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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, we’re thrilled to release BeamNG.drive V0.22 today! This update comes with some major content additions and updates. This includes audio polishing, quality of life improvements for various levels, a brand new gameplay perspective, and the inclusion of a long-awaited vehicle! We hope this content continues to bring some much-needed fun and immersion for you. As always, we appreciate your continued support. Soliad Wendover Let’s begin things with the highly anticipated and legendary Wendover! Produced from 1987 to 1995 by American automaker Bruckell and sold under their luxury marquee Soliad, the Wendover is the epitome of late 1980s technology and styling. Sharing much of its underpinnings with the smaller LeGran, the larger, sleeker coupe body allows for a powerful transverse-mounted V8 engine to be fitted in place of the factory standard V6. The LeGran’s 4 cylinder engines can also be fitted, and all engine options have superchargers available to boost power. The Wendover features advanced mono-leaf rear suspension, allowing for the installation of a rear differential to transform the vehicle into a snappy, responsive handling machine. Nestled in the luxurious, comfortable interior is the latest and greatest high-tech digital dashboard; the Wendover Information System, or WIS. Futuristic gauges and easy-to-read display can keep the driver constantly aware of everything they might need to know. The Wendover received a face lift in 1992, adding flip-up headlights, even sleeker, more modern styling and a lightly updated interior. Unable to recapture the initial popularity brought on by Bruckell’s deal with the Belasco 400 to make the Wendover its official pace car, production stopped in 1995. Despite its odd weight and size, the Wendover is considered by many to be an excellent performance car given the right modifications, and has been used for everything from track racing, rallies, hillclimb time trials or even demolition derbies. We hope you run the storied Wendover through this entire gamut of activities, and much more! Walking Mode Aside from the latest addition of the Wendover, we even have a new Walking Mode to try out! With this mode, we’ve enhanced the feeling of being an actual, living driver in the game. Through the first-person perspective, you can hop out of a vehicle and traverse the environment at eye level, with movement speed changing depending on your surroundings and terrain. Simply hop from car to car in a parking lot for a whole different perspective. Vehicle Triggers Alongside this, we’ve added Vehicle Triggers that you can take advantage of in several camera modes. These small but specific sequences can be activated on a vehicle. It could be as simple as adjusting a pickup truck’s trunk after loading it with materials, or guiding the ramp of a maintenance vehicle down to the ground. Triggers are fully configurable on each vehicle, but please keep in mind that only a few vehicles feature them at the moment. Bruckell Legran Remaster Last but not least, the Bruckell Legran Remaster is finally rolling in! Featuring new facelift variants, a remastered 3D model, highly improved interior, and loads of different configurations for various play styles. Whether it’s a plain sedan or a police cruiser, there’s lots to take on with the Bruckell Legran Remastered. In addition, we’ve released a new website and refreshed our documentation. There’s still plenty more to discover in 0.22. Many further fixes, optimizations, and improvements were implemented for game audio, physics, engine, World Editor, and more. Check out the full list below. Vehicles NEW VEHICLE - Soliad Wendover Full-size luxury FWD coupe Mechanically based on the Bruckell Legran Transverse V6, V8 and I4 engine options Facelift style package with concealed headlights Many customization parts, wide body kit, spoilers, roll cage, AWD option and more Features digital gauges Fully fleshed out derby configuration with strengthened bumpers, steel box frame roll cage, windshield bars, reinforced radiator, bolted hood and welded doors A good variety of configurations including many factory models as well as ‘Race’, ‘Rally’, ‘Police Interceptor’, ‘Safety Car’ and more Autobello Piccolina Improved rear quarter glass deform groups Bruckell LeGran Total 3d model and texture overhaul Continued Jbeam improvements Increased strength of Legran front control arms Many new factory and customization parts: wagon body, facelift style package, wide body kit, spoilers/wings, roll cage, independent rear suspension, AWD and more Full set of derby parts with toughened bumpers, derby roll cage and windshield bars, reinforced radiator, bolted hood and welded doors Many new configs, including a reworked selection of factory spec models, ‘Race’, ‘Rally’, ‘Police’, ‘Taxi’, and more Added “GRUNT Livery (Colorable)” Added “Rally Livery (Colorable)” Bruckell Moonhawk Fixed collision fighting on a pillar/door Cherrier FCV Reduced drone of Vivace i4 diesel sound Fixed incorrect damping on rear suspension of the Tograc causing unnatural bouncing Dry Van Trailer Updated ‘BeamNG’ livery Gavril D-Series Fixed missing backfaces on spare tire cover Fixed D10 Zeta model years Added animated controls for rollback Added muffler for desert truck Added ESC light Added heavy radiator to Pickup D45 configurations Tweaked air bump stop tuning on Pickup Pre-runner configs Gavril H-Series Added animated controls for rollback Improved breaking behavior of Van roofrack Reduced harshness of Pickup and Van race exhaust Gavril Roamer Added ESC light ETK I-Series Tweaked lateral deform of radiator support ETK K/800 Reworked turbo/intercooler jbeam structure Fixed broken variables tuning in ETK-K race differential Hirochi SBR Improved spiky mesh deformation on rear quarter panel Digital gauge added driving modes and color changes for eSBR Fixed steering travel limits of SBR4 drift steering Hirochi Sunburst Fixed front bumper bar collision fighting Ibishu Covet Fixed headlights beam clipping issue Tweaked range and rotation of front blinkers beam Fixed front bumpers flares position Ibishu Hopper Fixed driver camera being able to invert into the back of the vehicle with enough force Fixed missing backfaces on spare tire cover Increased Hopper wheel attachment strength Ibishu Pessima 1996 Tweaked RPM gauge to allow needle to travel to its end stop in over-rev Added sport intakes for I4 and V6 engines Ibishu Pigeon Fixed UV Issues on the bed box Updated tire tuning Wentward DT40L Added ‘Metro’ skin for the City