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Found 3 results

  1. [headline]We have turned EIGHT![/headline] Well hello there folks! As of this time yesterday* our community has turned the ripe old age of eight, yes eight, yep that is eight as in the number 8. We're no longer a dumb kid anymore, we may act like it and try and get away with it but we know better, or something like that anyway. From our small beginnings in 2007 to now a lot has happened and of course it hasn't all been good, it hasn't been bad either and there have certainly been plenty of ups along with a small amount of downs, all in all though it's been pretty good and a damn fun ride. As we look to the future we have pretty big plans and hope they come to pass in the early months of the year, we are at a point now where we know what we want to do and how to go about things and as per usual the reason we do it is for our members so any feedback you guys have please deliver it to us. It's incredible to see some of the veteran members and names (even though they've probably been renamed many many times!) still around and it shows just how much of a part we are to those peoples' happenings in their life that they still find the time to give us a visit and say hellooo! And it is pretty amazing to see the reason we originally started is seeing a real resurgence this many years later due to the phenomenal work and skills of modders, it's seriously exciting to see what is being worked and what could actually come via this in the coming months of the year. I am so thankful that these experts continue to not only find new ways and techniques of opening up and bringing more to these games but also that they continue to do so here and also share their findings with others whatever their experience -- resulting in even newbies gathering the knowledge to start contributing to the modding community and learning the tricks of the trade. :cool: So yeah it's been an interesting number of years, it's been a real journey not only for myself but I'm sure many of you all too, and it's always surreal seeing so many of you actually growing up. That may sound crazy as all you can see is your text and pics on here but how you post, what you post and the images you share really do show how much how you are doing in your life. And of course a HUMONGOUS HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS sized hug to all the supporters and Speshul members who have kept this place online, without you nutters we would not be able to keep our heads above water and eat the bread to keep us powering on. :duck: What does the future hold for us on turboduck and our community? Well you should hopefully get to see some of this in the next couple of months and I have a plan in my head (oh no!) of where I want this place to go and I hope you will stick around and follow it with me. Massive thanks to everyone who has been on and made this community a part of their internet over the last eight years. It's been a real blast and I aim to continue exploding this place for years to come! :nuts: Let's Party like it's 2007!! :bdance: Cheers! Diablo & turboduck team * unfortunately I was unable to do what I wanted in order to post this thread yesterday as family matters came up unexpectedly
  2. Hello all and sundry! Another milestone has been hit with our community and this one is that we are now entering a seventh year, just think about that for a second. If you joined at the minimum required age of 13 then, well you are now 19 heading for 20. That's a fair amount of time and A LOT has occurred in this period of time, from the extreme highs to the unpleasant lows we've been through it all. In fact it's been through the worst times where this place has really shone in how some of our members see and respect this place. This always surprises me as to me it's something but to you all I think how can people care enough to actually will it to survive and continue on and that is extremely humbling. I want to give a massive shout-out to all the active staff, you guys help keep me from going more mental and committing myself to an insane asylum. Then we have the modders, you guys are amazing, providing your own time to create items for the players to use in their games making the experience much more enjoyable and - even to an extent - bearable. I would also thank the Site Writers here but most of them have been useless and not done what they signed up to do so I will thank those who have actually been a real asset to that area and they are; Ryzza, TDUFREAK and Loz. If I missed you out it's because I can't remember the last thing you wrote. :evil: As usual I have to give a big-up to the supporters and Speshul Members, you guys really do help to keep this place alive, I don't know if people think that bar is a gimmick or what but for the rare few of you who do I cannot show my appreciation enough and wish I could do more giveaways and such-like for you guys. Every year I say I will try this and it never comes true so this year I am saying nothing and see what will happen. Maybe ignorance is in fact bliss? :D Since we became turboduck I have been working hard to distance ourselves from the whole TDU centric branding that we have had and though this has happened it has only but slightly. So in the next few weeks to months you will see some experiments being conducted, I have some interesting ideas for this place and I am determined to put them into practice and I am sure those of you who are members of the community will like what's to come. There was a real community spirit here and I want that back and I hope you guys will stick around once this mad scientist approach becomes reality. Thanks to you all, without you guys this place would not be anything and I never forget that. Here's to 8! Cheers :cheers:
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