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Found 36 results

  1. We are absolutely delighted to finally announce DiRT Rally 2.0™ today! The follow-up to the incredibly successful and critically acclaimed DiRT Rally puts players in control of a collection of the most iconic rally cars against the most challenging stages around the world. Marking a return to the simulation style off-road racing that made the original such a hit with gamers, DiRT Rally 2.0 will launch on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam) on Tuesday 26th February 2019. To celebrate the announcement of DiRT Rally 2.0, we’ve released a trailer for the game which can be viewed now: DiRT Rally 2.0 will take you to six rally locations around the world where you can take on incredible hand crafted stages in a wide variety of cars from the history of the sport and modern day. The official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, DiRT Rally 2.0 will also feature cars from the 2018 season as well as eight of the official WorldRX circuits at launch. All pre-orders editions of DiRT Rally 2.0 will include access to the amazing Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec as a bonus vehicle to use on the stages. In addition there will also be a DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition which also includes the first two seasons of post-launch additional content, each with three locations (split between rally and rallycross) and five early vehicles unlocks (Ford Escort MkII, Lancia Stratos, Subaru Impreza 1995, AUDI Sport quattro S1 E2 and Ford Fiesta OMSE SuperCar Lite). The Deluxe Edition will also allow players to get their hands on the game four days early, launching on 22nd February 2019 and also includes upgraded starter cars for My Team, in-game bonuses and high reward events. More details about the seasons will be revealed soon. “We are thrilled to finally be able to talk about DiRT Rally 2.0,” commented Ross Gowing, Chief Games Designer, Codemasters. “Rally is incredibly important to Codemasters and the entire team is absolutely dedicated to creating the most authentic experience possible in a game. “Our passionate, knowledgeable community helped to make DiRT Rally a special title. We have been working with a selection of that community alongside a roster of real world rally drivers to ensure that we meet their high standards,” continued Ross. “We are not afraid to make a challenging game. Driving a rally car down a stage is not easy and we want players to experience that same adrenaline rush from driving on the edge.” DiRT Rally 2.0 will release worldwide on PS4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday 26th February offering gamers the most authentic rally and rallycross experience available in gaming. With more news to come on the forthcoming release of DiRT Rally 2.0 you can keep up with all the news and follow updates from the studio on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Read more: http://www.codemasters.com/announcing-grid-coming-september-2019/
  3. We are very happy to announce that F1® 2019, the official videogame of the 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, is coming a full two months earlier into the F1® season and will launch worldwide on Friday 28th June 2019! To whet your appetite (just a little…) and celebrate today’s announcement we’ve released a trailer, which showcases some of the game’s brand new look and feel. You can check it out right here: For those of you who might know the F1® calendar off by heart, this will, of course, mean that game will be released during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend and, unlike previous iterations, ahead of the British, German and Hungarian Grands Prix. F1® 2019 has been in development here at Codemasters for nearly two years, making it the most ambitious release in the franchise history and launches on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam). That’s not all though! Working in partnership with F1®, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a 2019 regulation car specifically designed in collaboration with F1®’s technical team, headed up by Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds. The car, which will be available in Multiplayer, adheres to the 2019 regulations and comes with a range of livery designs offering you a new level of personalisation. We’ll be looking at this in more detail in the near future, but for now, you can take a look at these right here: The 2019 F1® Team liveries will also feature on the car in early marketing materials, but will be replaced by the final Team cars ahead of the games release. You can check these out at the bottom of the blog. We know that you love the F1® racing franchise, and we want to build on the success of previous iterations and deliver to you an experience that rivals the quality and production values of the real-life sport and includes several new game features which will be revealed in the coming months (so make sure you do keep it here for more!) “We are absolutely delighted to be able to release F1® 2019 earlier in the Formula 1® Season, so that the game can be played and enjoyed at the same time that the real-world championship picture is starting to form,” said Paul Jeal, F1® Franchise Director at Codemasters. “Our close relationship with Formula 1® has played a major part in achieving this key objective for the franchise. That in addition to our near two-year development cycle, has allowed us to develop some exciting new features and other firsts for the franchise that we can’t wait to share with our