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    1. Hey guys, i don't think this sound mod is very accurate due to it being taken from a 20v inline 5 instead of a 8v, but this is as close as i can get. The other TT RS sound mods are down so i decided to have a crack at it. If you have more accurate samples let me know. Now, i forgot how i shot my earlier videos, so if one of you can help that would be nice. LINK: TT_RS_Cab_high
    2. i still manage it to match the exact tone on high RPMS to eliminate the "flanger" effect at 6800-7000 rpm..and fix the low freq... what do you think? Preview: Download: beta
    3. Files were created for DLC Explo v0.27! Involved: thunderhawk17382 & Szabi1991 Thanks to: Szabi1991, Djey, Oleg, Knyazev, tomsolo, RacerS, Minime891, Tool831, Speeder, Guys from Xentax Forum and the forgotten. Special thanks to "bug-reporters": kporys, Draps, FranckRibery Used Tools: TDU Modding Tools II - Mini BNK Manager by Djey TDU2 Texture Tools & TDU2 Universal Launcher by Knyazev TDU2 Camera Hack by RacerS Zmod2 by Oleg HxD Since these are only files for testing, I actually presuppose that you know what to do with the files. But anyhow - unpack TDU2 - backup your savegame - backup/replace the file(s). TDU2 Camera Hack by RacerS should be helpful. After moving your cam-position, it can sometimes lead to flickering arrows (in some angles). Just move the cam slightly. You will find latest "upgraded" cars (with indicators on dashboard). EDIT 04/01/16: New download 23/Jan./2012 Audi R8 V10 Coupe v0.1 24/Jan./2012 Audi S5 v0.1 25/Jan./2012 Audi RS5 v0.1 VW Golf 6 GTI v0.1 28/Jan./2012 VW Touareg v0.1 25/Feb./2012 -DEAD- Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano + China Edition by Szabi1991 -DEAD- 11/March/2012 Mercedes SLS v0.2 - "brakediscs lost" is fixed Audi S3 v0.2 - "indicators brighter while lights on" should be fixed 12/March/2012 Audi Q7 V12 v0.4 - "brighter while using the flasher" is fixed -- "indicators brighter while lights on" should be fixed also 13/March/2012 Ferrari 458 Italia v0.5 by Szabi1991 - "exhaust-pipes" changed 14/March/2012 Mercedes ML 63 AMG v0.1 16/March/2012 Audi Q7 Inuit v0.1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 v0.1 9/April/2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo v0.1 10/April/2012 Nissan GTR v0.1 Have fun! Best regards Stefan
    4. Hey guys. Downloaded kiborg-dva bowler nemesis this morning and it's amazing but its pretty much just a model that replaces the sport HSE. which is alright. but i thought it needed some performance tweaks....the end result was a monster that rips everything in B class a new one. on some sections (power lol) i took a few creative liberties but not too much. on the rest, i tried to keep as much to the actual Nemesis as possible, like with the tires and wheels size and etc. TQ @ RPM figure and such is a little bit siding on the performance side ;) but drive it and you'll see why... my reaction when driving this: :oook::oook::eek::eek2::ill::happyroll::nods: so those of you with unpacked game files...want to give this thing a try? id love to see what you guys think of it. how to unpack game files and install dlc: How to unpack TDU2 How to install TDU2 mods. Ask for help in here! [PC ONLY] | turboduck forum links to relevant content, nemesis settings, and credits: Kiborg-DVA Bowler Nemesis Released Kiborg-DVA : 2012 Bowler Nemesis EXR S | turboduck forum TDU2 Vehicle Property Editor (instructions in readme of rar) THREAD:::: ßeta TDU2 vehicle property editor UPDATED | turboduck forum LINK (INC TDU VP editor AND TDUDEC AND README)::::::::::: tdu editor reference site for tdudec.exe for credit purposes (author's site) Luigi Auriemma CTR physics mod too... Released C.T.R. Physics mod 1.05 | turboduck forum install instructions: 1. install bowler nemesis 2. extract contents in TDU2 VP Editor to desktop 3. extract contents of tdudec folder into an empty folder on the desktop 4. start TDU2 VP editor program and setup paths according to what the program wants. 5. select Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE. click load 6. input values. 7. click apply 8. done
    5. Hi guys, I'm working about TDU2 vehicle property editor. I have decided to release full features as beta version. Since I will release a new version in a few days, this version will publish stop. Updated: ver0.7 Full Download link: [screen shot] [ATTACH]22026[/ATTACH] Installation: Place TDU2VPE.EXE, iniLdr.exe, TDU2vPE_ini.xml and TDU2DBCarList.xml to a suitable folder after extract the zip. Older version user, it is necessary to overwrite the TDU2VPE.exe and TDU2DBCarList.xml. requirement: - TDUdec.exe; This tool will change the db_data.cpr. Therefore, you must have tdudec.exe. - The game has been unpacked. Usage; - Before use, please specify the location of TestDrive2.exe and TDUdec.exe. After press the "Save\Exit" button, once quit tool, then restart. - Read Vehicle data: In the section of "Target vehicle", select the Vehicle, to read the data by pressing the "Load" button. The current value is displayed in the column "Setting". - Edit a data: Enter a new value to "Modify to" column. - Apply new value to db_data.cpr: Press the "Apply" button. Note: - To restore the db_data.cpr, open "Other command" in "Setting" page, there is a button to restore the DB. Then restore all the settings back to the initial - Approximately 500 characters are available for vehicle name change. Known bug(s); - If you change either of data of 370Z and 370z nismo, there is a bug that also affect the other data. The same phenomenon will occur even Spyker D8 and D12. Only the above two sets of the above issues have been identified.
