higher your multiplier, so keep the pedal to the metal evey step of the way. Follow It's time to see how well you can stick to a racing line. The aim of Follow Skills is to stay on the line for as long as possible in the given time. The longer you stay on the line the higher your multiplier gets the the thinner the line becomes - all you've got to do is avoid straying off of the line. If you do your multiplier resets and the line goes back to its starting width, and you want to avoid that. Jump Looking to rack up some air miles? You've come to the right place. The aim of the Jump Skill is to hit a ramp, grab some hang time and land as close as possible to the centre of a target before time runs out. Before you start you'll want to line up with the middle of the ramp because you can't control your car while airborne (who knew?) Make sure you pick the right vehicle spec for the surface on the run up to the ramp and aim for the bull's-eye if you want to max out your points. Precision Ever tried threading a needle? Well the Precision Skill asks you to do just that, only with cars... and gate... The aim of this Skill is to pass through as many gates as possible in the given time. The faster you pass through them the more points you receive so choose your fastest car and keep the hammer down at all times. The catch is that as you pass through successive gates they shrink in size, so threading that needle becomes harder, but the bonus increases each time. Oh, and missing a gate or hitting something reset the bones, so keep your focus. Scramble It's time to go hunting. The aim of the Scramble Skill is to hunt down and collect as many items as possible in the given time - it's all about speed, accuracy and awareness. These collectibles could appear on-road or off-road - sometimes depending on the direction you trigger it from - so make sure you bring the right car for the job. Collecting items increase your total number of points and the items lose points over time so you have to step on it if you want to get the max score. It's open season these items so grab your hunting gear. Slalom You've heard of slalom skiing? Well this is sort of like that, only with cars, not skis. The aim of the Slalom Skill is to weave through as many gates as possible in a given time limit. You'll need to call on all your skill and precision for this one as the close you are to the post when through a get the more points you receive. Pass through successive gates increases the bonus, but missing a gate or hitting something resets it, and that's bad. Speed Want to hazard a guess what the aim of the Speed Skill is? Well, it's pretty simple - just grab the fastest car you have, stomp your foot down and drive as fast as possible in the time limit. As long as you stay about a minimum speed your multiplier will increase, so keep an eye on the speedo. Things to avoid: going below the minimum speed, going off road and hitting stuff - doing any of those things will reset your multiplier, and you don't want that.
  4. Julian Gerighty has confirmed to VideoGamer.com that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will run at native 1080p/30fps and that the PC "won't differ too much" as they are aiming for "parity" across the versions. Clearly with the power difference between all platforms each should be able to show it's strength but if they are looking to hold back the others to please the lowest common denominator (Xbox One) then that just seems a really dangerous slope to travel down. What do you think about this? Source: The Crew runs at native 1080p/30fps on both PS4 Xbox One - The Crew for PS4 News HOWEVER... According to destructoid the PS4 may have anti-aliasing compared to the Xbox One.
  5. Team VVV has posted a new video showing their time with the game at 'The Crew' Preview Event, they also do a really good interview with Stephane aka 'Fergus' (:oook:) where he talks about how he got started with games and how the idea and passion for a game bigger and with more than TDU came about and how we wanted to go and make it. Enjoy! :hmmm: At 7m44s you can see a tuned Aventador spinning it's rear wheels before a race starts, does this mean that drivetrain swaps are available or just some for thrills nonsense? UPDATE!: Part 2 UPDATE!: Hands-on Report - Veni Vidi Vici - When Worlds Collide: hands-on with The Crew
  6. [headline]The Crew at PAXEast 2014[/headline] PAXEast is kicking off and The Crew is there, so no doubt there will be plenty of impressions and maybe some off-screen videos so if you find any please post them here and we will add them to a rolling list here in the first post. Thanks!! Impressions & Reports PAX East - The Crew Hands-On Impressions - Twinfinite PAX East: In The Crew, America is Your Playground - IGN Videos Exploring America in The Crew - IGN Conversation - IGN Conversations - IGN Video Youtube Vids MMORPG - 16 mins of off-screen [spoiler=IGN Vids]IGN - Detroit Streetrace IGN - Offroad Takedown IGN (same as Exploring America in The Crew - IGN Conversation)
  7. Thank you, Gamereactor. This mostly contains things we already knew but gives you more of an overall idea how the game mechanics and such will actually function. It's a good read methinks. Although we already knew, it just dawned on me how huge the map will be. Ninety minutes coast to coast. It's insane.
