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  1. A new trailer has Just gone live a few mins ago for your eyeballs to enjoy. Let's see what new info if any we can gleam from its contents and legal text. :cheeky:
  2. We've had tons of these wishlists and it's clear no one listens to us, but hey, why not do another one?! :nuts: After all, we are the customers and whether or not Ubi/Ivory make money depends on us. :nods: Maybe we could send this thread to the developers and they'll finally give a cr- You can post whatever you like in the topics below (please don't just do 78 cars you love), and I'll try to add them to the list whenever I can. Mods can help out too! Cars/Brands - BMWs - Ferraris (see here) - Acura NSX - Aston DB9/S, V12 Vantage, One-77, Rapide, DB7, Vanquish, DB5 - Koenigsegg Agera/CCX - Land Rovers/Range Rovers - Jaaaaaaaags - Mercs - STi vs Evo :evil: - More sedans/saloons - More luxury cars - More "ordinary" cars - Toyotas - Classic Mini - Trackday-inspired cars (Atom, X-Bow, etc.) - Dodge Omni GLH-S :oook: - Mazda 6 :oook: Features - Wipers, indicators, roofs - Day/night system - Weather! - Sit with friends in their cars and force them to drive you across the country - THE SIMS 3.5 (jk) - Hardcore mode - Wheel support + FFB + H-shifter - TrackIR - Good amount of players - STICKERS!!11!!!1one!!1!!!!!!!!1!! Gameplay - Drifting competitions - Drag racing - Tag Locations - Laguna Seca - Virginia International Raceway - Lime Rock Park - Circuit of the Americas - Columbus Circle for donuts - Airports or at least accessible runways That's all I can think of atm, I'm in a bit of a hurry. :panic: If you want to add a topic, just write it along with what you want. I'll put them in later. :)
  3. Just saw this posted on the official @TheCrewGame twitter that the NDA for the Closed PC Beta has been lifted and that more keys will be getting sent out too. :D So you are now free to share your impressions, post your pics and display your videos for all to see! HOWEVER don't forget to give feedback and detail issues and such to the devs via the official Beta forums!
  4. Got beta access? :excited: Got pics? :img: Got videos? :coool: Then this is the thread for you. Get posting!!! :boss: If you don't have beta access, please accept our condolences :jealous: Limit of 3 videos per post, (plus an additional 3 inside {hidden}{/hidden} tags).
  5. I had to bring this up for I think this may be a good discussion. A "real world question" is also to be faced at the beginning of "The Crew". As Closed Beta-players already know, we are given the choice between four cars: - Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 - 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 - Ford Mustang GT 2011 - 2013 Nissan 370Z (Z34) So, which car do you choose - and why? Or do you just buy one of them to search the wrecks in it to do all the races in your classy Hot Rod? Vote above, discuss below please! Thank you for your participation. Regards X8X8X aka JagEngland
  6. [headline]The Crew Closed PC Beta 2 - Beta Key Giveaway[/headline] It's back! We've got some more Beta Keys to give away thanks to those kind muppets at Ivory Tower and Ubisoft and as always we want to make you suffer for them. Yep we know we're so good to you in that regard but hey it's what we do and you love hate us for it. So anyway; simple method this time, we ask some questions and first to answer wins the key which will be PM'd to them. Alright we start after I've had some foodage. :cte:
  7. [headline]The Crew PC Beta Part 2[/headline] It looks like the screaming, crying and general puppy-dog eyes has worked as UbisoftCanada's twitter has just announced that another The Crew PC Beta will begin from August 25th. So now you can cover that 87% of the map you missed out on the first run. :cool:
  8. The 30fps vs 60fps debate always rages hard when it comes to racing games and no more so than when on the PC. And with The Crew Beta being at 30fps and words being banded about that it is going to be locked at this it's no surprise that people have been venting their upset and disappointment with this via twitter, comments on site articles and of course via the official Beta forums. So it may be of a little comfort to see that a post by an Ubisoft representative has stated that they are "aiming at a 60 FPS on PC for the launch of the game". We will need to wait and see if they make this target or at least make it optional for the PC Master Race to unlock themselves without causing too many issues with the game and it's in-game scenes.