community in the coming months.” “The exciting collaboration with Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds has created new levels of player personalisation in F1® 2019 through the inclusion of the new regulation car,” said Lee Mather, F1® 2019 Game Director at Codemasters. “With the continued growth of the F1® series, it’s great to give players more control and new levels of car and driver customisation and we can’t wait to talk more about this alongside the new multiplayer features in the coming months.” We’ve got a lot of exciting things to reveal and talk about, so make sure you keep it here for the F1® 2019 news and details on all the new features, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Want to pre-order F1® 2019? You can here: United Kingdom Amazon.co.uk PS4 Click here Amazon.co.uk Xbox One Click here Amazon.co.uk PC Click here GAME PS4 Click here GAME Xbox One Click here GAME PC Click here Germany Amazon PS4 Click here Amazon Xbox One Click here Amazon PC Click here Italy Amazon PS4 Click here Amazon Xbox One Click here Amazon PC Click here Gamepeople PS4 Click here Gamepeople Xbox One Click here Gamepeople PC Click here Gamelife PS4 Click here Gamelife Xbox One Click here GameStop PS4 Click here GameStop Xbox One Click here GameStop PC Click here Austria GamesOnly PS4 Click here GamesOnly Xbox One Click here GamesOnly PC Click here Gameware PS4 Click here Gameware Xbox One Click here Gameware PC Click here
  4. Rally fans across the globe, rejoice. After developing and publishing Dirt Rally on their own, Codemasters is teaming up with Koch Media to deliver the next stage in the rally series, Dirt 4. The game is now officially announced, and it's coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 9. This summer we'll get to compete in classic rally races based on the Colin McRae Rally games, rallycross, and various events in the mode Joyride. In addition to this we'll see a track editor called Your Stage, and according to Codemasters you simply need to select location and parameters and hit the button for it to be created. These can of course be used and shared with your friends, and Your Stage allows for more "challenging and technically challenging routes". Here are the main features: ● Over 50 off-road vehicles including Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru WRX STI NR4 and Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 ● Five rally places with millions of routes: Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden and Wales ● Official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship - with races in Montalegre, Lohéac Brittany, Hell, Holjes & Lydden Hill in a variety of different series ● Landrush - Short Dirt Track Race in Pro Buggies, Pro-2 Trucks, Pro 4 trucks and cross-cart vehicles in California, Nevada and Mexico ● Joyride: time racing, scrap racing, free play areas and exciting challenges to send them to friends ● Dirt Academy: DirtFish Rally School in Washington, ● Career Mode - Create a driver, complete all disciplines, successfully promote sponsorship, and build a team with clear goals and rewards ● Contests: Master daily, weekly and monthly challenges against friendly players around the world ● Next generation racer: live ladder, leagues and tournaments, cross-platform best-lists and improved CREST telemetry system ● Tuning: Improve setup based on vehicle, conditions and weather conditions ● Damage and repairs: Wear and damage are carried out with an improved damage model. Damage can be remedied by hiring engineers and mechanics for the service area of the team, but they have only a limited period of time to make repairs between the races We've also received the announcement trailer in addition to a lot of screenshots, and they're all below for your viewing pleasure. It's been six years since Dirt 3 - are we long overdue another Dirt game in the main series? More info: Announcing DiRT 4 Screens
  5. DiRT 4 Rallycross Gameplay If there is one motorsport that is fun to watch every time it is on then it is Rallycross. Combining typical versus racing with rallying is just something that works and DiRT 4 showcases this with its newest trailer. Being the official game of the World Rallycross Championship, it would be easy to discount DiRT 4 and see their push of this form of racing as an attempt at getting people into something they are heavily involved with. But this would be unfair, as rallycross is just such an immense display of control and skill, coupled with fierce rivalry, culminating into an incredible spectacle for those who are watching. And because of this, it is of no wonder that its popularity continues to grow. As when you have famous World Rally drivers such as Petter Solberg, Sebastian Loeb and Ken Block taking part, you just know that it has to be something special. Solberg himself is helping make the whole experience in the game even more authentic, providing feedback to the team at Codies into shaping it into as close as possible to the real thing. Whereas in rallying it is the surroundings you need to watch out for, in these races it is the other drivers that will be the ones to cause a spin, crash or even flip. It’s not an all out destruction derby or anything but there is certainly plenty scraped paint, dented bumpers, bent side panels and more, seen often at the end of races. Featuring multiple classes including Group B classics, Rallycross is sure to one mode that gains a lot of attention from players and probably gives the real championship some extra supporters. DiRT 4 is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early June 2017.