configuration Wheels Added “TIMS Kodaira” Wheels Updated “Alder Basketweave” Wheels Added “Soliad Vertigo” Wheels Added “Soliad Tornado” Wheels Added “Soliad Bragenham” Wheels Tweaked materials on “TIMS Egota (White)” Tweaked materials on “Ibishu Blades (White)” Tweaked materials on “Okudai RZ4 (White)” Hubcaps Added “Soliad Astro” Hubcaps Added “Soliad Storm” Hubcaps Tweaked materials on various Bruckell hubcaps Fixed mesh clipping on Carplus C55 hubcaps Props Added ‘Full Size’ & ‘King Size’ Matress Misc Added welded differentials to 80s Pessima, 90s Pessima, Sunburst, Covet, Legran Added race differentials for Legran and 90s Pessima Increased friction of oil barrel Added engine deform groups system as well as stock, heavy duty and ultra heavy duty engine mounts to most vehicles Added roof bars with generic loads Reworked lowrider controls to not conflict with horn Fixed some off-road tires missing periphery reinforcement beams Fixed refnode alignment on Tire Wall, Cinder Block Wall, Piano Added vehicle triggers. Docs here Levels Derby Arenas Fixed a strange decalroad rendering issue on the track East Coast USA Fixed floating rocks in park Fixed a normal map issue on some house objects Fixed the swamp not drowning cars in certain locations Fixed some floating trees in the north east Gridmap Fixed ramp UV mapping issue Industrial Fixed floating decalroad Adjusted container position to allow large vehicles access to the port Italy Fixed floating boxes Fixed floating trees Fixed floating decal road on statue Fixed misaligned wall Fixed AI pathing issue under bridges Fixed a road sign being on the road itself Fixed missing glass reflection Updated thumbnails Jungle Rock Island Fixed decal road issue Fixed collision mesh in the abandoned resort Deleted underwater bushes and grass popping out from roads and concrete Fixed floating trees Fixed missing collision on shed Fixed floating rocks Small Island Fixed decal issues Fixed floating rocks Fixed hay bales in a rally scenario Utah Updated materials Fixed path in the parts run campaign scenario to be easier to drive on Fixed the background terrain having no collision Fixed some floating objects Added 13 garages: East Coast USA: 3 garages West Coast USA: 4 garages Utah: 2 garages Italy: 4 garages Added 13 dealerships: East Coast USA: 3 dealerships (classics, offroad and an ordinary dealership) West Coast USA: 4 dealerships (mid-range new, mid-range used, high end and junk dealerships) Utah: 3 dealerships (modded/import, truck and SUV and new offroad dealerships) Italy: 3 dealerships (high-end, mid-range, junk dealerships) Fixed different AI paths in Automation, Italy, East Coast, Jungle Rock Island and West Coast maps Walking Mode Implemented walking “vehicle” that reacts physically to its surroundings. Features: Walking Sprinting Jumping Crouching Can be recognized by traffic Can climb stairs, hills Ability to “swim” Scenarios Converted the Speedy Scramble flowgraph demo into a fully playable scenario Remade East Coast Chase scenarios with Flowgraph system: New features and improved gameplay Powertrain Optimized DCT shifting Ignition now behaves more consistently across different gearboxes Shaft-like devices have the ability to select which angular velocity is reported to the electrics system Added gear whine support to automatic transmissions Made it possible to damage superchargers Game Engine The default user path moved from Documents/BeamNG.drive to User/AppData/Local/BeamNG.drive/ We would like to provide better user experience after an update: without broken mods This fixes various problems we were having before: Users having Documents in Cloud storage, broken Games after updates All mods are disabled after an update. You can enable them again in the Mod manager Documentation here Updated vehicle recovery with improved performance (Looking at you, Pre-Runner) Fixed inverted y-axis for PS4 controllers Added helper logs in cases where some USB devices with buggy drivers result in long game startup times (from 10s up to a minute or more). The issue is now identified and shown in logs, to help users figure out which of their USB devices or drivers might be faulty. Greatly improved startup time logging to help identify potential issues leading to long startup times. Fixed many cosmetic effects suffering a progressive desync over prolonged game sessions (e.g. dynamic day/night cycle not using the right sun position, slightly laggy aerogenerators in ETK Driver Experience Center, etc). Fixed per-map particle emitters not working when using slow motion. Improved playback of particles in Replay mode. The result should now be more faithful to what was originally recorded, regardless of the use of slow motion. Fixed replay not restoring broken meshes (e.g. tires with missing chunks of rubber) during playback. Fixed License plate generation (Steam name also works correctly) Fixed Fmod Live update and Bank Hotloading Added parameter cache to improve performance of Sound System Drag Race enabled AI awareness for opponent Rich presence is opt-in instead of opt-out Fixed imposter false error on packed mods with broken modification time Fixed _uv1 textures using texture cooker postfix at the same time use meshoptimizer to sort indice of tsMesh Fixed Vehicles props reappearing when switching vehicle Fixed outgauge from RemoteControl breaking when switching vehicles Fixed Decal Road bounding box calculation Fixed null access of object dictionary fixed external UI modes up a bit. Physics Added ability to have non-collideable triangles with aerodynamics Removed duplicate sound source filtering. It was affecting wheel sound intensity under certain circumstances Reworked subsystem that controls rolling resistance of tire contact patches. It improves low speed rolling resistance Reworked subsystem that controls contact patch load sensitivity. It is more robust now Tire softness was disabled as it could affect tire response curves in weird ways Fixed tracking of collision object identifiers Fixed physics core crashes when trying to log corrupted log messages Reduced low speed triggering noise of rumblestrip frequency detector Tweaked off road surface friction to balance tire softness changes Audio Tuned brake squeal to appear less suddenly on race cars at slow speeds Fixed cockpit sounds fading off erratically when driving fast (audio reference points were slowly falling behind camera). Fixed noticeable audio artifacts when driving at speed (doppler simulation was using mismatched information). Fixed a broken optimization of audio update cycle, which could have contributed to tiny framerate inconsistencies (not