  9. So many of you lurkers and members may be hankering for a The Crew Beta Key and are wondering where to go, who to follow and how to get your hands on one. Well there are a few places who have loads of codes to give away and others where simply following or watching a stream could result in you scoring a code too. You no doubt will need to be quick though so don't delay! Sites * The Crew Beta Key Giveaway! 35,000 KEYS TO GIVEAWAY! [Requires Registration] * The Crew, 3000 nouvelles clés à gagner pour participer à la phase de test * The Crew PC Beta Key Giveaway | GeForce * The Crew, 1500 clés à gagner pour participer à la phase de test [FINISHED] * Claves de regalo para la beta The Crew | NVIDIA [credit to Aneeso on Ubi forums] * Login - Curse [uS & Canada / Requires Registration!] twitter * @Ubisoft * @natchai_ reddit * BETA KEY GIVEAWAY TONIGHT! : The_Crew [at 20:30 CDT] twitch.tv * TBC Please if you know of any going on let us know and we will update this thread. Thanks! :D
  10. I was going to post this pic yesterday but the forum exploded Someone on the official forums made this As you take a look, and if you get to play next week, maybe have a think about good cruising routes. TDU1 was fairly easy given it was roughly a decent-size circle, with a couple of alternative routes here and there (i.e. Fergus or east coast, Kelekole or north-west west coast, motorway or south central-coast past police station). TDU1 also had a few iconic meetup and chill-out locations, such as the lighthouses, various dealers or V-Rent shops, and so on. If you spot any good potential spots in The Crew share them here. And of course share your favourite road locations and lookouts with an indication on the map. I'm thinking the bottom-right corner will be a popular chill-out (chat/toilet break) location similar to TDU1's NW lighthouse - just gives me that vibe. There's also a nice twisty road running along the top of the map on the left side toward Seattle that could form part of a good cruise circuit.
  11. Supposedly there are more videos to come
  12. This really eases my pain as I'm going to miss the second PC beta (I just hope I can get in this one...). Anyone else with the new consoles going to sign up? I'll be playing on Xbox One for sure, will be interesting to see how it compares to the PC version :) Sign up now: The Crew Beta - Register here! Official Website Source: Facebook
  13. [headline]The Crew Closed Beta - 21st-25th July[/headline] Just announced at the Ubisoft E3 2014 conference was that The Crew will be having a Closed Beta starting on July 23rd 21st , but registration opens now so be quick and ACT NOW! http://thecrewgame.com/beta UPDATE: Posted on the official forums July 17th The Crew Closed Beta for PC has been brought forward and will now start on Monday 21st July and end on the following Friday, the 25th. UPDATE: The Crew Beta Content MAP Explore the entire United States with no loading screen and complete a variety of exciting challenges: • Midwest: all missions and skill challenges • East Coast: all skill challenges • Rest of the country (The South, Mountain State, West Coast): free roaming at will! For the purposes of this Closed Beta, we will have missions and skill challenges available only in the Midwest and challenges in the East Coast. The final game will, of course, have missions and skill challenges throughout the entire U.S. map! You will also have access to two PvP lobbies, one in the Midwest and the other on the East Coast, where several races will be waiting for you to prove your skills against other players! CARS Expect to discover new vehicles that, in order to drive across a variety of terrains, you’ll be able to customize in the following specs: • The Street Spec: You’ll get this one in Detroit! • The Dirt Spec: This spec will be available in New York! Remember that there are three other specs in the game - Perf, Raid and Circuit - and you’ll have a glimpse of those during this Closed Beta! UPDATE: The Crew Beta PC Specs posted! [subhead]Beta PC Specifications[/subhead] PC REQUIREMENTS TO PERFECTLY ENJOY THE BETA: Minimum system requirements (720p resolution, lowest video settings): Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64bit) Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.5 GHz or better AMD Athlon II X4 620 @ 2.6 GHz or better RAM: 4GB Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or AMD Radeon HD4870 (512MB VRAM with Shader Model 4.0 or higher) Recommended system requirements (1080p resolution, medium-high video settings, but not ultra): Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64bit) Processor: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.66 GHz or better AMD Phenom II X4 940 @ 3.0 GHz or better RAM: 8GB Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX580 or AMD Radeon HD6870 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or higher) Supported video cards at the time of release: NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 or better, GeForce 400, 500, 600, 700 series (only cards superior to GTX260, performance-wise); AMD Radeon HD4870 or better, HD5000, HD6000, HD7000, R-series (only cards superior to HD4870, performance-wise); UPDATE: The Crew Beta Walkthrough Video posted
