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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone! So as you can see I have an issue with TDU2 when buying the first car. The game doesn’t technically freeze as I can still press esc and access to all menus. Price of the car and ownership indicate that the car has been sold. However the game can’t continue because it’s stuck on the saving process. I look at the My Documents folder and nothing is created (no Eden Game/Test Drive Unlimited 2/savegame/…). I did install the game on the D: drive, however the problem still remain when I install it on the C: drive. So I’ve tried to figure out the problem on many forums but I can’t find any satisfying solutions. However I did find someone who had the same problem as mine, saying it was a saving problem. He just told to creat a folder on My Documents/Eden game/Test Drive Unlimited 2/savegame/Profile… But his solution didn’t work (or I did something wrong?). Does someone has a clue to my problem? Thanks a lot for your answer! My specs: Alienware x51 R3 Windows 10 familial edition x64 Intel core i7 6700K Nvidia GTX 960 16 Gb RAM
  2. +New table bbcode added, like the name says, it creates a table to help you better customize your post, below is an example set up code [table][tr][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][/table] to see an actual working example see my profile page, the about me page is done using table !Fixed a bug that will show error when doing some music searches -The login panel on home page has been removed due to a bug !Both follow blocks have been merged together +New Chat Bar now live with new features (The old one was disabled due to bugs causing the site to slow down) The old features like general chat, facebook, twitter, chat room, share etc... will carry over New Features +You can connect your facebook account with our chat bar to directly chat with your friends +Theme changes, currently there are only two, more will be added later on +Video Chat with member (or sound only) +Desktop push notifications
  3. So ive always played on an illegal version of the game, but i liked the game so i bought it anyway, but after i bought it and downloaded it (steam) did the updates my wheel did verry much akward stuff, i think it came trough an update because with the downloaded version i didnt had the problem. So whats my problem, everytime i go to the settings i register all the buttons for my steering wheel, save it, press ESC to go into the game again but when i do that my game freezes stutters i dont even know, the only thing i know is that when i do it my FPS seems to drop to 0,000001FPS because every minute it changes a verryyy little bit. i found out that when i not register the steering it doesn't happen but the pedals and everything do work normal so the problem would be the steering wheel, when my game freaks out and i plug the USB out my game works perfectly fine. ive been searching all over the internet found 1 single post on steam from a guy who had exact the same problem but he never got an answer so i hope this could help :\ if you know anything plss help D: All drivers up to date (not sure about the wheel because i cant find anything for it)
  4. !A major bug fix patch has been updated across the whole site, this fixes bugs like Gallery image added using "My Media" function not properly pop up enhanced viewing window !Download system categorizing rework before, we had main category as a place holder, sub category used for upload within the main take subtitle category for example, since the main is place holder, the upload button is grey out, this sometimes is confusing and sub categories for each language like Japanese, English makes it hard to navigate So I completely removed all sub-categories, and allow members to upload directly to the main instead of sub-cats, I added a drop down field to allow members to choose which language (in this example) this field is also shown on file listing page as well as the file page itself -Three skins have been dropped support due to unpopularity Those who are using those skins will automatically switch back to our default skin +New added dark style skin: Animate this skin is also available for all our bloggers to use
  5. I installed the game, and everything works fine but when i drift a car the line behind the wheel is white. How do i fix this?