  6. DiRT Rally Free Play One of the best rally-racing simulations around at the moment is available to play for free over this weekend. And if you like what you see, then there is a 70% discount on the full game as part of the current ‘WEEKEND DEAL’ promotion on Steam. The ‘DiRT Rally Free Weekend’ allows the game to be played for free until 8PM GMT/UTC on Sunday, May 14th, with the promotional discount ending later the following Monday, at 5PM GMT/UTC. Regarded as one of the best Codemasters has ever produced, DiRT Rally's realistic physics and unforgiving nature, has gained it a loyal and passionate following. So much so, that its handling dynamics will be found in the next of the DiRT series, DiRT 4. With the team appearing to realise that offering players a choice of how their game will play, is something they do actually want. (I've been saying 'options are good' for ages!) And when you look at the direction they are taking their games now, it is kind of funny to think back to that whole "only 5%" thing from a few years ago. Best experienced with a wheel but not exactly lacking with the use of a pad, DiRT Rally is a game that is rewarding by being so punishing. The thrills felt at near-totalling your car as you chase those sector times, catch the wheels as you land from a big jump, and avoid those sheer drops, all in an effort to survive until the end of the stage, is one that got lost from racing games for a while. Even Codies distanced themselves away from it, but now they are back at it, and things are as better than ever. And for those who have systems capable of providing a good VR experience, the excitement is taken up yet another notch. Whatever type of racing fan you are, don’t miss out on at least giving it a try! [via Steam]
  7. VR Comes To DiRT Rally Since its initial release back in December 2015 DiRT Rally has astounded both fans and critics. The combination of the realism alongside the fantastic sounds and stunning graphics offers an immersive experience for players. This has resulted in a difficult-yet-addictive game, a legend up there with the likes of the original Colin McRae Rally series that preceded DiRT, and of course Richard Burns Rally. Codemasters are now taking the virtual rallying sim to the next level. As if it wasn't immersive enough already, DiRT Rally is now available for PlayStation VR. Make sure to check it out below! Welcome To Virtual Rallying Every game mode in DiRT Rally will now be available for drivers in VR, including hill-climb and rally-cross. And for the multiplayer lovers out there, you'll be glad to hear you can now test your skills as a co-driver. Co-Driver Mode allows you to deliver the pace notes on rally stages, testing your timing and accuracy, using the buttons and touchpad on a DualShock controller. One wrong call and your buddy's hitting a tree. The visuals may take a hit but the immersion players experience should compensate for that. Available Now Existing players can access the VR experience thanks to a new DLC, on the PlayStation store for £9.99. New users can purchase the DiRT Rally Plus PlayStation VR bundle as a digital download from the PlayStation Store or as a retail version from Argos.
  8. DiRT 4 Announced! Surprise! That’s Codemasters today as they decided to drop the announcement that DiRT 4 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this June. DiRT 4 will take the “passion and authenticity of off-road racing to the next level” and wants to have players embracing the “thrill, exhilaration and adrenaline” that this sort of racing is renowned for. Giving players the ability to create in what they play on is always welcome and DiRT 4 will do this through a new system called “Your Stage”. This creation tool gives players the ability to create unique rally routes at the touch of a button: select a location and set some parameters and the game will do the hard work in creating a stage that can be raced and shared with friends. We will need to wait for more info before knowing how light or deep players can get involved with the whole process. Following hot on the heels of acclaimed rally racer simulation DiRT Rally, it is likely that the game will steer more towards the arcade spectrum but maybe with an air of authenticity that some of the previous titles seemed to move away from. With DiRT 4, we’ve sought to combine the levels of thrill and realism from last year’s DiRT Rally with the fearless excitement, fun, and adrenaline-fuelled races previously seen in its critically acclaimed prequels DiRT 2 and DiRT 3. – Codemasters blog DiRT games always tend to result in a very polished and enjoyable gameplay experience and do very well at showcasing the different types of motorsport. Factor in some massive crashes and a lot of laughs and you have a recipe for a racing game that can be enjoyed by many. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="small-post-image" ids="6524,6525,6526,6527,6528,6529,6530,6531,6532,6533,6534,6535,6536,6537,6538,6539] [via Codemasters blog]
  9. DiRT Showdown Free For a very limited time, DiRT Showdown, another excellent game from Codemasters, is available totally free on Humble Bundle for Windows, Mac and Linux. Released back in 2012 and the last ‘DiRT’ game before the incredible DiRT Rally crashed onto the scene last year, Showdown was more about providing a thrilling and enjoyable experience without having to think too much about what was going on. With its more arcade-centric physics and the creating of carnage actively encouraged, this was a game that just wanted the player to have fun with what they were doing. And it did just that. DiRT Showdown is provided as a Steam key for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  10. DiRT Rally PlayStation VR It’s been a bit of a fairly quiet time with info pertaining to DiRT Rally recently, but today a surprising announcement was made out of nowhere that the outstanding rally sim will be getting PlayStation VR compatibility. Announced through the official Codemasters blog, the support for PSVR will be provided by an upcoming DLC add-on and will be available from the PlayStation Store for existing owners and be included in an upgraded retailed boxed version. It won’t be a long wait for it either, as it appears Codies have been working away like busy beavers as we will be seeing it in the “coming weeks”. DiRT Rally is already seen as the ultimate rally racer and the addition of PSVR support will only raise that higher. Those players who are lucky enough to be able to have a full setup will find themselves immersed as much as is possible without being behind the wheel of an actual rally car. The PS VR functionality will give you a fully immersive off-road experience, with the upgraded game supporting every car, every route and every discipline within DiRT Rally. But wait, there’s more! Hang onto your seats baby ‘cause the update will enable an ability to have a second player to take on the role of co-driver, using the buttons and touchpad of the controller to send instructions to the driver. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="6490,6491,6492] Nothing can go wrong there then... [via Codies blog]
  11. Get GRID Free on PC A free game is always a good thing to see and when it is one that is as good as the original GRID by Codemasters, it is definitely one to snap up. Even if you gave it a miss when it was released more than eight years ago! Edging more heavily on the arcade side of play, GRID was a return to form for Codies. And the variety of different motorsports represented within meant that there was something there for most fans, including a fun drift mode. Available now on Humble Bundle for a limited period, the game may have aged and it has most certainly been surpassed by its successors and others, but it costs absolutely nothing, and will provide anywhere from 5 mins of disgust to hours of thrilling fun.