  8. I found that by accident, but it seems to be a picture of the secret AAA game of Ivory Tower, a french studio composed of people from TDU staff and NFS staff. If you don't know about that project: Ivory Tower is working on a TDU like, they described it as a realistic open racing game, on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We don't know more about that mysterious project (not even the codename! :( ). The image is quite little (it should be used for a page that isn't up yet) but it shows what we want: car and nice landscape! :drool: I'm in contact with some people from Ivory Studio, I should ask them about that picture! :D My analysis: [ATTACH]17879[/ATTACH] 1 - The plate must be the codename of the game. The picture is too small to read anything but still that's the thing! :cheeky: 2 - The motion blur looks better than TDU2. 3 - The interior seems to be well detailed. You can even see the driver's hands! :) 4 - The traffic seems quite important compared to TDU. But that might be related to 5. 5 - Welcome to the USA! :D The sign and the road style looks the same, let's hope that's true! 6 - Graphic effect. Quite nice if not photoshoped! :p
  9. Popped up on my FB feed a few minutes ago: Dunno, nothing new in it at all.
  10. Another fine preview this time from a Canadian news outlet, reading this one it's easy to garner the laid-back nature the reporter felt on their outing with the game and also the way they mention the Aventador being "too much car" for them certainly raises hope for a non-on-rails handling setup that many are hoping for. :D 'The Crew' fuses RPG with driving sim: 'Your character is your car'
  11. Today Ubisoft announced that The Crew will be delayed further than the "early 2014" that was originally mentioned, the game is now set to release in the new fiscal '2014-2015' year which starts April 1st, 2014. via http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/10/15/watch-dogs-the-crew-delayed-until-at-least-april-2014 Musings around town seem to speak of July - September.
  12. The following Q&A answers have only been available since January 23 :fp:
  13. All you have to do is: 1) be Australian 2) be 18 or older 3) vote for your favourite user-submitted commercial for Just Car Insurance ... or you could make and submit your own ad for a chance to win $10k, but that requires effort, so meh :p Check out the link below for the FULL details! http://www.justcarinsurancereeldeal.com.au/prizes?cmpid=JCI:GI:PI:CAR:DIS:20110701:078
  14. This suggests that there are less than 50 cars in The Crew (half that of TDU1)??? The Crew “Finding Your One Special Car" - UbiBlog | Ubisoft
  15. Hi everyone, Here is our latest developer Q&A, bringing you the latest info on The Crew straight from the dev team. Before getting into the answers, keep in mind that the game is still in progress and changes may happen. We unfortunately can’t answer every single question, but we made sure to address as much as we could. The questions are organized per section to help you navigate everything. Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm! The Crew Team Part one Cars · Q: Will you be able to construct “Fantasy Cars“? For instance, tune a car like a VW Golf and turn it into an inconspicuous racing machine that can keep up with any super car? A: While progressing through the game, you will unlock different kits and parts that will enhance the performances of your car, allowing all of the players to compete at the same level with different models of cars. So yes, you will be able to keep up with anyone. · Q: Will there be Trucks to drive in the game? A: That’s not planned for now. · Q: Can we expect the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera to be included in the game? A: We will be unveiling more vehicles later on, but rest assured that you’ll see some of the most desirable cars anyone can dream of, and Lamborghini is in the line-up. · Q: Will there be a limit to the number of cars you can save? A: Every player will be able to get all the cars that are in the game in his own garage. · Q: Can we expect a lot of Japanese cars, too? Will we see cars like the Toyota Corolla GT-S, Nissan Silvia S13, S14, S15, or the Toyota Supra A: The Crew will offer different models of cars that will suit the taste of many, including some Japanese cars. The exact models will be revealed at a later date. · Q: Can we also expect classic cars like a 1969 Mustang GT? A: The US is the birthplace of car culture, and it’s a real pleasure for our team to offer classic cars as well. We know that for many fans, there is nothing like driving on the sunny roads of California behind the wheel of a 1967 Shelby! · Q: I want the Batman's Tumbler in this game. Can you guys do that please? A: We’ll stick to realistic vehicles for the time being. · Q: In terms of the classes of car