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  1. Assetto Corsa – Are You ‘Ready To Race’ The new Assetto Corsa ‘Ready To Race’ car pack is now available to purchase on Steam for the PC. As you might expect with a title like that, this newest ten car DLC has a strong focus on those that have taken part in, and even won, their respective championships. Taking up their grid positions within the list are multiple entries from Audi, McLaren and Toyota, together with single contributions from Lotus and Maserati. The team at Kunos have shown that they know their stuff when it comes to stacking automotive content into these packs
  2. Porsche Pack Volume 3 – Console The latest update for Assetto Corsa, the Porsche Pack Volume 3 and Update 1.12 we reported on last week is finally out for the Playstation 4, with the updates coming to Xbox One players tomorrow. Console players of Assetto Corsa should now be getting used to being 2-3 months behind PC users when it comes to these updates, it must be very frustrating watching the clock to see when updates you've known about for a months will be available. As reported last week, the Xbox One update has suffered a delay, but thankfully the team over at Kunos have made an effo
  3. More DLC For Assetto Corsa In 2017 At the end of last year Marco Massarutto shared a preview of what was outlined for Assetto Corsa in 2017 in an official blog post. A few of those items have already been unveiled and should be arriving sometime soon. With the release date approaching, Massarutto has been teasing even more content on his personal Facebook account, this time revealing an assortment of vehicle renders. There is no real common theme with what he is showing us but it gives us an idea of the sort of content they could potentially be packaged with. First up is a Lotu
  4. Porsche Pack Vol. 3 For Console Next week will see the release of Porsche Pack Volume 3 and update 1.12 on the PlayStation 4, but unfortunately Xbox One users will have to wait as the update “encountered some issues” on the platform. The final of the three Porsche Packs will deliver yet another quality selection of vehicles from the Porsche brand, both old and new. Modern racing machinery gets a big nod, with two 991 GT3 racers and the 2016 Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid among the pack's contents. Classic racing isn't overlooked either thanks to the inclusion of the iconic 908 Lang-Heck (LH)
  5. Assetto Corsa Takes The Highlands Road A good amount of new images and a couple of videos of the still as of now unnamed fictional Scottish location heading to Assetto Corsa has been posted by teaser-pleaser, Marco Massarutto. The new selection of images that have appeared over the last few days gives a further look at the Highland town track that the Audi Quattro S1 rally car was also shown in at the end of last month. We don’t know how many of the four track layouts this area will feature in, but we can see that this part which is made up of cobbled streets and surrounded by homes is b
  6. Free Audi Quattro S1 Group B The end of year look back posted by Marco Massarutto on the official blog gave us insight into some of the free bonus content that would be coming to Assetto Corsa in the new year, with a number of vehicles and a new circuit being mentioned within the text. Amazingly, despite all the free stuff that is talked about in that blog post, we learn from Massarutto via a posting on his Facebook, that the Audi Quattro S1 Group B rally car is another item of them and that it is due for a February release. We are also treated to 3 in-game images where we can view
  7. Console ‘Red Pack’ & Porsche Pack Vol 2 OUT NOW! Here we are, into the beginnings of 2017 and Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games are right on it, as today saw the release of the ‘Red Pack’ and Porsche Pack Volume 2 for PS4 and Xbox One. In fairness, they did say the simultaneous landing of the packs would happen but as has been seen previously, it’s not always the case to blindly believe this will be the case. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_GB/sd
  8. How’s it gawn?! As the famous sign when you enter the country says, ‘SCOTLAND welcomes you’. And that is exactly what these latest images from main Assetto Corsa teaser-geezer Marco Massarutto are saying too. Revealed to us in the end of year blog, this new fictional track that is now undoubtedly confirmed to be based in Scotland, shows off traces of everything that my home country is known for: beautiful scenery, tight winding roads, grass, old architecture and wait… is that rain? [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" columns="2" size="seven-post-image" ids="6480,6481,6482] P