noticeable by themselves). New audio for damaged rod bearings. New transmission audio for citybus Gear whine support for automatics Improved ambience sounds Improved scrape sounds Additional work on tire properties affecting surface audio pitch/volume/timbre incl. tire proportions, contact patch, rubber softness. New bespoke dirt, grass and gravel roll/skid audio, new rough skid for surfaces like wood, improved asphalt roll Performance and memory optimizations Input & Force Feedback Created an input troubleshooting PDF guide to help sort out the most common issues. A link to it can be found ingame at Options > Controls > Force Feedback menu, or you can «click here to open it» Improved control reassignment process: it’s now harder to unintentionally bind mouse movements, and there’s real-time feedback about what’s being detected. Made it more obvious which button allows to reassign an existing binding. Improved display of overlapping bindings: it’s now clearer what’s the function of the button besides each conflicting binding. Improved “Filter” dropdown and tooltip when editing a binding, making them easier to understand. Fixed harmless bug where the inputmap files would contain unused fields. Fixed the 8th gear binding being described as 7th gear. Better information from input devices is now logged to better assist when problems arise. Fixed execution of unintended bindings when the same key is assigned to multiple bindings in some rare cases (didn’t happen with the default game bindings). Fixed ‘steering lock type’ showing up in unrelated bindings. Added new cruise control bindings to change set speed in larger increments Improved the Force Feedback assignment system, specially when multiple devices support haptics (e.g. ffb steering wheel + vibration gamepad), or during multiseat. It should no longer be necessary to unplug devices in order for Force Feedback to reach the (correct) steering wheel. Improved the Force Feedback logging to provide better information in case any issue arises. Reduced the Force Feedback failsafe update rate as a precaution, from 1000Hz down to 60Hz (we’re not aware of any cases where this failsafe was used though). Simplified Force Feedback settings: we no longer offer the “Force Limit” percentage slider, as it provides no advantage over configuring the device drivers appropriately. Improved some Force Feedback menu tooltips. Disabling Force Feedback will now visually gray out its options. UI Cleaned up the ctrl+F extended metrics panel. Revamped listing of replay bindings Added translations for Launcher and Support Tools Fixed the minimum and maximum FPS display in ctrl+F panel: they used to show the all-time historic values; now they show short-term historic values Fixed some typos and outdated labels in Options > Controls menu Fixed noisy thumbsticks in some gamepads not allowing the use of directional-pov to navigate the UI Fixed the Performance Graph menu showing 0ms for the ‘Other’ section of CPU time: it now reads the right measurement Fixed the Performance Graph showing beautified time measurements in the ‘framelimiter’ section, instead of the actual time Fixed the Performance Graph incorrectly including some non-physics load as part of the ‘physics’ section Updated Xbox bind icons Added Mouse bind icons Updated loading screens Improved position of License Plate tooltips in Parts Menu to avoid blocking other buttons Camera Fixed issue where the per-level nearclip distance could be modified by the currently active camera Fixed ‘Relative’ camera not always offering the default per-level nearclip distance in its radial menu Fixed ‘Driver’ camera field of view not always being saved correctly Fixed the camera “autofit” functionality not working correctly in the old World Editor Added transition effect when switching vehicles or entering/exiting walking mode (can be disabled in Options > Camera) World Editor Mesh-, River- and Decalroad editors Cleaned up UI of meshroad and decalroad editors Added “Overwrite depth” to meshroad- and river editors Meshroad: Fixed flickering when placing a new node Removed the need to select a node when inserting a new node Slightly changed node placement method of river and meshroad to be more in line with decal road Disabled “Click and drag width” for new nodes by default Cam Path Editor “Set for all” doesn’t overwrite cuts anymore Fixed error when cutting on the last marker UI improvement Particle Editor Update changes to emitters or particles in real time Improved UI for choosing particles Added file browser for choosing particle texture file Decal Editor UI overhaul. Moved template list to a separate window Terrain Editor Fixed the position of the brush in relation to the cursor while editing the terrain Fixed brush mouse click getting stuck while editing Improved terrain brush performance and stutters on bigger levels Object Tool Fixed object jumping around when rotating in local space Fixed undo/redo for scaling Added new option to terrain snap to “snap to origin” of object Added camera speed and TOD sliders to the toolbar Put duplicated objects in the same group Keep objects selected when closing and opening the editor Changed float digit count to 3 on default Fixed some crashes and issues related to prefabs Various fixes to many tools Fixed bug preventing proper saving of vehicle groups in the Multi-Vehicle Spawner window Added fps counter and scene stats (number of polygon) Improved camera movement in shape editor and material preview Validating input values for options in GroundModel Debug Tool Updated theme Improved scenetree: search, order by distance AI Fixed bug where traffic might drive on the wrong side of the road when merging from a one way road to a normal road Improved traffic basic intersection logic Improved chase mode Consolidated map.nodes data and graphpath data to reduce duplication Improved stop mode behavior Return controls to neutral position when ai mode is set to disabled Initialize targetSpeedSmoother with current ai speed on setMode Reset currentRoute if local mapData becomes out of synch with mapmgr.mapData Traffic Added vehicle pooling feature (work in progress); when enabled, the traffic system spawns extra vehicles, and changes their visibility in a cycle to allow for more variety of vehicles Police vehicles are now less likely to despawn if they are chasing the player from behind Improved traffic vehicle respawning logic Flowgraph Editor Added ScatterSky nodes Added Clouds nodes Improved Fog nodes Fixed an issue with Vehicle Color node Added missing descriptions, various improvements to existing nodes Added State system: The state