modifications, i.e. Street, and Track; will you only be able to choose one branch to upgrade to, or will it be a case of needing to progress through stages like Street to finally get to Track? A: You’ll be free to choose how you want to upgrade your cars and unlock the many tuning kits, either by playing the main campaign, focusing on skill challenges, or even through PvP competition. Just play the way you want. Gameplay · Q: Will you be able to play the game by yourself or will you be even forced to do some things alone? A: The game is designed to take advantage of next-gen consoles online capabilities, making the game more enjoyable with friends. However, you will always have the freedom to choose to play alone or in a group; it’s up to you to decide how you want to enjoy your experience. · Q: Will you be able to use the fast travel function right from the beginning or do you have to unlock all the locations first? A: The fast travel feature will take you to locations that you had already visited, and it will be available in the first stages of the game. · Q: Will you be able to perform stunts like barrel rolls during a jump, or will the game auto-correct your flight like in Test Drive Unlimited 2? I’m really looking forward to do some stunts. A: We want to keep the driving realistic. You will not be able to perform barrel rolls, but there will be some skill challenges that will require you to perform jumps, for example. · Q: Will there be free roaming? If so, will you also be able to participate in car chases? A: Free roaming is an important aspect of the game, as our team created a huge and diverse world for you and your crew to visit freely at any time. As in the real world, the police will be randomly patrolling and chasing aggressive drivers. If you want to escape you’ll need to take them down, or escape their pursuit. Going off-road is also a solution. · Q: Will it be possible to drift in The Crew? A: Yes you will be able to drift and that will actually be an important mechanic in some aspects of the game. · Q: Will this game be competitive in any way? For example, will it include ladders or leaderboards? A: There will be leaderboards to check how your friends are doing. Additionally, PvP will be one of the main aspects of the game, allowing you and your crew to battle other players. · Q: After creating a crew, is it possible to challenge other live crews? A: It will be possible for you to challenge other crews and other players in many ways. Our goal is to make this game as complete and enjoyable as possible, so gamers will want to cruise its roads with us for a long time. · Q: What happens when a car is totally damaged? A: The Crew will include a full damage system that you can track via a gauge. It will diminish each time the player hits something, and the amount of damage received depending on how big the crash is. The bar will then replenish by itself until a certain point, that point being reached faster and faster as time goes by. After some time, the car will have to be repaired. Handling will be affected by damage but only when it becomes pretty significant. When you take damage, the car will get scratched or dented, the bumper can fall down or hang off, and if your vehicle is in really bad shape, some scraping sounds or squeaky noises will be heard as you drive around or brake. · Q: What type of game modes are you guys adding besides the ones we already know? Example being a drifting race, checkpoint. A: They will be varied and interesting enough to make sure you want to stick around for quite some time! · Q: Are we going to be able to use manual transmission when using keyboard or joypad? A: Many of you have been requesting it, so our team will be adding it! · Q: Will there be random missions in the game? A: Right now the missions are linked to your progression as for the skills; you will have to discover them while exploring the United States. After launch, we will continue to introduce new content to make The Crew a truly living world. · Q: Will we have the option to flash our headlights? A: Yes, that will be possible. · Q: Regarding gameplay; will you be able to assign custom controls in the game? A: That’s not planned for now. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/806230-The-Crew-Q-amp-A-November-2013
  16. Yo! We have the outstanding opportunity of eating biscuits and toast in our underwear, but enough about that for a moment as we want to talk about the chance we have of being able to submit ours and yours and theirs and Jim's questions to the crew of 'The Crew'. So let's get into the dark room and get squeezing!! Post your questions and thoughts below, please try and limit yourself to inifinity-1 as we don't want to ask them too much... as... well you know, they have a game to make. So come on down to Chin Town (yeah not a typo) and submit commit yourself.
