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Found 24 results

  1. (photo from Capfish.co.za) What you will NOT find here? - access for any dlc vehicles, what you don't bought it. - lame trainers: like „ID stealer” or any PE modificator sh33ts. - any working tool. I only share the solutions*** (knowledge :D) , if you want to build a tool, patch etc... have to do it yourself. *** except some CT table and thats all. What you will find here? - some tipp, how to patched the TestDrive2.exe and will get some missing feature or cool content. - some useful thing and info what need for modding - some cool content what add extra features for your gameplay and is harmless for other players. (like Ignition or Camera things.) What do you need? - Universal Launcher - but in most case is not necessary - a basic knowledge for hexediting - a patched*** Cheat Engine - in the most case Cheat Engine is indifferent, use any other similiar tool (maybe need repatch or recompile) - if you want to use any code injection - like Dashboard Light control needs for this - the requirement is the DEP will be enabled in your OS. - a hexeditor like HXD or 01Editor (if you have money and need more features) *** Do not be fooled by anyone that in the name of program contain the "Cheat" word. There are a lot of other similar professional programs that are all the same in this viewpoint. The reason why I use this simple: opensource and free. Note: The game is than 2 years old, the online multiplayer races is doomed by cheaters - and Atari (see leaderboards) - and the company now go to bankruptcy. I think they use a prepaid online hosting and the end of the subscription mean that the online game will be completely end -winter is coming. --- Post Updated --- Okay, let some basics: Some useful Patching to TestDrive2.exe Allways make a backup for original exe! Open exe with a hexeditor and search/replace this hex array pattern below. No Dirt - No damage (your vehicles can't damage and allways clean like TDU1) 44 42 43 61 72 44 61 6D 61 67 65 44 61 74 61 00 44 42 43 61 72 44 69 72 74 44 61 74 61 to 42 42 43 61 72 44 61 6D 61 67 65 44 61 74 61 00 42 42 43 61 72 44 69 72 74 44 61 74 61 Work with Uplauncher. Sideeffect: some vehicles get more stability like Konigsegg. Unlock Stickershop (all cars and bikes will be paintable and stickerable) Paintable 5F 69 73 76 61 6C 69 64 63 61 72 70 61 69 6E 74 64 65 6C 75 78 65 to 5F 69 73 76 61 6C 69 64 70 63 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Stickerable 5F 69 73 76 61 6C 69 64 73 74 69 63 6B 65 72 to 5F 69 73 76 61 6C 69 64 70 63 00 00 00 00 00 Only work with Universal Launcher and offline mode. Run game with patched exe offline and enter Stickershop. Poorman's exe (You can buy free any vehicles at Dealers, and got all clothes - the NPC's wears too!) 5F 62 69 64 73 74 65 70 00 00 00 00 5F 70 72 69 63 65 to 5F 62 69 64 73 74 65 70 00 00 00 00 5F 67 72 69 63 65 Work with Uplauncher but allways recommed use Universal Launcher and offline mode. Warning: clothes can't sell and this operation is irreversible! This is not affect the real estates or DLC vehicles. Some knowledge: - the uplauncher check exe's and parts - the exe have some integrity check at start - seems is a Securom thing, that's the reason why hard/danger making a realy HARDCORE mode or similar thing - the exe have some integrity check ingame too - its possible bypassing --- Post Updated --- Okay, lesson two: Using the CE (Cheat Engine hereinafter referred to as CE) 1. Download the fresh stuff here , and install (if you dont want OpenCandy recommendations don't accept or download .zipped version). 2. Rename the folder where install CE something else, like " Turbo Duck ". 3. Make copy and rename copied CE's exes something else, like TB32.exe or TB64.exe depend your choice. 4. Open - in example - TB32.exe with a hexeditor and search/replace all hex array pattern below. 43 68 65 61 74 20 45 6E 67 69 6E 65 Cheat Engine to 54 75 72 62 6F 20 44 75 63 6B 65 72 Turbo Ducker 5. Enable DEP on your machine: use standard windows tools or motherboard bios settings (if capable this features). Need restart. 