    6. Hey Guys! This is a simple Tutorial, which should show you how to Create/Mod your own Rims for TDU2!!! :) If you have any questions, please just ask!!! ;) Tduchicken.
    7. just let me now if its sounds good/okay or bad. thanks alot ToxiC:)
    8. a try for the ruf rgt just because i love to drive it but dont like the original sound. Just tell me if its good or not (if its ok-->good i will finish it) Greez ToxiC Ride safe and have a lot of fun guys:nuts:
    9. Hey. Does anyone know if you can edit soundfiles but not just replace them. I mean if there is like ...onhigh, onlow, onmid, onidle. (and thats it for the relevant files) is it possible to get more files for example onveryhigh, onverylow, offhigh, offlow... and so on? if that would work the sounds of the game would be improven so hard and it would be even more fun to drive. thanks for the respons!!!
    10. Well, I did a Sound Mod for the StarGT's Chevy ZL1, which serves also for the original 2SS. I need testers to have an opinion about this Beta mod and maybe improve it for the final release. The samples are 100% clean and constant.:cool: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/93weynf58upo9l1/camaro_2ss_high.bnk
    11. A NEW version, ZX10R v:beta2 sound for Kawazaki zx10r Préview::eek: ttp://youtu.be/Apkf8Arg1UA ou ww.youtube.com/watch?v=nzpqfPUE7yc Dowload::twisted: ww.mediafire.com/download/28406dce9sbli16/ZX10R_high.rar
    12. I'm working on a sound mod for the BMW M5 E34 by StarleyGT. This is my first sound work, so it's a beginner mod (beta). I would like to have some testers or at least support to do a good sound :) If anyone is interested in testing, I'll put it on beta release for download. EDIT: I just finished the sound, but I'm not satisfied with the results, because of bad sources and maybe I have the wrong sound-editing program for it. I gonna put the link soon. Remember, that this is just test-release. I really appreciate, if somebody would give me hints and good sources and maybe the best sound programm for it. IMPORTANT: This sound replaces Audi S5 sound. Please make sure, that you've done a backup before you use this file! I'm not responsible, if anything goes wrong on your game or cpu. Use it at your own risk! Download: mediafire.com/download/0qkclydwrx0d26a/s5_high.bnk
    13. Hello, this is my first sound mod. Let me know your impression about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVILRRNVkrQ
    14. Voodoo asked me to make a new gas station on Hawaii. :) Well, here's a preview :cool: I've added a pic from the original gas station on Hawaii and two more screenshots. On one u can see much more detailed lights under the roof. On another one a much more detailed fuel dispenser. :thumbsup:
    15. Hi people ! I am back at sound modding! I want you to write any car you want to hear a sound in TDU2 and I will do it on 20th December! It doesn't matter if car is mod or original! Please post your wishes and I will do it!
    16. Comparison with real tubi exhaust Murcielago LP640 Tubi Exhaust race sound preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX7ypc6ueco
    17. I tried to make the sound of the vtec engine .. I hope you hear the "vtec kick" :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFbd2dVJT44
    18. {JAGUAR E-TYPE - SOUND MOD} {Samples from TDU} {Conversion by SpeedMachine} {Help from Djey - for creating his awsome BNK tools} I know that my sound has bugs, but this is my forst sound conversion. In further it will be better. I choosed TDU samples because I think that it sounds better. The biggest bug: The startup sound is matching with idle sound (trying to fix that). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOADS: 1. Version 1 (with bugs) -- DEAD LINK (i have to remake this version...) 2. Version 2 (with bugs, but solved startup) - not released -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOD HISTORY: 1. Released Version 1, with bugs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEOS: 1. Version 1: If the video above doesn't show, click . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    19. Had a play with my new unpacked tdu2 tonight, and what do you know, my first sound import test was successful! Seems that in this game it DOES NOT matter the size of the sound file! the new delta sound is 2mb more than original and it working epicly. Once I sort out a few more sounds for it, we shall have a new sound for TDU2! woop! Expect to see a lot of me from now on :P :twisted: DOWNLOAD
    20. This is my new sound mod for ford GT !! tell me what you think! :) Coming SOON!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=513yrwg37VI
    21. Hey guys i'm doing a sound mod for the Honda V-TEC engine, i know that in TDU2 there isn't Honda cars but in the future some modders can do a Honda VTec more info here ! http://tduseries.forumcommunity.net/?t=52166175 things to do: -Add real start up -Add real Idle -some fix real video sound mod Beta 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l_zlQSKrnE sound mod Beta 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf8W-x1yE9U added: real start up added: real idle Remember this is a BETA!!!