system is a new way to work with the Flowgraph Editor. Before, the whole project had to be inside one gargantuan graph, which made bigger projects painful to create, manage and maintain Now, the project can be split into parts, which each represent their own graph. You can trigger state transitions inside the graph and pass values from one state to another States can also be grouped into Group States, which allows for finer control over which states start and stop with each transition Added Examples System (WIP): New to Flowgraph or curious how a certain node works? The Example system is a collection of simple and well documented projects, each showcasing a certain feature, system or node ! Added Event Log: The event log is similar to the console, but it only captures Flowgraph-specific events, such as state transitions, spawning vehicles through nodes, or errors caused by nodes. You can click the elements to be brought directly to the source of the event Improved Node Library Search: The Node Library search will now let you find the nodes you need faster by ordering the results based on your previous searches as well as showing the results in a more condensed way Added Project Search: Trying to find that one node in a big project? You can now use the project search window to find nodes, graphs or pins in your project Added Flowgraph Monitor: When you test your projects, you can now enable a setting that automatically hides the editor and shows a small Flowgraph Monitor Window instead The Monitor Window will show you active states and the event log. When you stop the project, the editor will show again Cleaned up UI: The UI of the flowgraph editor has been adjusted in many small ways to make more use of the available space Shortcuts: Various shortcuts have been added that let you work more easily with the editor, such as auto-connecting nodes or hiding/unhiding of links Preferences: Cleaned up the old preferences menu. Flowgraph now uses the World Editor Preferences window. Various preference settings have been added Improved Menus: Recent Files: The File Menu now has a submenu for the most recently used files Recover Files: The File Menu now has a submenu for recovering files after a crash, by using the autosave feature No-Project-View: The No-Project-View now also has improved file-opening entries such as recent files and recover files Nodes: Various bugfixes, improvements and additions across most nodes Improved Hardcoding pins: Nodes can now use template values for pins. Also added filepath utilities to pins Added Custom Lua Node: You can make custom logic more efficiently with this node, by adding custom lua code directly in the editor. You can also customize pins and save nodes you made this way Flowgraph Editor Fixes: Better Node Alignment: Nodes now properly align to each other Comment Node fixed: The Comment node will now correctly keep its size in all cases Actionmaps: Actionmaps for Flowgraph are nor always properly set Scenarios: Added 5 new Flowgraph-based scenarios: East Coast Chase 1-4: Re-imagined from the already existing scenarios, these Scenarios each offer a unique challenge by trying to stop criminals Barrel Knocker: Use an old truck to knock over as many barrels on the industrial map as you can in this quick, arcade-style scenario Converted Speedy Scramble into its own scenario. Previously only accessible through the Flowgraph Editor LUA Added “set” method to float3 Added “vec3:xyz()” method. It returns x, y, z components of vec3 Added “containsEllipsoid_point” function. It returns if a point is inside an ellipsoid Added “ob:getBeamStressDamp” method. It calculates with more accuracy the internal stress and damping forces of beams Added “wheel:isRotatingBrakeCouple” method on wheels. It reports if a wheel is rolling while filtering rotational noise Added setSFXparameter to looped sound sources. It allows to define extra constant parameters on sound sources Decreased transient memory requirements of setMap Fixed extensions getting loaded twice (one case where this happens is if calling code used different capitalisation for the extension name during loading) Small optimizations to reduce vehicle’s reset lag Vehicle Lua reset happens in a thread now. This reduces lag when resetting vehicles surfaceNormalBelow calculation Console Implemented scroll lock/ pause Added clear button Vehicle Controller Added pie menu controls for driving electronics Improved slow speed turning behavior of Driving Dynamics Systems Adapted eSBR gauges to DSE Mod Manager Added taskbar progress when packing and unpacking Fixed broken file stat date on mods packed by the game
  2. Today we’re here to spill some much-needed hot news to your screens with the release of version 0.21! Featuring a complete Jungle Rock Island map renovation, bringing new locations to explore and a myriad of updated roads for that sunny winter getaway, as well as revamped vegetation and a brand-new waterfalls zone. If a tropical paradise isn’t up your alley, you’ll be happy to hear that West Coast USA received an improvement pass, including multiple new locations and the addition of two new roads – City and Highway Tunnels. The long-awaited Gavril D-Series Remaster Part 2 is finally here with updated interiors, lights, revised configurations, and several new D45 variants. This isn’t all for the D-Series, however, hold on to your pedals because the D-Series Prerunner & Crawler models are now available and ready to conquer anything you throw at them (or them into). We’ve also improved our tire model with new tire-ground contact physics. This has slashed long standing limitations in rolling resistance, high speed grip, and cambered tire behavior. With all tires retuned to take advantage of these changes, our vehicles are handling better than ever. Last but not least, we’ve polished official localization for the languages listed below; for more information on how to provide feedback and report issues, please keep an eye on the official Discord server. Spanish (Spain) French (France) Japanese (Japan) Korean (South Korea) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Russian (Russia) Chinese – Simplified Chinese – Traditional As always, we would like to thank everyone for your continuous feedback, suggestions, and bug reports! We hope you enjoy the update and wish you Happy Holidays! HIGHLIGHTS Jungle Rock Island Remaster West Coast USA Improvements Gavril D-Series Remastered Part 2 Gavril D-Series Prerunner & Crawler VEHICLES Bruckell Legran Light Jbeam rework Restructured rear frame to be more physically accurate Front frame tuned for better deformation, new