6. Download this plugin for CE, extract and copy to [yourpath]/Turbo Duck/plugins 7. Start TB32.exe and enable this plugin (Settings ->Plugins), then go to Settings and Debugger options enable: "Try to prevent detection of the debugger". CT tables here Reconfigurator You can easily edit current car basic options. Note: due forum rules, I removed tuner pointer this table. The pointers work only if you are on roads, but need entering a house if you want to finalize changes. Download here Camera Pack You can change 3 view /camera - based on actual car - position and degres. If you are a modder you can compare and find values the camare database. Note: The hotkeys is changeable just right click on address or press CTRL+H on CE. Download here. Hazard Lights If enabled you can turn on all indicator light (first left then second right). The default hotkey is a ScrollLock. Is work online too. Note1: CE is very sensitive for the button pressing. Note2: Hotkey is changeable, but need change all script's hotkey. Download here Lights Pack You can use a specific lights settings on car. Force on the headlight, and change brightness and angle. You can owerwrite brigtness on dashboards and elements. I recommend that check all hotkeys before you want use. Different values use different controls. Note: for best view for dashboard, need modding these materials because in default TDU was poorly implemented.If you are a modder, recommend check my paganini car mod onTurboDUck. Videos: , Note: not all dashboards elements used on all car. Download here. Feature Pack Lastly here some cool features. Hide Replay' timebar - just press hotkey (CTRL + F9) until replay is played and timebar disappear. If you need timebar press SHIFT +F9. (Sry I don't have time to wrote a toggle script). Note: is this normal if you see "??" Pointer working only if you are in replay. Engine OFF - you can switch off engine (sounds). Clothes Restrictions - enable and you can wear mixed type of wear. Note: some parts work online some parts not. If you are a biker you can wear normal tops, bottoms, and middles but not shoes and accesories except bike wears. If you are a driver you can wear normal wears and biker wears like helmet but not in the car - like caps or hats. No Shake Vehicles on offroad - another TDU idiotic thing, if you drive an offroad, the game engine shake vehicles, even if you drive through sand. Note: don't add any advantages. Bike Pack - I know that is possible switching bike falling in cpr file, this is a simpler thing. If you fall you can sit down the bike - pressing another hotkey - and you can continue the travel. The original behaviour the program allways back to normal road - this is especialy frustrating thing an offroad exploration with bike. Note: be careful, if your bike falling back you can't back to sit on bike. Download here Dealer Slots + UCD Rewards Slots You can change car ID what you want and see result when entering the selected shop. Not all slot used all dealers but 8 the maximum number. This structure similar as have in database cpr file. Tipp: press SPACE and groups show childrens. Note1: buying the DLC cars required online connection, this table don't add free any DLC car if you don't bought. Note2: Otherwise club cars and other special vehicles easily avaiable. At UCD you can easily trigger any reward item to avaiable and you can change car ID what you want. Possible Save state's values: 0 - undiscovered/unfinished 1 - win 2 - bought Note: This parts is not heavily tested, let me know if don't work. Download here
  2. On Feb 19 cross-platform clubs and parties arrive in Rocket League. If you want to represent the duck as you go about winning RL matches left right and centre, post below with your Steam name (or RocketID after Feb 19) and I'll invite you to join club TDUC. All those other players without a club will be jealous when they see that you belong to a club and must have many friends to play online with. If you want to organise matches with other TDUCK members (myself included) this is the place to do it.
  3. If anyone is interested in joining a club for some casual cruising or occasional racing, my brand-new club is recruiting. Level 1 right now (one-man show) but money is no problem for upgrading or buying cars. We just need the experience. The club is on Hawaii, and there are no particular requirements to join. Just don't be a lalalala, and it's all good. Add me (GT: Comrade Putin) on XBL if you're interested in joining.
  4. Hello all I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in making a club for tdu2 on xbox as i never really seem to find a decent club on the xbox anymore. So if anyone would be interested in making a new club with me please let me know and we can chat more about it.
  5. I'm new here and new to the club scene, but I play TDU2 all the time. I'm looking to join a club that is active. I have money and cars... Let me know if you're interested in having me.
  6. Post lap times, names, cars, whatever. As long as its related to ACR :p If anyone wants to add me on there I'm BioHazard791.