    22. Hi... i try to mod TDU2's 458 italia, using sound from GTR2 and Forza 2... i just realized that we can have different sound on throttle response... the sound when we gentle on the throttle, made soft sound... but when we push hard the throttle, the sound get more brutal... you can hear it on the sound preview sorry for my english....need testers... Download: 458_italia_high.bnk Sound preview (sorry, only audio): TestDrive2 audio.mp2
    23. Hello guys, i wrote a simple tutorial, if you want precise colors in Sticker Shop maybe useful if read this. (I don't have much time when i made, if read any Cheat Engine gurus who want making a pointer version this stuff: we will appriaciate! :) Tutorial have 10 steps, but estimated time: 10-20 seconds. Requirements: Cheat Engine 6.1 (Install and pls go Settings - Debugger options and set VEH debugger!) Note: this is only work if you have a previous filled color sets. 1. Launch TDU2, but no load profile! 2. Launch Cheat Engine and open TestDrive2 process. 3. Click on [Memory View] button, and right mouse click on top addresses - select Goto address and set: 009ABF2A 4.Right mouse click on 009ABF2A address and choose - Find out what addresses this instruction accesses 5. Switch TDU2 and load your profile. 6. Switch Cheat Engine and you got 6 addresses. Just double click all, one after the other. 7. Select all address in list - right mouse click and choose: Show as hexadecimal. 8. Nex right mouse click and select Change Record - > Type and choose Array of Bytes, Lenght = 3 9. Set names (Description) and colors (Value). Colors is hex color codes like a web colors. 10. Enjoy your precise color sets! Happy Painting!:bananahello:
    24. Hello guys, i updated this post some useful instructions. (Sorry, I forgot this topic, but I hope not too late. :) ) This is not real MOD - but useful if you want making first modification of TDU2. - (Maybe need thread move another section in modshop.) Requirements: unpacked game. BETTER COLOR This is easy. Go and find [Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\fx\] and [Euro\Bnk\islands\hawai\fx\] folders and swap game_weahters.xmb file. The results: Ibiza get an "oceanic" (cool), Oahu get a "tropic" (warm) feeling, especially sunset and sundown much-much better as original. (imho) Okay, here is the next thing: GRASS Modification First thing need, a modified Quality_Settings.cpr, we need increase density for proper view. Here is the example some values changed only in [ENVIRONMENT_QUALITY_LEVEL_2] section - need TDU2 graphic options must be set Enviroment Quality = HIGH - some performance reason why not use Very High settings. SetDefNbSectors = 12 SETMINNBSECTORS = 12 .... SET_Z_FAR = 60000.0 .... NBELTULTRANEAR = 5000 // Number Of grass blades in ultranear block NBELTNEAR = 6800 NBELTFAR = 680 .... MAX_GRASS_BILLBOARD_PER_EDGE = 200 (If you want refine values need tdudec decrypt and encrypt cpr file). Second thing in the both island folders the grasstypes.xml files. If you edit this files, you can similar change values like TDU1. Description of some parameters: BitmapIndex: texture number in tailgrass.bnk - change other, change type. Bitmaps located in tallgrass.bnk-s. Height: grass height. Be carefull, increase big value may will unplayable offroads. Width: grass width. I recommend only change height. UseNoiseScale: if true (1), the grass size variated. That's all, happy modding :) Here is an example, (this height is optimized 3rd view - I prefer for cruisin) not perfect but good for starting. If height is too much for you, edit to what you like :)
    25. After finally changing volumes, adding samples etc this is what I have so far. Grass Rolls Gravel Rolls Tarmac Rolls Skids Brakes Turbo (Courtesy of URBAN) Turbo Whines Gear shift And more... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNalxumFnhw http://www.filefront.com/15615347/Common.bnk Enjoy! Comments would be appreciated! Video will come... :thumbsup:
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