bumper support design Rear doors now have 2 full jbeam segments Fender structure improved, simplified Headlights and taillights are now separate and detachable Fixed roof mesh spiking issues Added disc brakes Added lifted springs and shocks Fixed rear drum brakes using disc thermals Bruckell Moonhawk Added front guard Cherrier FCV Increased amount of added floor strength when a battery is fitted Civetta Bolide Polizia config changed to use same wheels and tires as the 350GT. The previous tire setup did not suit the chassis and proved to be too oversteery Fixed headlights values ETK 800-Series Reduced gear whine volume Redesigned Driving Experience skin Replaced old ESC/TC system with advanced Driving & Safety Electronics Added various drivemodes Added ActiveLocking differential Added adaptive dampers Fixed missing windshield node ETK K-Series Reduced gear whine volume Redesigned Driving Experience skin Added Driving Academy skin Added ETK Signature skin Replaced old ESC/TC system with advanced Driving & Safety Electronics Added various drivemodes Added ActiveLocking differential Added TorqueVectoring differential Added adaptive dampers Added adaptive swaybars Gavril Barstow Fixed triangulation issue with front fenders Taillights are now detachable Added front subframe brace Gavril Bluebuck Bodystyle slot replaced with individual bodies Fixed rear wheels breaking off on some offsets Gavril D-Series Updated body material and meshes Updated all lights Updated glass materials Replaced “Rusty” skin with new “Old Paint (Colorable)” skin Updated Park Ranger skin Added 423 Sport skin Reworked Flatbed Added D45 Added 6.9 V8 Added race N/A intake Added front guard Added rear marker lights for dually trucks Added drum brakes Increased torsional rigidity of heavy-duty frames Modular Desert Truck Parts 3 new custom offroad frames Long travel offroad suspensions, with Independant (4WD/2WD) or solid axle from suspension options all with bypass shock abosrbers Bobtail rear end, dove-cut front and rear ends, or full wide body fenders 2 Pre-Runner configurations: Standard length frame and extended frame 2 Crawler configurations: a crew cab crawler and the Superpig 1 Hybrid 4WD IFS Desert Rock Racer configuration Gavril Grand Marshal Changed drift config to use 6.9L natural aspirated v8 Updated BCPD skin Updated Police skin Added Police Interceptor skin and configuration Added 6.9 V8 Added race N/A intake Gavril H-Series Updated all lights Updated glass materials Added “Street Tuned” config Added “Old Paint (Colorable)” skin Added derby config Added Rollback Added 6.9 V8 Added race N/A intake Added front guard Added drum brakes Fixed cab roof accessory slot Increased torsional rigidity of heavy-duty frames Gavril Roamer Added BCPD skin and configuration Updated Sheriff skin Updated taillights and signals Updated glass materials Added “Old Paint (Colorable)” skin Added derby config Added 6.9 V8 Added race N/A intake Added drum brakes Increased torsional rigidity of heavy-duty frames Hirochi SBR4 Replaced old ESC/TC system with advanced Driving & Safety Electronics Added various drivemodes Added ActiveLocking differential Added TorqueVectoring differential Added adaptive dampers Added adaptive swaybars Hirochi Sunburst Renamed old police configuration to Firwood Police Added Generic Police skin and configuration Added Police Interceptor skin and configuration Ibishu 200BX Fixed headlights values Added “Old Paint (Colorable)” skin Added drag configuration Added “Trackday Beater” skin Added automatic drag transmission Added adjustable wheelie bar Ibishu Covet Added “2.0 GTz” and “2.0 GTz Special Edition” configs Added various sport exterior parts Added 2.0 engine from the Ibishu Pessima Added drag configuration Replaced beater with derby and skidplate configurations Reworked rear end jbeam structure for better node density Front and rear fascias, headlights and taillights now separately detachable Removed “blown” engine and suspension parts Added 5 lug hubs Added heavy duty and ultra-heavy duty engine mounts Added hood exhaust for 2.0 turbo and 1.5 N/A Added headlight air intake Added headlight blanking plates Added drag rear bumper Added lightweight glass Added carbon tailgate and spoiler Added sport brakes Ibishu Hopper Fixed 6 lug locking hub unlockable Reduced braking force of standard brakes to prevent locking too easily Added Sheriff and Park Ranger skin and configuration Ibishu Miramar Increased the stiffness of the steering box structure for better steering feel Ibishu Pessima (1988) Added “Old Paint (Colorable)” skin Added derby configuration Trunk lights are now removable Fixed collision fighting when door glass is removed Small Flatbed, Box Utility and Large Box Utility trailers Added pre-loaded configurations Wheels Added “Gavril Momentum” wheels Added chrome “GP Wrestler” version Added “Gavril HD350” wheels Added “Alder Special 423” wheels Added “Wangan-2P” wheels Added 13×5 size for TIMS Egota wheels Misc Updated light materials for ambulance and cargobox upfits Added Truck It Up skin for cargobox upfit Improved colors for Navigation Unit map for better contrast between road and background Aerodynamics tuning of all vehicles: Drag, lift and downforce values to more realistic values now that top speeds are not hampered by high tire rolling resistance Minor suspension retuning on various cars to suit improved tires All cars with independent suspension halfshafts: fixed issue where breaking a halfshaft would break off the wheel Added 265/75R16 and 245/76R16 dually rear tires Reworked the texturing on the rock crawling tire (offroadtire_06a) LEVELS Adjusted time scale on all levels: It now takes 18 minutes for a full cycle Automation: Fixed several AI path issues Derby Arenas Updated map with new buildings and clutters Reworked the arena with new textures and some small modeling changes Fixed some decals issues East Coast Fixed floating bushes and tree Fixed some AI road issues Fixed floating trash objects Gridmap: Fixed a collision issue causing inaccurate collisions Hirochi Raceway: Fixed pole through tents Industrial Site Fixed floating decalroad in container land Fixed port crane width Italy Minor fixes: road markings, deleted stray AI paths Fixes to AI paths to improve the performance of traffic Added anisotropic filtering to container materials Jungle Rock Island Laid down Peninsula terrain layout Updated industrial site with new buildings and layout Updated Mine zone Built abandoned Fortress and bridge Rebuilt the Airfield (Tower, Hangar, Abandoned control building and airstrip) Rebuilt bridges and tunnels Added the Abandoned Resort