  7. I know most of you don't have/probably can't grow facial/body hair, but this is still relevant. You have heads. Just signed up for this, as I don't feel like spending $30+ on another crappy Gillette. Seems like a fairly decent concept, you sign up, pay $3-$9 per month, and they send the razors right to your door. Reviews are good, and they have the BEST ADVERTISEMENT EVER MADE. Dollar Shave Club
  8. Welcome the the Official Purple Hillz club thread. We are a new club that has just started and we are looking to recruit new members. We are mainly focused on club v club races but we will be holding club member cruises as well. Here is a list of our current members. Members List: Crazi S1990 - President CapriBorn - Executive/co-founder Elite 1008 - member VS 927 JW - member There are no restrictions to joining our club just as long as you are able to be active at least once a week when we start organizing inner club races for practice. Our timezone is London GMT+0 There is one main rule that has to be followed: 1. Respect ALL members in the club, even if they are ranked below you. In order to join the club, send a message to either myself or my co-founder CapriBorn (GT same as spelling) to organise a get together session to see if you will fit in. We will be updating the OP as we grow and organising events also. Our aim to to get to the top of the rankings, are you the one to help us do it?
  9. http://www.simnewsdaily.com/auto-club-revolution-hits-open-beta http://autoclubrevolution.com/en/ Haven't played it in a few months - it has a few merits but having to load the game each time you want to race is annoying for me.
  10. Club Cynergi is the premier club cruising for Test Drive Unlimited. We've been around for 3 years and we are the most active club on the Xbox 360 with events every week and we are the only speed-limit cruising club. Everything we do in the club is based off of real-life events from Cars & Coffee to Super Car Sunday. (first club to do so) Read the information below and if you like what you see, drop a comment or PM me. Speed Limit Cruises (Always) Super Car Sunday Cars & Coffee Midnight Runs Canyon Runs Spec Runs Speed Runs Exotic Car Rallies Track Days Trail Rides Stay tuned for a club-specific rally (Ibiza to Oah'u) Time Zone: US Central (GMT -6) Our speed-limit cruises consist of NPC traffic speeds, stop signs, and stoplights. (More detailed down below) We do overtake NPC's (sometimes) and when we are on the highway, we do run pulls from a determined amount of speed. AI traffic speeds We stop at stop signs We stop at stoplights provided there is a AI car there (lights can be different for everyone) We roll race (2 at a time) Try to follow the person in front of you at minimum of 25 yards You MUST be in manual (H) Hardcore Mode is preferred You must have a mic Stock Car is preferred Stock paint is preferred Overtake traffic the opposite lane (1-lane) or another available lane (2-lane) BE PATIENT Here's an example of how our club/events are run.. Other Clubs of Interest Maco Shark Motorsports Happy Driving!!
  11. [ATTACH]17473[/ATTACH] Welcome to Test Drive Unlimited club GT Spirit. We are high level drivers in Hardcore Mode. We like a slow cruises and fast rides. In club is about +/- 10 drivers from Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and from other countries, but we all can speak English =] There is a photos from our meetings : GT Spirit If you wanna join , welcome : GT Spirit
  12. Hey guys, I picked MCLA up today, for I think the fourth time (regular version when it first came out on 360, then i traded that for the complete edition, then i traded my xbox 360 for a ps3 and got the complete edition for ps3, then i traded the ps3 last year and finally picked up the complete edition again for 360 lol). Glad to see that the social club photo gallery is still online, as long as its working you'll be seeing sets from me. My first car (i've had the game for a few hours :P ), of course its the 240sx, JDM fanboy here ahah. Supposed to be Midnight Purple III, but the fairly limted colour editor (for these sorts of applications) means its just kinda purpley blue, but I think its about as close as it can be in this game. And the wheels are bronze, its just hard to see at sunrise lol. By the way- I dont know if i'll touch up all my photos or not, frankly the quality is lacking so I think it needs touching up- i'll note whether pictures have been touched up in photoshop or not. These ones have been. Welcome to the Midnight Club. Click here to see these in full size. Thanks for stopping by, keep watching this thread, I will be adding to it. Probably even tonight :) By the way, if you have a suggestion/request, let me know, i'll give it a try when I can :)
  13. Toyota Supra Club logo T Shirt -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- This mod does not contain my ripped off skin tattoo ;) DL LINK: Game Front This file replace the ((M_T_SHIRT_ECKO.BNK)) Path C:\-------\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Avatar\CLOTHES\ECKO :rolleyes:Enjoy my lil fun Mod:rolleyes:
  14. need a club which meet every week my gamespy id is gazzapeat add me if u have a good cruise:thumbsup:
  15. I wanted 1 or 2 members for my club "Chrome Black fr" If you are interested in my ad Thank you for doing this by posting a visitor message or private message or just post all information on a comment on this topic Thank you -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Mante84
  16. Hey all, I am From Russian origin but live in Ireland Since i was a kid. Ive been Playing TDU for a While now and recently found out About TDU-Central (While Searching for a TDU Club to join) And so have registered here and decided might aswell introduce myself.. Oh well.. Hope to see you on the roads soon. :D
  17. Hosted by: http://i603.photobucket.com/albums/tt117/Lemonfizz224/20090518174341-1-1.jpg Classics Cruise - 14th June A cruise for classics in the G class. We will be cruising from one lighthouse to another, one side of the island to another. IMPORTANT UPDATE! Meeting point: Stadium (South of Island) Destination: Oahu Raceway, we will have a bit of a thrash around there :p Time: 4:00 BST \ GMT + 1 Rules: Car must be a G class. Must stay on the right side of the road. Must avoid crashing others or traffic cars Follow the same route as the leader Don't overtake unless your sure you can make it ;) Notes: We wont be going as fast as possible, most of the time :P, so please watch for when we slow down or speed up! I plan on taking a 5 minute or so break somewhere on the way, so please look out for me pulling over. Then there will be a long 'honk' on the horn. That's the signal :p Signed up: Mr Softie - kingscott95 - '69 Camaro Z28 Icy LP640 - iScion - '69 'Vette Hardtop Shy Guy - Flame Wolf 82 - Dodge Challenger\Charger BigWolfLTD - big wolf alex - Shelby Daytona xxiispecialxx - xxiispecialxx - Ferrari 250 GTO
  18. Me and pinkbusdriver have created a club for Audi's, Mercedes, and Lexus owners to come cruise with there Executives! We wanted everyone who owns an Executive or wants one, to Join and meet up for club cruises. We will have more info when members join up. Our XBL accounts are: Mr Softie - kingscott95 pinkbusdriver - T1M774 Let us know via PM or on XBL! WEBSITE: http://www.ecclub.co.nr/ Forum is linked from there. UPDATE! As PBD said: "It's now changed to Executive Cruisers Club (ECC). We allow all Executive cars, including Lexus's
  19. ECC Hosted Cruise: 31st May. The ECC will be hosting a slow cruise for convertibles on the 31st. All people welcome. Rules: Stay on the right side of the road. Overtaking can only be done if there is enough space and the leader has overtaken. No purposeful crashes. No concept cars. STAY IN ORDER! No A class cars. Be in a convertible! Max Speed: 2 Lane Highways: 90mph \ 145kph + 2 Lane Highways: 120mph \ 190 kph Single Lane: 70mph \ 110kph Meeting Place: Car park opposite the Caddilac Dealership. Time: 3:00pm BST\GMT+1 Signed Up: - Gay for Space ... T1M774 ... 'Vette C6 Convertible *LEADER* - Mr Softie ... kingscott95 ... Maserati 90th Aniversary *FOLLOWER* - Beem3r ... Beem3r ... 'Vette Stingray Convertible *2nd* - Dark Epiphone ... darkepiphone ... Fezza F430 Spyder *6th* - Brad_F430 ... oXUNSTOPABL3Xo ... Fezza F430 Spyder *3rd* - freddiegdude ... freddiegdude ... Fezza F430 Spyder *4th* - TBONESTEAK33 ... TBONESTEAK33 ... Gallardo Spyder *5th* Edit: Okay, we have all 8 people signed up. Sorry to redvette77 who sadly could not be part of this cruise. All 8 spaces taken. Thanks to all who have signed up.
  20. IF you have a mclaren f1 in game and you like see other bmw V12 fans come to my club the first member will be a vice president. Please contact me my ingame name is berlikum12 if the high speed is in your blood come to this club!1
  21. I havent been on for quite a while so a dont know if this has been mentioned before.. But if you own a car, max performance and extra's as much as you can so that the value of tht car goes up, then buy a new version of tht excact same car, not doing anythin to it.. you can sell it for the upgraded price. eg. Nissan 350z = $37,000 new. Max out performance = makes it round bout $58,000-$60,000. Keeping that one, buy another new 350z and not doing any upgrades to it. Choose your maxed out one again, and if you notice.. the new stock 350z you bought is at the same price as a maxed out 350z.. sell it to atleast make a 1/4 profit. Do it again if the money still isnt as cheap as stock! Easy Money
  22. Looking for experienced members to come forth and join our club. We have a major amount of members so far, all great guys. Our Aim: Making a successful community. To Rank Up In The Club Ranks. Send me a message on XB:Live to redeem a trial. And Post, Ask Questions If Need Be. Members BAk99 : President Jreg21 : Vice President B G Detox : Co-Owner HxC Fuzion
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