  9. Assetto Corsa 'Red Pack' on Console Has a Release Date! The news in relation to Assetto Corsa continues to spill out as the release date has been set for when the ‘Red Pack’ will drop on PS4 and Xbox One. Revealed on the official social channels of the title, the DLC will arrive at the start of next week on Tuesday, January 10th. It is yet another and welcome addition to Kunos’ simulation racer and is the one often asked about and has been near the top of the list of content players have wanted to see released on their consoles next. Its popularity is mostly garnered beca
  10. Porsche Pack Volume 2 PS4 & Xbox One Should have known that there was nothing to worry about when the Assetto Corsa ‘Red Pack’ release for console announcement was made yesterday, but it did seem a bit unnerving that there was no mention of the accompanying second Porsche Pack. Those worries can be put to rest as Kunos have just posted on their social channels that 'Porsche Pack Volume 2' is also heading to the consoles next week, just like they promised in December last year.. A quality bit of racing pedigree is on display in this second pack, as it contains some of
  11. Get Ready For The Red Pack In the final months of last year, we were given some sort of idea for when Assetto Corsa’s 'Red Pack' would finally make its appearance on console when it was said to be coming in January along with Porsche Pack Volume 2. Well they weren’t lying as Kunos have just posted that the ‘Red Pack’ is due out next week (trailer below is for the PC) on both PS4 and Xbox One. Taking them at their word, we expect that the team have learned from that previous bout of unfortunateness (that even a word?) to hit them and will be fully aware of what needs to be
  12. Porsche Pack 1 for Console Tomorrow is the day for the consoles to get the first Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack. Well the PlayStation 4 will anyway as unfortunately the Xbox One version has received a slight delay. Rest assured though that Kunos are on the case and are in their own words “working flat out right now and doing all they can to solve the issues” in order to bring the Porsche pack and update to the Xbox playerbase. Already out for the PC, the pack includes some of the most iconic Porsches known. From the modern hypercar of the 918 Spyder to the ‘they actually made this thing
  13. Assetto Corsa Will Get Private Lobbies After all the delays that the console version of Assetto Corsa experienced, you would have honestly expected Kunos Simulazioni to realise that certain features such as Private Lobbies and the use of purchased content online to be obvious ones to have. This was not the case though, as for whatever reason these were left out. Being a small team we can of course allow them some sway in this matter but just looking on their official channels you can see that the lack of Private Lobbies is probably the most often raised criticism. And rightly s
  14. Porsche Pack Volume 1 An image has been posted showing what will come in the first Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack and at first glance it’s a bit hard to see what’s so good about it. Not because the pack is crap or anything, no not at all, but because the vehicles in the image posted by Marco Massarutto on his own Facebook are all lined-up together and softly blurred, making us have to work a little to figure out what they are. Enthusiasts or even a quick Google search of ‘Porsche’ and ‘Porsche – because – racecar' will no doubt give evidence to fairly easily help identify the lege
  15. Assetto Corsa Console Pre-order Bonus DLC & JDM Packs The pre-order bonus DLC and ‘Japanese Pack’ is heading to Assetto Corsa on PlayStation 4 and (maybe) the Xbox One this week. Well at least it looks that way as the EU PS blog has the items listed in their coming this week post whereas the Microsoft Store has a couple of the items available to view on their store with only one showing the same date of release as that of Sony. The ‘Prestige Pack’ is listed as coming to PS4 October 6th with the ‘Japanese Pack’ and ‘Performance Pack’ due the following day on October 7th. Xbox One is,
  16. Free Porsche! The team behind Assetto Corsa continue to tease about the upcoming Porsche pack and if there is one word we hardly ever hear in respect to downloadable ‘Porsche’ content, it is ‘free’. With Kunos Simulazioni though, this is in fact what is happening as by way of Marco Massarutto, the Licensing Manager at Kunos responding to a question on twitter last week, it has been revealed that there will be a Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan given away at no cost! https://twitter.com/Markus72k/status/780301766638374912 If above not available click for scree
  17. Porsche Packed It is of no wonder that Kunos seem to be enjoying teasing their community with the frequent release of new media and comments in regards to the Assetto Corsa Porsche pack. Over the past few weeks they have dropped images showing what is known as the ‘Holy Trinity’’ – consisting of the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. This super treble of hypercars is seen as the peak of automotive excellence today. There have also been images of the 991 Carrera S, the rear light of a Boxster 718 and a real world example shown of the 935/78 'Moby Dick
