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Found 16 results

  1. Diablo


    Heyllo there people. As you know I'm a bit mental and I always seem to notice especially in games (as well as real-life) and in films, tv and even books (don't ask how) when the camera has a fantastic view of... well... trees. It could be the type of camera that pans down from the top of a tree to slide along-side a racing car, or it may be where you can control your character when in motion to just look up and see the branches go around as you pass by. It doesn't matter but I think just like ladders, trees don't get the recognition they deserve so from this moment on I want you guys to post your catches of when TreeCam™ appears in a game. It's as simple as that! Now leaf! :cheeese:
  2. Hello. I am trying to modify some camera definitions files, because I need to zoom out the camera for my Ibiza Bus mod, but I don't know, where are these files located. I tried to unpack some vehicular .bnk files, but now I am even more confused. Can you please help me?
  3. at 300 km/h the control is almost the same with the control of Test Drive Unlimited, but the feeling is better (definitely because of the Bigger Shaking of The Camera) the feeling of TDU at very small speeds (lower than 100-150 km/h or 60-100 mph) is very lame (it's just like driving with 5-30 km/h in the reality) maybe in reality many super cars seems to have just 5 km/h at 50 km/h, for example (this video proves it : it has very similar control & feeling to TDU, modifying the physics in TDU doesn't solve the problem of feeling) so : more than 100% Shaking of The Camera definitely will make a cooler feeling (this game I've shown proves that shaking of the camera can do the difference) maybe : there is a file where I can write a different value for the shaking camera, who knows ?
  4. CAM HACK for DLC 2 [*]BMW X5M 2013 Lexus GS 350 [*]Mersedes E63 AMG Mersedes G65 AMG Rims Vossen CV3
  5. Does anyone here know how to stop the zooming in and out when you change speed in the exterior camera view by mods or something else. Thanks.
  6. Hi there First of all, thank you to this forum for introducing me to the wonders of TDU modding, really enjoying the looks of some of the mods on this forum and I'm looking forward to getting them into my game. I do have one problem though. The recommended TDU modding tools programme I downloaded doesn't seem to want to load any car data. I've tried the suggestions I've found for the problem with no success. Is there another programme I can download that will allow me to convert a LHD car slot to the camera of a RHD car for the skin?
  7. I've modded two cars so far, HSV E3 GTS and Lamborghini Aventador. I replaced the HSV with the Jag XKR like I'm supposed to but the camera is on the left side. How do I change that? and with the Aventador the camera isn't directly infront of the dashboard but is more the right side of the steering wheel.
  8. Who have TDU2 Camera Database .CT tables by Tomsolo? Please, send me in PM :sulk:
  9. As TDU shoot camera? What is necessary to press the button? [ATTACH]18145[/ATTACH]
  10. So recently I decided to play TDU 1 again, but was unpleasantly surprised by camera panning in the corners when using cockpit view. I must say I used hood cam back in the day. Searching for camhack resulted in nothing, I was disappointed until I noticed inactive option in controls menu called TrackIR. Enough of the lyrics, here is the way to disable annoying camera movement. To emulate TrackIR you can use program called "GlovePIE". Get it here: http://glovepie.org/glovepie_download.php (I used "GlovePIE 0.43 with Emotiv support" since 0.45 did not work). Extract it, launch GlovePIE.exe and run the following script: FakeTrackIR.yaw=Joystick.pitch*90 FakeTrackIR.pitch=-Joystick.yaw*90 GlovePIE will create virtual TrackIR device and map it to your gamepad's right stick. Now you can run TDU and enable TrackIR in options. Enjoy your rigid camera. Script was made for my gamepad (x360 compatible) so you may need to change joystick axis or use mouse if you want, refer the guide at http://glovepie.org/w/index.php?title=Preliminary_Documentation_v0.45#Joystick Note that you need to run the script with FakeTrackIR at least once, otherwise GlovePIE will not create virtual device. Later you can run the game without GlovePIE, without ability to move camera though.
  11. Hello, I have this question, if can set steering wheel in up and in down? because I have a problem: [ATTACH]17487[/ATTACH]
  12. :) ;) :p This is a camera mod with more options, you can edit camera for all cars or save it. Image for this mod: [ATTACH]17409[/ATTACH] click for expanded image... Link for Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zc6e537wmrinnr9 DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE you might get your account flagged for cheating. If you want to use in online, they will have to wait out the dlc2, why, this includes an option to move the camera inside the car. Use only in offline mode. Enjoy!!
  13. Hey all, I'm looking to get a second hand slr/dslr camera. I'm looking at second hand ones because of value for money. I'm looking to spend about $400-$500 for the camera and lens. Anyone have a good suggestion?
  14. I downloaded the BMW mod, model works perfect but the cockpit camera is all out of place and zoomed straight into the gauges. I read the thread "Best IK's and Camera for over 450 cars" and frankly I don't understand why it has all these cockpit, hood view adjustments etc. Can someone please recommend excellent Camera and IK substitutes. The BMW mod replaces the Mercedes CLS 55.
  15. Hello. As I do web design I was thinking of buying my own camera just after Christmas as it will come in very useful. Im understand camera's (abit) but don't know what to buy for my money. Im looking to spend up to £100/£120. You may say I don't need an expensive one as im a noob to it (I have taken pictures with my phone in the past but not for quality just memories) but the camera will need to produce high quality images as they will be used on websites. I have been recommended a DSLR second hand from ebay for my budget but do I really need a DSLR? Please recommend away. /Thanks
  16. Thats right, im going to Anglesea tomorrow (at time of writing) for the cars track day in the RAF Air Valley...unfortunately i have to take my crash helmet but meh...racing round in my dads Civic =3 Taking the camera so i should be able to get some 40 sec clips and hopefully, a lot of car pics... My Uncle Paul is going as well with his Caterham (i think its a super seven, cant remember) Gotta get up at 6:30am which is why im typing this now then going to sleep...
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