Reshaped the area at the Volcano top Added abandoned bunkers and cannons Created waterfalls zone Rebuilt all beaches and coast cliffs Reworked vegetation and road textures Renovated old observatory Renovated port area Utah: Improved AI paths to solve some vehicles crashing into obstacles West Coast: Fixed some AI issues on highways SCENARIOS Industrial Shakedown Scenario: Updated the ramps models and textures Jungle Rock Island: Revamped existing Time Trials and Scenarios DRIVING DYNAMICS Implemented new differential types: Active Locking Differential Torque Vectoring Differential Fixed wrong rear wheel angle calculations Implemented motor torque control for yaw adjustments Exposed drivemode color to electrics ( electrics.values.dseColor ) Adjusted body slip angle calculations affecting throttle control too much in low speed + high steering angle scenarios POWERTRAIN Improvement to clutch angle calculation affecting behavior when partially clutched in Fixed “Fundamental Frequency” setting not working in Engine Audio Debug app Pefrormance optimization of various devices Fixed possible NaN source in electric motor load calculation Improved DCT shifting smoothness for low load applications Combustion engine now additionally exposes actual idleAV min/max values Combustion engine now gains ignition issues when damaged Combustion engine now starts to stutter when the fuel tank is almost empty RENDER Added new Screen Space Ambient Occlusion with better quality and better performance with high resolutions OLD NEW OLD NEW OLD NEW Added support Sun’s shadows in translucent materials OLD NEW Added automatic enhancement of shadows when using Driver camera: Shadows closer to the camera will appear more defined OLD NEW Reduced memory used to render grass by 75% SMAA is now the default Antialiasing mode when using Normal or Higher quality Added ability to adjust color correction strength AUDIO Brake squeal for all vehicles – silent for stock vehicles, progressing up to race spec vehicles Discrete volume balancing between all engine/exhaust sample sets in FMOD. New default ratio load/offload curves in jbeam. All engine/exhaust jbeam volumes adjusted to compensate. Direction-based filtering for ambience sounds Rumblestrip improvements Kickup/Skid/Roll tweaks (ongoing) plus higher pitch skid for extra smooth surfaces Support for different tyre size/volume/tread/stiffness altering pitch of asphalt skids (ongoing to include other surfaces, and volume) Reworked ambiences for Jungle Rock and West Coast USA Improved energy calculation of break sounds Implemented brake squeal logic Added brake squeal to glazed brakes to convey their state more easily to the driver TRAFFIC Implemented smarter initial spawn points of traffic vehicles Improved respawning of traffic Improved default generated selections of vehicles for traffic Added player infractions to the police mode in traffic; they are listed in the Messages UI after you get pulled over AI Bug fix for nan value in traffic avoidance force coefficient Fixed issue where AI could not resolve sharp angle of plan line and got stuck Added AI follow mode for following a target vehicle Bug fix to AI chase mode where the AI vehicle would not update its path under certain high velocity conditions Improved ability of AI when chasing a target vehicle at close proximity Pathfinding: Improved traffic AI pathfinding and following Added a pathinder that calculates a navgraph shortest path between a graph node and a (vec3) position (and vice versa) Added a pathfinder that calculates a navgraph shortest path between two (vec3) positions GAME ENGINE Faster file comparison for Texture cooker Fixed old console overwriting console history Fixed GPU performance counter displaying 0 Implemented hot loading of texture for TerrainMaterials Fixed switchable material getting in previous state when recovery was used Implemented error mesh showing if mesh failed to load or is missing (no_mesh.dae) Fixed glowmap that didn’t work in replay Steam Rich Presence: Fixed status not being cleared when disabling Fixed parts list not being refreshed after activating/deactivating a mod Added improved spawning system that prevents vehicles from spawning inside level objects or vehicles PHYSICS Optimizations on all parts of the physics core. Now it’s more than +10% faster Added calcCenterOfPressureRel, calcTotalAeroForces, calcTotalAeroTorque core functions that calculate aerodynamic properties of the vehicle Added isNodeColliding(nodeId) core function. It returns if a node is colliding right now with a solid object Added hasNodeCollidedDuring(nodeId, timeDuration) core function. It returns if a node has collided in the last timeDuration with a solid object Fixed a crash in static collision subsystem that happened when a node’s position was at infinity UI Fixed minor issues with Traffic UI app Added new differential torque vectoring icon Added new differential active lsd icon Fixed ordering of vehicle configs, so that it does not change randomly, in the vehicle chooser Added new icons for electric motors, active locking & torque vectoring differentials in the powertrain app Added new loading screen images Fixed freecam not working in the Navigation app Added a warning to the long-time deprecated Themes feature Photomode V2 Overall improvements to interface Added ability to control various parameters and effects temporarily (reset when closing photomode) Added control for Time of Day Added Filters (color corrections) with adjustable strength. Filters selection can be expanded by adding more textures in art\postfx Added option to toggle Dynamic Reflection Added controls for Ambient Occlusion Added controls for Depth of Field Added tooltips Added button to open the screenshots folder Repository Overall improvements, added icons Added button to clear search entry Double-click is now required to use the ‘Delete All Mods’ button Graphics Menu Added tooltips to most settings, improved existing ones Improved look of the Dynamic Reflections settings Improved look of Display settings Added button to reset PostFX settings to default Renamed a few options to be easier to understand Level, Campaign, Scenario and Quickrace Selector Moved search bar location, added button to clear search entry Thumbnails grid will now only show the main thumbnail of the level. The slideshow for the level’s thumbnail has been moved to the description panel Vehicle Selector Improved scaling of top-row buttons Parts Selector Parts’ dropdowns in Vehicle Customization menu now scale vertically along with the available screen space Vehicle Save/Load Menu Overall improvements to interface