  12. DiRT 3 FREE! Humble Bundle is celebrating its 3rd birthday and as a part of the celebrations they have decided to hand out a free copy of DiRT 3 Complete Edition on PC and Mac. To take advantage of this massively generous offering all you need is a Steam and Humble Bundle account. You will need to be quick though as the offer ends on Saturday November 12th and those who manage to get themselves a key will need to redeem it before the following Saturday, November 19th. Modern day super star rally-sim DiRT Rally is also on promotion at half-price. There have been better prices on offer elsewhere, but the fact you are helping charities as well as the developer with your purchase makes the pill easier to swallow. DiRT 3 Complete Edition extras: The Monte Carlo Rally Pack – eight breathtaking Rally stages featuring dramatic climbs, descents, and hairpins of snowy mountain roads. Race through the Alps and conquer the legendary Col de Turini pass. The X Games Asia Track Pack – four new routes set across two new tracks in Shibuya, the neon heart of central Tokyo, where spectacular mud-spattered Rallycross circuits weave beneath towering skyscrapers. The Power and Glory Car Pack – stars five cars including the BMW M3 Rally, Lancia Delta S4, Ford Focus ST Rallycross, Scion tC and Chevrolet Camaro SSX Concept, each with a range of liveries. The Mud and Guts Car Pack – features five cars available for single-player, split-screen and online multiplayer events. Race the Lancia Stratos, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2, Citroën C4 Rallycross, Saturn Sky and Ford Mustang GT, each with a range of liveries. The Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack – access the Ford Escort Mk II, a 70s rally classic with five liveries. The Ken Block Special Pack – features a customized and upgraded Ford Escort Mk II, an Open Class Rally car sporting a killer Ken Block livery. The Mini Gymkhana Special Pack – access the mid-engined Mini Cooper S Gymkhana, customized and tuned to become an outrageously responsive Gymkhana car. Minimum Requirements: (Windows) OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.8GHz, Intel Pentium® 2.8Ghz Memory: 2GB Hard Disk Space: 15GB Video Card: AMD Radeon™ HD 2000 256MB, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8000 Series DirectX®: DirectX® 9 Sound: DirectX® compatible soundcard Minimum Requirements: (Mac) OS: Mac OS X 10.9.5 Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel Memory: 256 MB RAM Graphics: AMD 4670 256MB, NVIDIA GT120 256MB, Intel HD4000 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 14 GB available space Additional Notes: The following cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, Intel HD3000, NVIDIA 7xxx series, NVIDIA 8xxx series, NVIDIA 9xxx series, NVIDIA 3xx series Recommended Requirements: (Windows) OS: Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 Processor: AMD Phenom™ II or Intel® Core™ i7 Memory: 3GB Hard Disk Space: 15GB Video Card: AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series DirectX®: DirectX® 11 Sound: DirectX® compatible soundcard Recommended Requirements: (Mac) OS: Mac OS X 10.10.2 Processor: 2.4Ghz Intel Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: AMD 6970 1GB, NVIDIA 650 1GB, Intel Iris Pro Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 14 GB available space
  13. Formula 1 2016 Coming Soon to a Console Near You With another summer, comes another Formula 1 2016 game. Not a great deal changes year on year with these F1 games but it's still day and night when compared to a certain fishy cash cow. But among the changes is a 10 season career mode that should keep you occupied for the next couple of years if you like to do full length race weekends. With F1 2016 you get all an all new track, Baku, a street circuit in the city of you guessed it, Baku in Azerbaijan. From the screenshots that have been shown, it looks like quite a nice track. The game graphics themselves don't look too shabby either. There is also a new and improved car upgrade and development element to the game that is supposed to mirror the real life development of these mystical machines. Are you up to the task of doing 100+ laps of Circuit de Catalunya? There's no word on when the game is going to release but it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime later this year. I'd expect it to be released towards the end of the season as is now the norm with these games. But expect to see more of it at E3 in just less than 2 weeks.