  14. With two days of "The Crew: Closed Beta" in the books I thought of something on the third day: Why not do a first "test-cruise" with the Closed Beta-players of turboduck? Let's meet at Detroit Train Station at 6.30 pm CEST tomorrow, Wednesday, July the 23rd. Please reply to this tread if you want to join. I'd love to see some of you join me! American Muscle most welcome. Regards and See you - hopefully - tomorrow! X8X8X aka JagEngland
  15. If someone have extra key, please give it to me, i very need it :( Please! PM me
  16. [headline]The Crew - 10 Beta Keys Giveaway![/headline] As you know we won a beta key during the Route909 Live stream and we said we were going to give it away and so that's what we are going to do. With just over a week to go until the start of the PC Closed Beta on July 23rd we feel the time is right to post our contest up and get you guys all goings NUTSO! :nuts: UPDATE: We are now giving away 10 Beta Keys in this contest. We wanted to do it earlier but personal matters (my new niece) delayed those plans but hey better late than never they always say right?! To be in with the chance of winning you first have to be a member of the forum, so if you're a lurker wanting in on this then hit that 'register' button up top buddy. :cool: More details to come, we promise. :D [headline]Contest Rules[/headline] * The Crew Closed PC Beta Key Giveaway contest is open to any Registered (validated email) member here on the turboduck community and will consist of FOUR THREE TWO small challenges, nothing too hard or outrageous but we will give your brain a kick and probably have you look for something down the back of the internet sofa. :oook: * To be eligible of winning you must participate in all of the challenges. * With each challenge a Quality award will be given to the member who posts in our opinion the best, craziest, funniest, insaniest etc response to what was asked for. These members will receive a bonus of one extra entry into the raffle doubling their chances of winning. * Once all of the challenges have been completed every member who has completed them will have their name entered into the final raffle where the winners will be chosen. * The winners will be emailed the Beta Key to the address in their User Profile so please make sure your email entered is valid and that you can access it. * Contest ends July 20th 2014. Good Luck everyone and thanks for taking part!! [subhead]Challenge One:[/subhead] - Simply post a reply in this thread why you want this Beta Key. :) [subhead]Challenge Two:[/subhead] - Caption the image below: [subhead]Changes/Updates[/subhead] * 21/07/14 - Winners have been chosen and contest is now FINISHED * 19/07/14 - Contest end date changed to Sunday 20th July 2014 * 19/07/14 - Number of challenges now only TWO (2) * 18/07/14 - Number of Beta Keys to win increased to 10 * 17/07/14 - End date for Challenge One reduced by a day to July 18th. * 17/07/14 - Number of challenges reduced to THREE (3)
  17. For a select few the Route909 codes have been sitting in their possession for a while now and now with the emails from the sign-up going out there will be many of you who are also ready good to go, so let's see you and share your thoughts and wants about what you hope the Beta will bring and show you. :D
  18. This seemed to pop-up on the Ubisoft Uplay Shop very recently and has got a bit of a response from those waiting to hear about how their Beta sign-up is going due to the fact that this seems to "GUARANTEE" access to the PC Closed Beta. Nowadays it's not uncommon for publishers to do this as obviously those who want to play the game are more than likely going to pre-order anyway and so giving a reward in this manner is understandable. What is ruffling feathers is perhaps how close we are to the Beta itself and this seemingly being announced out of the blue so to speak. What do you think: Underhanded, despicable or somewhat expected?