Added button to open the current vehicle’s configuration folder Added button to clear search entry Added icon showing the source of configuration (BeamNG, User, Mod) Added ability to delete User configurations by double-clicking the related button Added option to disable automatic thumbnail when saving a configuration Environment Menu Time is now displayed in 24 hours format Renamed Wind Speed option to Cloud Speed Added ability to insert custom values for Fog Intensity UI Apps Fixed font issues on ‘Simple Pitch’ and ‘Simple Roll’ apps Navigation app will now move the view according to your speed, improved zoom levels Converted Rangebox and 4WD Mode buttons in Radial Menu to toggles, removing one step to operate them Localization– Updated translations to include missing strings: Spanish (Spain) French (France) Japanese (Japan) Korean (South Korea) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Russian (Russia) Chinese – Simplified Chinese – Traditional CAMERA Added collision detection for ‘Chase’ and ‘Orbit’ cameras INPUT & FORCE FEEDBACK Added new steering lock angle behavior 1:1 (can only reach full lock if your steering wheel turns as much as the current vehicle’s) Added dropdown to choose between the three-steering lock behaviors Improved various texts in force feedback menu Added extra logs in some corner cases where an input device fails to work WORLD EDITOR V2 Added new preferences system and Preferences window (will reset all user editor preferences on first run) Added an autosave level system, found in Preferences->Files Added fine rotation and scale scalars when pressing Ctrl and using axis gizmo Added shortcut Ctrl+Wheel to modify fade icons distance Added smooth camera move and rotate checks in Camera menu Added camera zoom (move forward/back) on mouse wheel Added additional visualization modes for the navgraph Various Inspector droplists are now sorted and work properly (materials, sfx items, etc.) Toolbar now dynamically changes height when there are buttons in the second row Scene Tree Improved scene tree node context menu with various new items (locking, hiding) Added sort menu items for groups in scene tree window node context menu Scene tree items will show (clickable to clear) hidden and locked icons next to them if they are in those states Mesh Road/River Editor Add new nodes with “Shift” and using axis gizmo Forest Editor Added multi selection with Ctrl Added brush keyboard shortcuts (keys 5 – Asset Browser Added drag and drop to scene for prefab assets Added “Spawn prefab at camera” Material Editor Added Color Palette UV selector Improved Advanced submenu Added vehicle aero debug app to the vehicle editor “Raycast test tool” now includes a mode for static object raycasts Various other bug/UX fixes LUA Updated SBR4 spoiler logic to be adjustable by driving modes Fixed wrong default value handling for custom shiftLogic files TwoStepLaunch is now active by default on cars equipped with it Added Tools > “Log gelua profile” option to Performance Graph menu, provides an overview of time and GC costs Fixed performance profiler attributing input costs to physics section Fixed LUA’s global variable detector skipping checks on all extensions. If you’re an author of LUA extensions, you might start seeing new warnings Fixed speedometer getting stuck with a NaN value after a physics instability Added triangleBarycentricNorm, altitudeOBB_Plane, intersectsRay_Plane, intersectsRay_OBB, intersectsRay_triangle functions to mathlib.lua Optimized minheap that is used by AI’s graphpath. It is both faster and does less memory allocations now Added doubleExponentialSmoothing filter Added a function to evaluate whether a position is appropriate for spawning a vehicle as regards to the trajectories of surrounding vehicles. Added ‘type’ field in map edge data. It allows for the definition of different types of roads by use in the map data. BANANABENCH Reduced variance of the speed measurements by using the best time out of 100 tests Removed speed measurements with collision disabled. They are not as useful any more PERFORMANCE GRAPH Fixed Physics Other calculation (showed huge negative number) Added transparent background Moved buttons around to clear some space Stabilized graphs for better readability MISC Recovering a vehicle now places it on the ground if possible Fixed issue where certain props could spawn in the air Path Camera: Fixed error in some cases when two markers were on the same position Fixed issue where changing the camera mode could make the game stutter Updated warn textures Cleaned up old PostFX presets, renamed default preset file An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here. Instructions on how to update the game here. More info: The 2020 Winter Release – BeamNG v0.21
  3. BeamNG.drive 0.6 Update Released It's been a while but the guys behind BeamNG have released another BIG update to the game and as usual it features a whole host of new features, cars, props, bug fixes and general improvements relating to the user interface, game physics etc. Highlights New vehicle, ETK I Series Range of new modifications to current cars including an articulated truck trailer Vehicle coupler. I mean, who doesn't want to stick trailers to their cars to make crashes more spectacular? Replay system, still an experimental feature but now you can get multiple different views of your "incidents" A new thermal system applied to the brakes Further improved physics for a wide range of things If you're new to BeamNG, have a look at the short video below which showcases some of the things that you can do in the game. [embed]http://blog.beamng.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/webm.webm[/embed] Here is the new car in the update, the ETK I series. Really takes me back to the 80's before I was born, the memories have come flooding back. Couplers - That shiny new articulated trailer that you have? Now you can couple it up to the T-series truck and wreak some havoc with the gung-ho AI drivers. Or just try to drift it around an obstacle course, whatever floats your boat. Last but not least is the new replay system. Bare in mind that this is still an experimental feature so you can't expect it to work properly all of the time. But it's still something that you can now play around with to get action shots of your favourite, or unfortunate mishaps! As usual, the list of updates is far far too big to post here so hop on over to the BeamNG website for all of the nitty gritty details. [gallery link=file" columns="4" ids="5126,5127,5128,5129,5130,5131,5132,5133" orderby="rand]