  14. Code Masters Join Codemasters Sony shuttering Evolution Studios (Evo) was seen as a move that didn't make much sense to many as the team produced one of the best looking racing games of this generation and brought it back from what looked like a near certain disaster. The Evo team however plodded on, having belief in their baby and in the end made it one of the most polished and supported racing titles available that went on to sell over 2 million copies! A large number of the team appeared to have rejected Sony's offer to distribute them around their internal holdings and despite being out of jobs the core members of the team seemed upbeat and positive of what was going on, raising ours and plenty of other's eyebrows as to what was going on. Well now we know! As Codemasters, those lovely crazy people behind so many of the racing games that many of us have grown up with (bring back ToCA!!) or play even today, knows a good thing when it is staring them right in the face, has snapped them up. That talented Evo lot are staying together and are now a part of the Codies family. They will be put to work on a new project that will be multi-platform and will see both studios sharing their craft with one another; that in itself is a totally tantalising prospect. We have very exciting news today. We’re delighted to announce that on the 25th April, Codemasters will be expanding its portfolio of studios to include the highly-respected and very talented team from Evolution Studios. - Codemasters Blog Codies are riding high right now with DiRT Rally and it will be so much fun to see how these two interact and evolve each other, as they are one of the more vocal and sharing developers with their communities. DRIVECLUB saw what is seen as one of the best post-content support and value for money programs ever. With so many devs always looking to milk their playerbase, it was quite something to see one that actually made players consider what they were providing as worth it. And as many of us know, that really doesn't happen often. We wish the utmost best for the future of Evo and raise a glass to Codies for taking Evo under their giant chin. (dunno why we said that...) Source: GI.biz
  15. Get Your Rallying Trousers On, It's Time To Hit The DiRT! Today, DiRT Rally comes to consoles! Times will be beaten, cars will be smashed, controllers will be thrown at walls as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players get to experience the frustration that PC players have been enjoying on Steam for almost a year. We have seen first-hand how Codemasters have developed this authentic and intense rally game into an instant future classic as a Steam Early Access title and now it's full release is hitting consoles! Meanwhile PC players aren't being left out, with a a 17GB update full of bug fixes and improvements being rolled out today, as well as the surprise release of Codemasters telemetry tool - CREST. Codemasters RaceNet Evaluation and Statistics Tool (CREST) allows you to compare your ghosts to the fastest time's ghost with some very detailed analysis. You can compare sector times, racing line, braking, acceleration, speed, and gear selection. You'll be able to view your laps with a top-down aerial view, to see what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. Formula 1 level analysis for your DiRT times. Check out the full patch notes below: Game – A stock engineer team are now used in the Service area for Online Events to prevent some players gaining an advantage. This will also occur in Leagues depending on the settings used. UI Fix – Users are now instantly informed and moved onto the next run if they unfortunately Terminally damage their vehicle on the start line of a Hillclimb event. Achievement Fix – “I am the 5%” unlocking criteria has now been made clearer. Online Fix – When a player enters the pause menu, their vehicle will now instantly ghost. UI Fix – Controller disconnection message is now always showing on top of whichever screen you are on at that time. Game Fix – Solved an issue when the option to apply the first perk to your Crew Chief was not showing. AI Fix – In a Hillclimb event, the AI drivers will now place correctly if they Terminally Damage in their second run. Online – Players no longer receive a Clean Race / Appearance bonus if they retire from the event early. Game Fix – Fixed an issue where a player takes 2 joker laps in a row and then their 2ndJoker lap icon disappears due to the AI driver entering the Joker lap. Vehicles – The threshold for punctures has been increased, making the tyres more resistant to punctures on landings. Controls – Players can no longer accidently unbind ‘Gear Up’ and ‘Gear Down’ controls when re-assigning buttons if they have their preferential transmission set as Automatic. COMMUNITY – Car Damage – Car parts will no longer clip through the Lancia Stratos cockpit when damaged. COMMUNITY – Animations – Drivers are now shifting correctly when using either of the F2 Kit Cars. COMMUNITY – Online Event – Some cars reported by the community should no longer gain an increase in performance after damaging their car exhaust. COMMUNITY – Reset Lines – Some reset lines around the tight hairpins on the Monte carlo stage, Route de Turini, have been replaced. Audio – Co-driver calls issues for Sweden have been fixed and minor adjustments to other locations. Graphics – Corrected an issue where the wrong car kickup VFX was incorrectly being used after completing a stage in Greece. Graphics – Crowd members in Sweden are now correctly dressed at all times. Exploit – Possible shortcut on the German stage Flugzeugring has been removed. Exploit – Users should now no longer have a second try at a daily event after quitting out via ALT+F4. Graphics – Lighting issues should now be resolved when using a system with 3+ graphics cards in use.Controllers – After using a racing wheel with H pattern transmission in game, upon rebooting and using a controller, the title will now recognise the change and change the transmission type accordingly. Replays – Car reset points are now the same when viewing a replay as they are in game, removing the possibility of collision issues when watching a replay in slow motion. Game – Custom Events now use a stock Team of engineers in the service area at all times. Game – Hillclimb – AI drivers who terminally damage in their 2ndrun will now be correctly placed in the final results screen. Controller – Issue where the players controller will continuously rumble during the pre-race sequence for a rallycross event no longer occurs. Leaderboards – Players who use a non-standard character as the first letter of their driver name will now be shown correctly in an events leaderboard. Controls – Gear up/ Gear down can now be assigned controls when the user has set their transmission type to automatic. Languages – Russian and Brazilian Portuguese added.