  19. [headline]The Crew @ E3 2014 - Enzo, Ferruccio or Horatio?[/headline] Ubisoft's E3 2014 conference has finished and within it we got to see a brand new showing of The Crew, via a time-lapse video of a few cars making their way through the roads with brief clippings of famous sights thrown in. The black tuned Pagani Huayra looks amazing and in the distance you can see it chasing a Koenigsegg, probably an Agera or maybe the newer Agera S, this will hopefully become clear in the next few days when people start playing and showing what the game contains. [subhead]Latest Media:[/subhead] * Gamersyde: Xbox One videos * * Gamersyde: The Crew Puts on a Show (PS4/PC) [subhead]Latest Previews:[/subhead] * TBP
  20. [headline]turboduck Plays 'The Crew'[/headline] On the 30th March, 2014 I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Ivory Tower Games Studio in Lyon, France, as a representative of turboduck (Thanks Diablo!). There I visited the studio where I along with a select group of other community muppets played their first and upcoming release 'The Crew'. In this report you will read about my experiences of the trip and I will tell you more about the game that has been dubbed the "second-coming of open-world driving Christ"... ok nobody has said that but it has been graced with "spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited" which is some mighty big words to live up to. Does it do it? Well sit back, relax, and now sit forward and don't slouch as I tell you. Get ready because this is going to be a long read! :duck: Day 1: After an hour of flying in the sky from Amsterdam I arrived at Lyon airport in the afternoon, where after 20 minutes of waiting in the Arrivals terminal I found Soufyane (Community Developer at Ivory Tower and our guide to help us survive Lyon :D). In a highly- professional standard he waited in the wrong terminal, but only because the info screen in the terminals were not showing the right flight information. When I met him, he told me that he was also waiting for the representative of the Reddit community who was coming in from Chicago. Wait what? How long is he going to be?! Well not long at all actually as thankfully he showed up only 10 minutes later and so we left the airport via a taxi and headed to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, Soufyane said that he we would pick us up later that evening for dinner in a restaurant in the old part of Lyon and then sorted the keys for our hotel rooms. After spending 3 hours in the hotel I went to dinner with Soufyane, the guy from Reddit and also two others who were from the TDU-France community who had just arrived. At the restaurant I had a lovely dinner that was my first introduction to French food and after this we headed back to the hotel for the night because Soufyane had to pick up MadManCK of 'TDU Drive Time' and a representative of a VK.com community from the Airport. :zzz: Day 2: The second day started with breakfast in the hotel, there we met a representative from TeamVVV who added to the ranks of our ever-growing group. After breakfast it was time to make our way to Ivory Tower. Soufyane was already there to greet us and paid for the taxi and we were then taken inside. We started off with a quick studio tour, first off meeting the person who played the game on stage at E3 2013 (that narrows it down Dan). We then continued with a short guide around the different departments of the studio and meeting those that are working on the game. Next we met Julian Gerighty (Creative Director) and Stephane Beley (Game Director) who gave us a short presentation about The Crew. After the presentation we went back to the work floor for a more detailed tour of the studio such as; Map Development, Car Modelling and Game Testing. Two of these departments gave us short presentations on what they are working on. After all this we left the studio for a lunch with Julian and Stephane at a nearby restaurant, where we were treated to some damn fine and delicious hamburgers. After munching these beef delights down it was then back to the studio for the playtest. After a thoroughly enjoyable four hours of play-testing we went back to the hotel. Later that evening a taxi picked us up for dinner, this time at a lovely steak restaurant with Soufyane and Stephane. Julian wasn't there because he had actually just come back that very day from a presentation in San Francisco and had understandably, immense jetlag. After dinner we returned back to the hotel for the night where we went night-nights. :zzz: Day 3: On the last day, a taxi picked us up in the morning at the hotel and brought us again to the studio and in the studio breakfast was waiting for us. After a tasty breakfast it was time for more playing! A couple of hours had flown by playing and now it was lunch time, we went out this time for lunch at a Chinese restaurant nearby with Julian, Stephane and Soufyane. About an hour later we were able enough to sit up and so went back to the studio for yet more playing. When another number of hours had come and gone we all did an interview with the filming crew, who had been following us around during the whole trip as they were making a community video (hope you said nice things about us!). After the interview ended it was time for goodies! We took some pictures of the studio and we then left. :sulk: Again it was back to the hotel for a couple of hours before we got picked up by yet another taxi for dinner. Instead of sitting in the hotel though, we decided to look around the city and take some pictures. A short while later we started making our way back to the hotel where our taxi was already there waiting to pick us up for dinner, which