  17. Would you like an option to have some options?
  18. [headline]The Crew: Ubisoft 'aiming for locked 30FPS' with PS4 & Xbox One [/headline] Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections are "aiming for 30 frames per second locked" with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of next year's open-world racer The Crew, creative director Julian Gerighty has told VideoGamer.com, stating that a higher frame rate would be unrealistic given the size of the world. "We've never been at 60 frames per second," Gerighty told us during a gameplay presentation this morning. "We've always been aiming for 30 frames per second locked. Today, unfortunately certain PCs have been overheating, so we're having frame rate drops. It's a hardware issue, not a software issue. "60 frames per second is, of course, what we would all like to obtain," he continued, "but it's such a big world, and with all the online features running, it's just not realistic to obtain that. 30 [frames] locked is really, really good and exactly what we've been focussed on." Despite being co-developed by Driver: San Francisco studio Ubisoft Reflections, development on The Crew is being led by French studio Ivory Tower, comprised of ex-Eden Games developers, which has created a proprietary engine for the next-gen racer. "In fact, no," Gerighty replied, when asked whether The Crew was running on a modified version of Driver: San Francisco's engine. "It has the DNA of both Test Drive Unlimited, which was the world of Hawaii [and] seamless online, because it was conceived by Ivory Tower in France who are ex-Eden Games [developers]. But... this is a multi-studio project, so when Ubisoft asked Ivory Tower who [they wanted to] work with within Ubisoft, there is no better team - maybe in the world - for an action driving game, than working with Ubisoft Reflections. So Ubisoft Reflections are working hand-in-hand with Ivory Tower. "The tech behind it is proprietary to Ivory Tower. This is something that is completely brilliant in terms of tools that allows us to build a very varied, very spectacular, beautiful world very easily... So it's really more, in terms of technical side of things, Ivory Tower." Via Ubisoft 'aiming for locked 30FPS' with PS4 Xbox One The Crew - The Crew for Xbox One News
  19. [imggallery][headline]The Crew: Videos from gamescom[/headline] [/imggallery] Gamersyde: Behind Closed Doors presentation free ride - ermm ...just watch it. F-150 SVT Raptor racing on the streets - nice place to drive and crash around - not the best quality but shows a lot of the game including some pitfalls :p - good stretch of road shown in this - nice race shown in this - lots of info and gameplay tidbits A new 'The Crew' video has come online for gamescom and it's a Walkthrough which shows off new areas, a couple of unknown cars and also some different types of races from highway to cross country. [imggallery][headline]The Crew - gamescom Screenshots[/headline] [/imggallery]
  20. As Ivory/Ubi reveal more information about the game, share it in this thread and we'll endeavour to get a bit of a list/FAQ happening in this post (any staff can edit this post, because you're mistaken if you think I'm going to do it all :p) For now I'll just quickly start off with the various tuning types in the game (I will convert these videos to links later). Also notice Zoe (your game-typical FBI Boss) walking in the background in some of the videos. [headline]Tuning[/headline] Full Stock: How it rolls off the dealer lot. This is your basic ride and a ‘blank canvas’ for your own modified evolutions! Street: Dealer options and off the shelf DIY additions. Useable day-to-day ride with enough grunt to have serious fun. Dirt: Internal crash cage; uprated suspension; dirt tires on tough rims; sump guards and braided hosing; flaps, fenders and spots; newer models uprated to all wheel drive. Go tear up those backwoods! Raid: Bespoke, full crash cage chassis; uprated suspension, including long travel shocks; uprated transmission; full bash guard package, including bull bars and skid plates; high profile, off road tires on steel rims. This is a ‘go anywhere’ ride, so what are you waiting for? Performance: Anything to get the power up! Holes cut here and there, after market components, track day tires on lightweight rims. There’s no hiding the intent here – this machine is built to compete. Circuit: Wider track; lower ride height; interior stripped out; crash cage, seats and harness; pro engine tuning, wind tunnel aero package; extra cooling for fluids and brakes, low profile racing slicks on superlight, super wide rims. NOT road legal!* *I wonder if this hints at increased police attention when driving this on the roads If you want to help out in building the list please post below and I'll copy it up here.