  6. いや~いつも書こう書こうと思って、いつも忘れたよね。本当にすまん。ってなわけで、今回は3つのバグを披露します! 哎呀哎呀,一直想着写的,结果一下子就给忘了,实在是抱歉。于是这次就来揭露3个BUG吧。 まずは1つ目。 第一个如下。 コナンの第。。。何話だっけ?園子のあの顔、どう見ても人間の顔じゃないよね。。。まぁ、これはバグっていうより作画崩壊だよな。それはそれとして、はい、次。 柯南第。。。多少话来着?你们看园子那脸,明显就不是人啊。。。好吧,与其说这是BUG不如说这是作画崩坏。不要在意细节,继续继续。 2つ目は俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない ラノベの第10巻。ここ、おかえりなさいだろう! 第2个是俺妹小说第10卷。这里,该是おかえりなさい。少写了一个假名。 最後はひだまりスケッチXハニカム 第11話。まずはここ、ストッキング履いてるよね。 最后是向阳素描X蜂窝(我姑且就这么翻了。。。)第11话。首先看这里,是穿着丝袜的吧。 はい、ゆのが座ったらストッキングなくなった。なになに?脱いたから?なら次見よう。 好了,等由乃坐下以后丝袜就没了。什么?你说那是因为她坐下之前给脱了?那好,看下面。 ゆのがまた立ったら、ストッキングあり!で、もしさっきは脱いたから座って、それで裸足になったって言いたい人、説明してください。なぜ彼女は再び立ったらストッキングを履き直さなければならん?明らかにバグです。 由乃再次站起来以后,有丝袜!于是,刚才想说由乃是坐下之前脱了丝袜的人,麻烦给我解释一下,为什么她站起来以后非要再穿上丝袜不可呢?明显就是BUG嘛。 はい、これで終了。また今度! 好了,本次就到这里结束了。下次再见。
  7. Why this bug? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhQ5wGQEof0
  8. 濑田宗次郎


    嘛。。。今天歇班了。估计以后就是每周歇班或者夜班的时候会发点东西了吧。。。。大概。 然后这个大概会系列化233.我这个人很喜欢找茬2333333333 今日は休みだ。とりあえず毎週の休みの日が何か発表する予定だな、多分。ま、今回のこれは多分シリーズ化するね。何せ僕は結構こういうの好きだからね、えへへ。(笑) 咲-saki 本篇第15话记分牌错误。 咲ーsaki本編第15話スコアの間違い。 然后在BD里进行了修正。 そして、blu-rayが修正した。。。が、下のこれを見てください。 但是之后这里虽然也错了,但是BD里未进行任何修正。没发现? ここも間違っていたが、blu-rayでも何の修正もなかった。気付かなかったかな? 冰果第11话。。。片子本身没错,不过做字幕的澄空学园把右边两个作品的名字写颠倒了。 氷菓第11話。。。ま、これはアニメ自体は間違ってないが、ファンサブの澄空学園が右の2つの作品名を間違えた。 神的记事本第8卷第222页。鸣海一直称哲雄为“前辈”,这里明显是写错了。这里的场景是哲前辈和宏哥不停交替说话,可以推测的是作者写着写着脑子混乱了。。。但是我更好奇为啥编辑没看出来。而且之前还有鸣海的“僕”用了爱丽丝的“ぼく”的例子。具体就不截图了。嘛,其实都是小事。 神様のメモ帳第8巻222ページのここ。鳴海はいつもテツのことを「先輩」と呼んでるが、ここは明らかに間違えた。ここのシーンはテツとヒロが交替に話をするため、ひょんなことで頭の中が錯乱して間違えたのも理解できるが、僕が気になってるのは「何故担当編集さんが気付かなかったかな?」とのことです。前は鳴海の「僕」がアリスの「ぼく」になったこともあるけれど。。。ま、細かいことは気にしない気にしない。。。。んなわけあるか!
  9. Hi, I have a bug on my game, suddenly, I really don't know why, I have the legit version of TDU, and no megapack installed yet, I notice that the price are overly cheap, its ten time cheaper from its real cost, for example, a car that cost 5 mil, only cost 500 000$ and 800 000$ for 80 000$ and so on. It didnt happen before, I have the latest patch 1.66A. Though It could be convenient, I don't like that because I feel like I'm cheating. Thank You for responding.
  10. Hi, I recently noticed another bug on my game, not all traffic car models, one in particular, can't specify yet, well yeah, I can see through them when I get close. It's not normal right? when others don't. I'm using the legal Version of the game with the latest patch 1.66A. Using some mods Car: 2Fast2Furious Skyline, Sound: Brake and Skyline engine sound. That's all Thank You for responding. Sorry if the is in the wrong section.