  4. BeamNG.drive 0.5.3 Engine Thermal Simulation. Yes, that's right, engine thermal simulation. It sounds incredibly dull and to most people perhaps it is. But I think it's quite an interesting concept to be put into a game, especially one such as BeamNG.drive. Check out the video below which also showcases new particle based physics for smoke. Here's an obligatory second paragraph about Camels lesson in thermodynamics because it's obligatory(I'll get told off if I don't :(). As the owner of a British made MG I am all too familiar with the little issue of a blown head gasket and now I can enjoy them in BeamNG too! Along with other engine damage including pretty catastrophic stuff. The most notable updates and fixes are as follows Engine Thermal Simulation. Oh, have I mentioned this one already? Improved ground modelling for better collisions Added an on-screen navigation map/satnav More bugfixes and tweaks than you can shake a beam at I could post the entire list of features, fixes and other awesome stuff here, but I don't think the resident Duck is long enough to accommodate them all. But do feel free to pop over to the BeamNG site here to have a browse at your leisure. [gallery columns=4" link="file" ids="4580,4583,4582,4581" orderby="rand]
  5. BeamNG 0.5.2 Released: It's a Big One There is simply far too much new content to cover here but I will try my best to summarise the most notable content from the update. Another new vehicle, the ETK 800 Giant, attachable flail! Who doesn't want to attach a giant flail to the back of their car and cause some carnage? Node grabbing, you can now pick up and manipulate object by holding CTRL and clicking to move the item around New tyre physics to improve handling and tyre deflations A large amount of customisation options for cars including police skins and much more More bug fixes and features than you can shake a big stick at Check out the ETK 800 (yeah, right) in the video below. Feel free to check out the full updates list here. [gallery columns=4" link="file" ids="4012,4011,4010,4009" orderby="rand]
  6. BeamNG 0.5.1 Released Never heard of BeamNG? What have you been doing!?!? BeamNG is a physics based sandbox game for cars based on a decent selection of standard maps and a large array of mods including maps and cars. The recent update adds a loooong list of fixes and new features to the game including the 1953 Burnside Special as showcased in the video below. New car components have been added like variable boost turbochargers for some cars, new adjustable suspension components etc. Improved car deformation from crashes Improved sounds, you can now hear the different suspension components when stressed and likely breaking You can now set fire to your car! Physics and tyres have been improved Loading time improvements Check out the full update list here
  7. Article here: BeamNG DRIVE: Playable Demo Released | turboduck Discuss here!
  8. The truly epic BeamNG.drive has hit Steam and is now up for Greenlight voting, so if you're not an absolute idiot get on and vote for this incredible title, and help with it's development and allow this amazingly talented team to work and provide more updates and content for this as they can!! :D Steam Greenlight :: BeamNG.drive
  9. Greenlight on the Go! The superb BeamNG.drive with it's impressive soft-body physics is heading (rolling several times probably) at full speed and has it's sights set on Steam, to do this they need to pass the Greenlight process and you can help with this if you have Steam. All you need to do is follow the link below and click Yes on the page to say you want to see this game on Steam. It's that simple! If there are enough of you saying this then chances are good that BeamNG will be able to get their game onto the stupidly popular Valve platform and progress and development can really take off! Click to Greenlight BeamNG.drive for Steam If you can't wait and are looking for a way to get a taste of the game then there are two ways you can do this; 1) download the free tech-demo via the BeamNG website 2) purchase the Alpha Test Access. The demo won't see any further updates but the Alpha will and buyers of it will receive the latest version as and when they become available. BeamNG.drive - Alpha Access Features All future updates to BeamNG.drive included for free (alpha, beta), also including the final game Soft-body physics sandbox 7 detailed, customizable, destructible vehicles 7 terrains to explore and drive across Frequent free updates adding terrains, vehicles, features, gameplay, and bug fixes Full modding and content creation capabilities - make maps and vehicles, and script gameplay Use the built-in terrain editor and any 3D modeling, image editing, and text editing software Your purchase of BeamNG.drive Alpha Access grants you a serial key with which you can download the game and update it to the latest version. Online authentication is only necessary to update; the game itself does not need an internet connection to run. You also get exclusive access to a section of the forum where you can talk directly to the devs and report bugs, suggest features, etc. The exclusive forum section also contains 3rd-party content, including vehicles and terrains. In addition, you get a little BeamNG.drive logo under your avatar. BeamNG.drive System Requirements High End Requirements CPU: recent Quad-core processor (Intel) or recent Eight-core processor (AMD) RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 670 or Radeon HD 7950 or better (>1GB Video RAM) Windows 7/8 (32bit or 64bit) Moderate Requirements CPU: Dual-core processor (Intel) or Quad-core processor (AMD) RAM: 4GB DDR3 GPU: GTX 560, Radeon HD 7790 or equivalent and above (>1GB Video RAM) Windows 7/8 (32bit or 64bit) Minimum Requirements CPU: Dual-core processor RAM: 4GB GPU: Something better than integrated graphics (at least 512MB Video RAM) Windows 7/8 (32bit or 64bit)
  10. Carnage Awaits! BeamNG today announced pre-alpha access to their soft-body physics sandbox now called DRIVE. All are welcome to try the limited demo, but BeamNG would rather you spend a little money to join the Alpha testing team. Doing so will give you free updates and access to the developer forums. Currently available in today's alpha build are 5 vehicles and 6 environments. Staff recommend the use of a gamepad or steering wheel, but not keyboards. Click here for controller setup instructions. If all this sounds vaguely familiar, that's because this is the team behind the physics simulation Rigs of Rods. Be sure to try this out and then join the discussion in our forums!
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