  16. DiRT Rally Console Preview With the clock counting down to the console release of DiRT Rally in April, Codemasters have thrown up a new video of their recent twitch stream, taking us through the ins-and-outs of the console version of DiRT Rally and answering - and swerving - questions from the community. The video lasting over 50 mins goes through a lot about the game, giving a detailed full run down of what those who purchase the game can expect. The early parts take us through how the game will begin with players in a Classic Mini and the new Rallycross 1600 Series, a tiny bit of information about the "very rear-engined" Alpine A110 and then some words of the legal challenges that were faced in regards to Sébastien Loeb's Pikes Peak monster, the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak, and how it can only be kept to the modern tarmac version in the game; where we are then treated to some game footage of the car on said course. Console players are idiots... sorry what I mean to say is that the next topic discussed is the new advanced driving videos that are there for those who are new to rallying, or typically keep their racing on the black stuff. Some technical aspects are also confirmed with both consoles being 60fps -- PS4 is 1080p, with the Xbox One mostly being the same, but dynamically reducing to 900p if the occasion should arise in order to keep the frame rate up. Alongside the talk of the new trio of Colin McRae liveries that are coming and the start of the Q&A, we are catered to an Alpine being run on a snowy stage. Information that can be gleaned from the Q&A: Little chance of a livery editor due to the way the cars are built and the amount of work involved in bringing something like that to the game however they did mention that they "have potential thoughts how they can support this kind of stuff" Australia's chances of getting in the game are "on the list" but not at the front, just like places such as "New Zealand" and "Ireland" The Fanatec handbrake is seemingly supported as long as you have the Fanatec Base They have tweaked the Masters races to be slightly easier Group B cars are on the wishlist to come to Rallycross Console versions are essentially running High but with tweaks and optimisations (uhoh... what's that ominous glow?) There is no plan to add livery packs They are aware of the want for custom language Pace Notes however it's a tricky area Revamping the car classes in the career is something they will look at in the future but not with DiRT Rally Game feels good with a pad (Xbox One Rumble triggers support) Working on driver for newer AMD cards on Windows 10 Thrustmaster T100 supported on PS4 Cross-platform multiplayer of PS4 and Xbox One not with DiRT Rally S1600 only on Rally Cross stages DiRT Rally is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 5th, 2016.
  17. So I've noticed quite a few people around here got the game, but nobody talks about it, so speak up! I got the game yesterday and Its a lot of fun, even though i suck hard at it (obviously :D), but the one thing that baffles Me is the level design the ditches and sort of curbs alongside roads, i think they are bit too harsh.
  18. DiRT Rally New Console Content Codemasters have released a trailer for the console version of its incredible rally-sim DiRT Rally, showing the new additional content they will include on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 5th, 2016. Prepare to jump right into some rallycross by way of the new Classic Mini and Super 1600 Series at the start of the game, with the latter having three well-known hot-hatches amongst its ranks of the Opel Corsa, Renault Clio and Peugeot 207. Also included is the much loved Renault 5 Turbo, legendary Renault Alpine A110 and another Peugeot, the 208 T16 Pikes Peak. The New Cars Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak Renault 5 Turbo Renault Alpine A110 Opel Corsa Super 1600 Peugeot 207 S1600 Renault Clio S1600 Mini Classic Rally-Cross Besides that lot, a vintage full gravel surface Pikes-Peak hill climb is added too, giving players an even more extreme challenge than what is its tarmac covered modern equivalent today. If you're a bit wet behind the ears in regards to rallying, you can always have a watch of one, some or all of the 21 advanced rally driving guides that will be available -- and when the co-driver says "Don't cut!!" you bloody well better listen. The days of Colin McRae and Codemasters continue to shine on too, with 3 more of his classic liveries, including the iconic blue with fluorescent yellow Subaru Impreza (happy dance!) joining his already in the game Ford Focus edition. Console gamers pre-ordering the digital edition of DiRT Rally will receive both the Fully Loaded MINI Pack and the Fully Loaded Rallycross Pack, which unlocks the Mini Classic Rallycross. There is also a limited edition 'Legend Edition' and for the real die-hards, a Steelbook complete with Driver's Guide will be available in certain territories. Source: dirtgame.com Blog