  21. Noticed this was thrown up on the official Ubisoft forums and decided to take it and plaster it here for all our fine upstanding visitors to see too. Yes I'm so generous that way. :cheeky: The Crew: Q&A September 2013 [qanda]Q: Will there be a custom track editor? A: The game will not feature this option at launch, but our dev team would love to see it added in the future. Q: Will the open world of The Crew extend to almost all towns and cities in the USA, or only major cities and capitals? A: Even though the map doesn’t include every city, we made sure to create a recognizable representation of the United States, with major cities, small towns, and all the different landscapes you can find in between. Q: How do you earn different cars? A: You can unlock all the cars in the game by earning Crew Credits, which you get by completing missions and challenges. Make sure to win a lot of credits, as we have a lot of cars for you to drive! Q: Will we be able to unlock the same car twice and tune each one differently? A: Absolutely. If you love a car and want to be able to use it for different types of missions, you can do that. Q: Can we street race/drag race people for pink slips or money? A: This feature will not be available at the launch, but may be added later. Q: Will the wipers, indicator and clutch be functional? A: Players will not be able to activate wipers and indicators manually, however if you play with a wheel the clutch will be available. Q: Can we turn off the lights manually? A: Lights will automatically switch on/off with day/night cycles. However you will be able to manually flash other players and AI among the traffic. Q: Can we change individual parts on your car such as bumpers, side skirts, hoods, tail lights, etc…? A: Totally! There will be a wide range of options for car customization. Some of the things you’ll be able to tweak include: Unique stickers, colors, liveries, rims, front/rear bumpers, skirts, rear wings, motor hoods, front/rear fenders, front/rear lights, and side mirrors. Q: Will we be able to drive the police cars like in Driver San Francisco? A: No, you will not be driving any police cars in The Crew. After all, we’re not sure law enforcement would approve of speeding across the country. Q: How many car models are going to be available? A: We will be revealing more cars and models in the coming weeks, so make sure to regularly check our cars section of the official website:http://www.thecrewgame.com/cars Q: Will there be a car speaker system put in vehicles like subwoofers, amplifiers etc...? A: You won’t be tweaking the sound system itself, but the game will offer a selection of in-game radio stations depending on where you’re driving, and you will also be able to listen to you own playlists. Q: Is there an option to swap a car’s engine? A: Yes, you will be able to swap the engine of every car depending on the type of performance you’re looking for. Q: Will there be an option for manual transmission? A: When playing with a wheel, yes! Q: Regarding racing wheels, will it be possible to have 900° rotation? A: For the PC version, yes. We should be able to give you more details about the console versions later. Q: How realistic are the car sounds? A: All the sounds have been captured from real cars. Q: How long is the day/night cycle? A: Right now the cycle is two hours long, with 1h30 of day light and 30 minutes of night. This was set to allow the players to enjoy different atmospheres and moods and keep the experience of the game at its best. Q: As we all know, the game focuses on online play. How will the online features work? A: When you’re online, that means your experience and the game are in constant evolution. You’re never alone and players as always passing by you, either free roaming like you, or in the middle of a challenge. When you’re offline, your friends and other players are setting new records to the missions and challenges you just accomplished the day before. It also means that at the end of the initial campaign missions, the game is far from being over and a new experience starts! Q: What will be the limit of players online? A: There is no limit on the number of players on the map. However, and in order to avoid permanent traffic jams and to improve the experience, every player will only see seven other players around him at any time in addition to the AI cars. Q: Will it feature the same server jumps as Test Drive Unlimited? A: There will be no jumps, as an unlimited number of players can drive on the map at the same time. Q: Are there going to be in other buildings/houses than the garage? A: Yes, the game will have several car tuners and warehouses to buy new cars and customize them. Q: How many hours, approximately, will be required to complete the missions? A: Talking about the initial campaign, about 30 hours if you’re quick and don’t go roaming anywhere. Q: Will The Crew be available on Steam? A: Yes, it will. Q: Can you tell us more about the factions? A: We will be sharing with you more information about the factions and the core experience of The Crew in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our channels on Facebook, Twitter and the website. Q: How about the avatar, are we going to be able to customize it? A: Right now, that’s not planned, but keep in mind that your main avatar will be your car! Q: Regarding PC resolution, are we going to get a 60 FPS for this version of the game? A: Yes, there will be a 60FPS resolution for PC. Q: Is there going to be a Collector’s edition of The Crew? A: A limited edition, with a specific car and customization parts, will be available for The Crew. Q: Will there be an Alpha/Beta and how/when can we join? A: More information on this will be shared later. Q: Is there a demo planned? A: Again, we’ll have more to share with you all later. Q: Will the game be released at the same time for all platforms? A: Yes, the game will debut on all announced platform simultaneously.[/qanda] via Ubisoft forums
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