was this time taking place in an Italian restaurant. After another fantastic dinner, we went back to the hotel for the night because some of us were leaving early the next day. :zzz: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright folks, that was the report about the trip itself. Now it's time to talk more about The Crew: [finally!] Main Presentation: Julian and Stephane started the presentation by telling us more about the history of Ivory Tower and that The Crew has been in development for more than 6 years!! Along with info regarding the features of the game. The presentation was a bit like the one they did on the Ubisoft Press Event at E3 last year (2013). They told us that the games old name was "Route 66" before it was renamed to The Crew. They renamed it because in their opinion the name will fit better with the online gameplay with other players and the storyline of the game. We were then showed how big the map really is, and damn it's huge! :eek: We saw maps of Forza Horizon, GTA5, NFS Rivals and Skyrim as a comparison for scale, and believe it or not, those maps will fit in the The Crew's USA together multiple times. Yes it really is that huge! Julian said that it takes more than four hours to drive around the map in an average car. It was then time for details about the storyline, it's made by the same person that wrote the stories for Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (yay!) and Red Dead Redemption so there is certainly a lot of pedigree behind how well it could turn out. The storyline itself is a bit like 'Fast and the Furious', but don't expect too much of it as the 'car is the character' after all. This presentation ended with a little Q&A. (Anything we should know from it?) Developer Presentation (Map development): The presentation started with showing us how they are creating the world. They complete one section at a time before they move on to the next one. The devs of the map development went to 'Murica for research (sight-seeing) and for taking pictures of the landmarks and infrastructure of the USA, they are also using things like Google Maps to help them in creating a realistic world to play in. The dev that was giving us this presentation told us that they can't use any real names on buildings due to licensing, so they are creating everything in their own way just like Rockstar does with its GTA titles. Developer Presentation (Car Development): Every car in the game takes 6 months to complete, that's because the cars are being made completely with all working components such as; working engines, driveshafts, gearboxes etc. The developer that's giving us the presentation this time showed us the Bentley Continental GT SS with its moving pistons, spinning gears in the gearbox and spinning driveshaft. And it's not just for show, it's all made for the tuning aspect capability of the car, for example; if you tune the gearbox, you will see the new part working in the gearbox. Attention to detail or what! Other reasons for the long development are the car companies, they want to check the models for licensing, the dev also said that most car companies can be a pain in the ass to work with, so to get all the cars finished in time they are working together with other Ubisoft studios. The engine sounds for example are being made by Ubisoft Reflections (who are also doing the PS4 version) and are recorded from the real cars. The car physics are made by the same guy who did them for the original Test Drive Unlimited and to help in the handling characteristics, the team has played many racing games to come up with a handling model that will work for anyone. And for the more discerning virtual driver, they also had many different gaming wheels and pedal sets from the likes of Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and more to test with, because as you would expect from this bunch, wheel support is very important to them. Playtest: (I played the game for the most part on the PC with the 360 gamepad. I've only played with a wheel for 20 minutes because there was only one wheel in the room and it was always wanting used) I started my playtest by playing from the beginning following the main storyline, the game opened with a Ford F-150 Raptor being chased by the Police, it was a cool way to start the game. After completing the opening, I went to pick up another car for the story, it was a modified Chevrolet Camaro. I needed this car to do the first real race in the streets which happens in Detroit. After this race there was some story driven items that I won't spoil for you guys. Now finally I had the option of buying my own car. There was a choice of; 2011 Ford Mustang, 2011 Dodge Challenger, 2010 Chevrolet Camaro or a Nissan 370Z. I went for the Nissan after test driving all of the cars, I drove it stock for around 15 minutes before I went to the tuning shop in Detroit as I needed to tune the car in order to continue the story. For an hour I played some missions before I went cruising. MadManCk was sitting next to me in the test room and was already cruising. We created a crew and started playing together. We first did some story missions to see how it all works when you play in a crew, and then after a while we just went driving and took a trip from Detroit to Chicago, it was a long drive but it was damn fun because the world feels so alive. We arrived in Chicago and discussed what our next destination should be. We decided to take the in-game plane to Las Vegas and then we drove back from there to Chicago, it was really an amazing trip driving through the cities and the multiple environments. After again arriving back in Chicago, it was time to stop playing and that was