  11. This is a benevolent buglist of mine for TDU (yes, partly with multiple reposts). It's intent is to make TDU2 a better game. The 3 main problems preventing TDU from being as cool as it should and could be: 1: Un-working gearbox. How the hell could this happen? Am I doing something awfully wrong or is gear changing really this bad? I mean it misses gearchanges. A lot. This is nonsense. Is there a solution (next to using auto)? 2: Rough terrain. Many ppl have complaint about it already. I understand that the benefit of it is that there are virtually no load times in TDU, which I appreciate much, but this is a bit too much. I'm dare to pay some load time, frames/sec and diskspace for much smoother roads. 3: Ugly traffic behaviour and invisible police. Details of it: they wander into to wrong side of road; they stop for no reason and suddenly; they change lanes erraticly (shaking); they crash themselves on the humps of the road braking their vehicles; they miss using turn signals; they change lanes too often ahead of the player. Some of these happen less if I drive sequential transmisison cars without auto clutch. :eek2: Policecars seem to work properly, they are just sometimes invisible. Others: 4: -You can't see on the GPS if on a road to be driven on (green) you haven't been before (gray). 5: The GPS tells you a bit late to turn. 6: There are no multiple GPS signs, so if you have to turn right after there's an intersection towards the left a few meters before to the right (you should turn into), you will have a too short time to see the call to turn right. 7: If you pick up a bonus car for free in the shops, the sound effect of payment can still be heared. 8: In my profile the distance done with bikes currently shows about 5.17x1e-517000 km (which is just above zero) :eek2:, and it doesn't change. 9: Cars with different engines should have different sounds (S7TT and a Brittish car, I can't remember). It's so illusion-destroying, like the too-low-poly roads. 10: Speed limiters work unrealistically. An SL 65 with even a minimum of tuning should do at least 330 km/h. I guess removing the speed limiter would be one of the first things, when one is to tune such a piece. 11: Altough I haven't driven bikes too much, but I found their steering a bit difficult. Turning circle radius at minimum speed is like that of a bus. 12: Occasionally you can't see the GPS map because of the icons appearing on it. 13: If I drive in deeply into the garden of a house, I can't enter it, because I've driven away from its icon at the gate. 14: Jumping isn't fun. 15: Looking sideways is uselessly slow. 16: The CLS 55 AMG have interchanged tacho and speedo. Fixed with Megapack. :cool: 17: With some views the on-screen GPS signs block the view of the road ahead. 18: The GPS prefers saying the distance to the destination over the calls for turn. 19: In some cars the map on the screen in the dahsboard moves into the incorrect way. I haven't checked if Megapack fixed this one so far. 20: You can't do another type of thing that the text in the upper left shows. So until it writes out the music performer, you can't lower the windows. 21: The windows are up by default, yet at first TDU tries to draw them "even upper". 22: Can't read the performer in the radio. (BTW this radio system is pretty cool.) 23: Are the front tires of the Audi TT really wider than the rear ones? 24: Blocking at braking. 25: Changing the field of view during braking is uncool. It makes precise braking more difficult. 26: There shouldn't be sideways movement in the cutscenes showing the rolling of the car into / from houses. 27: You can't hear the speeches in the delivery missions. 28: Single-lane roads have improper (assymetric) painting on their sides. 29: You can't bring up the map during races and police pursuits. I guess this is by design, but sometimes it would be good. 30: More realistic engine sounds would be great. Or at least, more powerful ones. 31: Traffic cars won't interrupt lane change, if there is no reason for it anymore. 32: Changing to reverse is too slow with autoclucth on. 33: The GPS won't interrupt saying its message that is interrupted by stepping into or exiting a race, e.g.. 34: Changing view is erratic, it should happen smoother. 35: Too big volume difference between low-class and high-class cars. So an A class is too much louder than an F class. Mustang e.g. sounds like a dying electric razor. 36: Some clips in the radio are too loud even in low volume setting, while others are too silent even in maximum volume setting. 37: Tuning should always mean benefit. I felt e.g. the Ascari KZ1 driving worse at level 3 then stock. Too low ride height maybe? 38: Blinking pointers in the instruments in cockpit view. 39: In one of the types of houses (with a capacity of 6) the ceiling ventillator turns into the wrong direction. This way it would blow air upwards. Okay, forget it. :lol: 40: It would be great to have proper races on the Oahu racetrack. 41: Sometimes the look won't center itself. Probly it happens when you look the car sideways in an external look, and then change to inside. Sorry, I didn't figure this out properly, but it happened more than once. 42: Increasing / decreasing magnification is way too slow. 43: I feel something is wrong with the way cars are painted in the chameleon shop. Maybe it's just me, but somehow it's non-obvious, or something. 44: Transmission wires are always in hurricanes. :) 45: What's this repetaing sound in hood view above a certain speed? It's like something would keep gently crashing into something. 46: It would be awsome to do the Millionaire's race (or any other) with other than just a given class of vehicles, at least after all races are won in the game. 47: As an offline player, I didn't find much sense in hardcore mode, although I like sim style in general. 48: G class should be separated from others. Like it could be called veteran class, or something. 49: 0-60 mph times are pointless. Something like 30 to 120 would be much better. *cough* use km/h *cough* 50: Not a bug, but I would prefer less cars with a more unique character of them. 51: Classifying cars based on prestige instead of performance doesn's seem very reasonable for me. 52: And finally, earning money to be able to own all cars and all houses (which I would like to) should be more varied than just doing Millionaire's race over and over again like 100 times (or Tixier Loop 1000 times). M's race is awsome, but if I wan't to buy all cars, it makes all other races pratically non-existent (worthless) for a very long time. More freedom, please. Huh, that's it for now.
  12. Hello all when im going on the first race after geting the first house and the first car i press ok and the race donsent starts but the camera stiil going in circle but nothing heppends i have really good computer so thats not he problem please help me to solve this thanks for help.
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