  18. Assetto Corsa Console Update A new community blog posted by Kunos Simulazioni reveals further details of what's to come in the PS4 and Xbox One update that is aiming to release this month. Along with the previously mentioned fixes for the main issues relating to graphics, control and AI, we learn that the ‘Black Cat County’ fictional road layout and Maserati Levante are also coming with it. [caption id=attachment_5476" align="alignnone" width="800] Welcome to 'Black Cat County' - (image from PC announcement)[/caption] ‘Black Cat County’ comes in three layouts of short, intermed
  19. Gamers Try To Catch Em All Like It's 1996 This week we've been launched back into the 1990s due to the release of a Pokémon game with a futuristic edge. While Pokémon Go maybe pulling us outside to 'catch em all', Forza Motorsport 6 and Assetto Corsa are sure to bring us back to our man-caves with some new DLCs, and if that's not enough Need For Speed (2015) is released on EA's Origin Access. Racing This week Turn 10 release their Select Pack and roll out the July update. Included in the Turn 10 Select Pack is a massive Mercedes-Benz race-truck, BMW Isetta 300 'Bubble Car', the classic F
  20. Honouring The Italian Greats With Assetto Corsa's latest DLC, the Red Pack, comes seven iconic Italian sports cars and a new track to test them on! Along with the new DLC arrives the latest update, v1.7 with a number of small tweaks and big improvements as requested by the AC community. The Red Pack The new DLC is a tribute to the many wonderful, famous and infamous sports cars to come out of Italian factories bearing the badges of Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. With the Red Pack you also get a taste of the latest tyre model, version 10. While v10 feels very similar to the current t
  21. Ferrari 488 GT3 It's been a few days since there's been anything heard from the Assetto Corsa team, but now, one day before the pack release itself, the fifth car model of the nearly here 'Red Pack' has been revealed, and it is another Ferrari. Meaning a minimum of three prancing horses will be in amongst the seven Italian examples that will be included with the new DLC. With the addition of the 488 GT3, the already impressive variety of GT cars will be boosted even more and it is something Kunos themselves seem quite proud of. "Our GT2/GT3 grid will be one of the most com
  22. F1 Ferrari V8 The boys and girls behind Assetto Corsa must be in amazing moods as their latest preview of what's next in line for the 'Red Pack' is something real special yet again. As if it wasn't enough to thrill us by announcing that the Ferrari SF15-T 2015 season car was coming to the 'Red Pack'. Now they have gone and unveiled another Scuderia Ferrari that will be making its way in to the DLC that releases on July 14th. And this time it's a V8 from 2013! The last of the Ferrari V8s in fact, before they went to the (strimmer/weed whacker sounding) turbos, driven by Fernando Alonso an
  23. Fangiotastic! The information just keeps on flooding out in regards to the Assetto Corsa 'Red Pack' that is heading for release next week. Latest to get the spotlight is the Maserati 250F 6C that Kunos Simulazioni gave us a glimpse of in the very first tease for the new DLC. This time the classic Formula One racer gets a full image showcase all to itself, looking excellent as it is let loose on the track, spitting out unburnt fuel as it does so. With great names attached, such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Sir Stirling Moss, the car enjoyed success right from the off, taking the
  24. Red Bull Ring The Red Bull Ring is next for the detailing stage of the Assetto Corsa 'Red Pack' release-info-about-athon and inevitably the circuit is receiving the full laser scanned treatment in order to deliver an accurate rendition. Founded as the Österreichring, the circuit was host to the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix for 18 consecutive years from 1970-1987. Later it was shortened, rebuilt and was given the new name of A1-Ring, where under this new guise it became host of the Austrian GP from 1997-2003. With F1 outgrowing the track, plans were put in place and work started on ext
  25. Scuderia Ferrari SF15-T Those crafty ones behind Assetto Corsa have been playing with our emotions again, titling their new upcoming content as the 'Red Pack' but with no Ferrari in sight. In fairness it was only a couple of days of no-show for the Prancing Horse and with a name like that for the pack you knew something from the stables of Modena had to be coming. What was not expected though was a Formula 1 car! The Scuderia Ferrari SF15-T from the 2015 F1 season was driven by cream of the crop drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen and had one of those fronts... or nos
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