  19. It's A Winter Wonderland In DiRT Rally! Christmas comes early as DiRT Rally's full release comes to Steam, following the massively successful Early Access release. DiRT Rally has been a massive hit, even in an uncompleted Early Access state. No doubt this is due to it's old-school, Colin McRae Rally like gameplay. Rally fans finally got what they've been wanting for years, pure rallying on the tightest and most challenging roads. Since the April 2015 Early Access release, players have driven over 90 million kilometers (that's about 60 million miles) and raced 3 million clean stages. Now, the full version and official release comes to Steam, with a console release date set for April 5th 2016. In the spirit of the giving season, with the full release Codemasters are also giving players the Winter Wonderland pack. Today's update brings the snow-covered roads of Sweden to the game, with hand-selected stages to give players the best experience. On the winter roads of Sweden, Codemasters' pioneering soft-touch technology is critical here to give the soft snowy banks a realistic feeling of density and accurate effects on the car's physics, allowing you to lean into them and push out of them when you're really pushing hard. As well as the snowy lands of Sweden, two recent additions to the modern-day rallying scene come to DiRT Rally, the Hyundai i20 Rally and Volkswagen Polo Rally. If you haven't yet bought DiRT Rally, here's why you should. DiRT Rally features over 40 of the most exciting rally cars in history, from the Austin Mini to the Subaru Impreza. There are over 70 rally stages, such as tight twisty forests, muddy grip-less Welsh stages, narrow mountain roads, ice-covered roads with death-defying drops in Monte Carlo, and more. Nothing will give you a more thrilling and challenging rally experience. Join us in the forums to let us know if you agree. [gallery columns=5" link="file" ids="3699,3700,3701,3702,3703,3704,3705,3706,3707,3708,3709,3710,3711,3712,3713" orderby="rand]
  20. No Longer Delayed, The Modern Masters Update Is Out Now! Codemasters have dropped the latest update for DiRT Rally, which includes a number of new cars and a new class, as well as the latest handling updates and new features. The release was originally scheduled for last week, however Codemasters hit a roadblock with licensing one of the featured cars, which delayed the update for an uncertain amount of time. As many of you will have already known this week didn’t go entirely to plan. We had originally planned to release the Modern Masters pack however we were unable to do so as we hadn’t received all the necessary permissions to feature one of the cars. I know it’s been frustrating for you guys as the dates on the website have been changing and the messaging has been pretty mixed but suffice to say we are now extremely confident that we will be setting the update live early next week. Source: Codemasters Blog Thankfully, the update is indeed here this week. The Modern Masters update introduces two rally legends from the last decade, the Citroën C4 Rally 2010 and the Ford Focus RS Rally 2007, arguably two of the best cars in recent rallying history and famously driven by world class drivers such as Sébastien Loeb, Marcus Grönholm, and Mikko Hirvonen. With their powerful 2 litre turbocharged engines, they're sure to be good fun out on the dirt. Also being featured in the Modern Masters update is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and Subaru Impreza WRX STI, which will be part of the newly introduced R4 Class. With some of the richest rallying history between the manufacturers, it's not hard to understand why Codemasters have featured these two icons of modern rallying. Included with the additional content will be a number of new features, such as stage distances & elevations, manual headlights, and windscreen wipers. Additionally, the Group B 4WD and Group A classes will receive the latest handling updates, as part of Codemasters' commitment to Early Access, and a number of known issues have been fixed. DiRT Rally: Modern Masters is free to all Early Access players, and available now. Check out the trailer and pictures below. [gallery link=file" ids="3366,3365,3364,3363,3362,3361]
  21. Let's Have Some Finn Codemasters have released their latest update Version 8.0 the "Flying Finland Pack" for DiRT Rally. The pack introduces players to Finland, the spiritual home of rallying where there are 12 new stages set in the Jämsä region. These are the fastest yet with average speeds in excess of 100mph/160kph and massive crests and jumps that will make those all-important pace notes invaluable to completing the course relatively intact. Anyone who has ever watched footage from a Finnish Rally knows how nuts it looks in not only the speed, but also the height and distance the cars get when taking off from the many jumps littered along the courses, and then there is the really HARD landings where doing a few rollovers will more than certainly be the order of the day. Should be a right laugh then! As with your typical patch/update there is a selection of improvements, fixes and if you're (un)lucky, maybe even some new bugs and glitches. V8.0 Changelog Features and content: 12 new rally stages near Jämsä, Finland All new 2000s vehicle class 2 new cars – Subaru Impreza 2001 and Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 Custom Championships – You can now tweak the number of events, stages and AI difficulty. This will mean that you can set up an event that suits the amount of time you have available and get rewarded accordingly. Mouse Support! – Yep you asked for it so here it is. It’s still a work in progress so please give us your feedback on how we can improve it. We’ve reworked the handling on our 60s, 70s, 80s RWD and 2010s classes – these changes have seen improvements to the way we model suspension and tyres, along with engine and aero rework they really make the cars feel a lot more dynamic to drive. We’ve updated the engine audio for the 1995 Subaru Impreza in the Group A class. We’d like to say a