the end of Day 1. On the second day Stephane asked us if we wanted to play the game with a more completed save game, We all said "yes" to this and started playing in our own way. I did not do any missions, I only went cruising with different cars. I drove through cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco and Miami. I also tested some of the race tracks that are in the game like: Sebring, Pikes Peak, and a couple of NASCAR tracks. (wait what...?) Even after all this time of just driving around and doing essentially nothing I wanted to test more, but alas it was time for the interview. Car Handling: In the 10 hours of my playing I tried all the different types of handling with the gamepad; Arcade, Sport, Hardcore. I started off with 'Arcade' but I quickly found out that it just isn't for me, mainly because I couldn't do any good power-slides or drifts. So I switched to 'Hardcore' with all the assists turned off, and damn this is really something you have to learn because you will spin out easily if you take the corner too fast, or if you accelerate too fast out of a corner. Next up was 'Sport' and this really was the type of handling that I prefer, it's a bit in-between 'Arcade' and 'Hardcore' and you can still spin out if you accelerate too quickly, I just preferred it with the pad but that's not to say that 'Hardcore' can't be used with a pad, it can it will just take more from the player to do so (sounds good to me!). I played with the wheel for 20 minutes on 'Hardcore' and in my opinion it's the best way to play the game. I was REALLY loving the Force-feedback and taking corners with the wheel is just great! All the cars feel so good, you can really feel the difference between a big pick-up and a normal sportscar. Gameplay: There is really a lot to do in The Crew like races, sprints, drag-racing, time attacks and much more. They are fun to do but I didn't try all of them because I enjoyed cruising around too much. There are also random challenges (Skills?) a bit like the ones in Forza Horizon. I personally found them a bit annoying because I already did them a couple of times, but you can turn them off if you want to, in fact, you can turn everything off and just cruise around if you want to. Police chases are fun too and they are hard to get rid of. The only thing I didn't like much was the traffic, it had a fair amount of bugs, but that's something they're still working on so I can't gripe too much about it. Presentation: The world really feels alive with pedestrians walking around in the cities and animals crossing on the country roads. The environments in the different States are realistically made and I didn't see any real copy- pasting to be honest. Unfortunately there's no rain in the game, but there is snow in the snowy mountains and there are different skyboxes to give the impression of playing in a realistic world. To be honest I found the graphics not very next-gen, don't get me wrong for an open-world racer they are good but perhaps I was just expecting more. It also probably has to do with the power on the new consoles. I played the game with a locked 30fps on the dev kit PC, and 50fps (50 really?) on the PC with the wheel setup, both ran good. However as many a gamer will tell you great looking visuals doesn't automatically mean a stellar playing game, and so it's important to state that Ivory Tower is focusing more on the driving and creating a great world than just making shiny graphics. The car models look good and they all have dynamic damage like Forza, unfortunately they can't go all the way with extreme damage like "Next Car Game" due to licensing but for what they have it will make you cringe if you crash or hit things too often. There are also different types of dirt that will get thrown up on your cars depending on which environment you are in. The Wrap-up: It really was an amazing trip and I enjoyed every bit of it! I really like the people working at Ivory Tower, they are passionate people and I can't thank them enough for showing how the development of a game like The Crew actually takes shape and becomes. Naturally the game still needs a bit of work with the modelling and licensing of cars. The map feels quite finished to me, it only needs some polishing. And the only bugs I found were the animals crossing the road and traffic that slipped away in the corners. The build I played was also missing anti-aliasing, but they are still working on that and still have months till they release in Autumn/Fall 2014. Overall the game feels close to completion and I think that it will be ripe for picking! A MASSIVE THANKS to Ubisoft and Ivory Tower for giving us this opportunity, our man thoroughly enjoyed himself and was like a kid at Christmas the day before he was due to fly out and on his return. Note: You are completely free to copy, distribute and quote all or parts of this report providing you link back to this thread as the Source. Thanks!
  21. If you weren't able to watch the live streams this morning, have a search on YouTube for videos uploaded in the last 24hrs and share them here with the rest of us. Max 3 videos per post (+ 3 in spoiler tags), use text links if you have more. See also levelindex10 - YouTube mark jones - YouTube
  22. Be watching the route 909 live stream later today (or 5:30am tomorrow here in Eastern Aussieland) for more challenges, cruising, feature explanations, oh and 60 beta key giveaways. So, which team do you think will win?
  23. Take a trip back 5+ years (if you've been a member that long) As you can see these represent what we've seen so far in The Crew very well (and look nothing like Ibiza/TDU2)
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