massive thank you to Ryan Champion for letting us use his awesome car for the recording! We’ve wrapped our replays so you can rewind from the start of a replay to watch the final section of your run much faster than you could before. We’ve added a new ‘Invite Friends’ option in the lobby to make it easier for you to get the people you want into your PVP races. Fixed: The audio FX levels for the surfaces and kick up have been brought back so that you can hear all that gravely goodness. We sent our Rallycross AI drivers to the opticians so that they can now see when they need to avoid other cars when they are approaching the joker entrance. Now that they can see better they are also setting faster laps. We’ve fixed the camera clipping in certain camera angles when you changed the Field of View. We’ve made some Hyper threading fixes that should now prevent those annoying stuttering issues that some of you were having. We’ve stopped the Engineer contract lengths and costs from being affected when competing in league events. Toggling Push to Talk or enabling/disabling voice communications through the pause menu is now actually working. The Reset Timer has now been increased to 15 seconds when attempting to get back on track. I know we said that before but this time it is actually in. Cars will no longer roll over on the start in PVP races, ROFL. We’ve made sure that the cars are visible on the start line even when collisions are turned off in PVP – they will still ghost during the race though. Your PVP opponents won’t be showboating and driving around with the handbrake on anymore. The gear setup will no longer be changing between stages without a service area. We’ve fixed those odd camera angles that were being used in spectate mode. The miles driven using owned vehicles in PVP now accrue towards unlocking upgrades for that vehicle. When viewing a replay using an interior camera, the speedometers now show the correct speed for all vehicles. We’ve fixed a whole host of other stuff too but they were too boring to call out in this list. [gallery] DiRT Rally is available for PC via Steam Early Access. Hehehe: "Since its release on Steam Early Access in April, Dirt Rally’s dedicated players have clocked up over 58 million kilometers, raced 1.4 million clean stages and performed nearly 1.5 million barrel rolls in their quest to join the world’s elite DiRT Rally players at the top of the leaderboards."
  22. Feedback Aplenty Thanks to Codemasters, Broadcast Journalism student and 'Motorsport YouTuber' Andre Harrison was exclusively permitted to record his limited gameplay session and share it with the world. His praises the development team for taking a step backwards towards the original Race Driver GRID title in terms of content and handling. It's a little hard to judge ourselves due to his, erm... aggressive driving style (at least in the touring cars), but do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also showcased is the sharp menu interface and the replay system that Codies are particularly proud of. Oh and Ravenwest are back. Is this title on your 'must-have' list for 2014? Is being similar to GRID 1 a good or bad thing? Is there room for GRID Autosport and Project CARS to share the market? Do you think Codemasters made the right call releasing early on current-gen consoles? These are the questions - scroll down and submit your answers! GRID Autosport is due for release on PC (Steam), Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on Friday the 27th of June 2014.
  23. ToCA Talk Here's something interesting, those of you who can remember the ToCA Touring Cars games before they became Race Driver and then GRID will no doubt recollect how good they were, because they essentially were the BTCC - in what could be regarded as its best days - in game form. Top tracks, brilliant selection of cars and handling that was authentic with AI that was fierce and didn't mind getting stuck in. So this little mention via twitter today by current BTCC Racing Driver for the Honda YUASA Racing team, Matt Neal, is all the bit very interesting as he mentions how he was at Codemasters today "helping tuning tracks and cars" and to "watch out for their two new driving games". Now it's no secret that people are expecting DiRT 4 as well as the new Formula 1 for this year, so is that it or are we going to be seeing a return to ToCA or perhaps even Race Driver again, how will this affect GRID if so or will it be another franchise for Codies to add to their already impressive catalog of superb racers? I guess only time will tell. Thanks - twitter
  24. Codemasters have been dropping the odd hint about what they're working on these past few months and also showing via posts on their Facebook that they remember those of us who are real fond of the great days of ToCA and Race Driver. With reports of BTCC Touring Car drivers helping test out cars and tracks, notes about remembering where they came from and shots of items relating to the old ToCA games including - SHOCK! cheat codes - it would be so very easy to come to the idea that we are going to see some old ideas perhaps mix it up with the new. And if this latest teaser video is anything to go by then that will probably happen with the next GRID, GRID 3 or maybe GRID: Race Driver? Who knows? But we won't have to wait long to find out as there is a date at the end of the video: 22.4.14 or next Tuesday if you don't have a calendar handy. :) Thanks - Codies Weekly Update 17-04-14 | Codemasters Blog
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