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Found 3 results

  1. [SIZE=6][B]I Am Leaving But This Is Not Goodbye[/B][/SIZE] After more than 11 years of being the admin and owner of this here community I have decided that it is time to fly the virtual nest [I](wait, do ducks have nests?)[/I] and hand control over to someone else who can really make the :duck: fly! [I](harhar, me do pun)[/I] It’s been an amazing amount of time and a hell of an experience being the main muppet of this place and I will miss some of the behind the scenes work. And it still amazes me that I have watched a number of members here grow up and mature, going from being punk kids who hate school to becoming adults and moving on with their lives. Some of you have even confided in me how finding this place benefited you in ways I could never imagine which was extremely humbling. I have also met some of you incredible in real life. Getting to travel with that crazy lot down to Namco Bandai Partners in London was superb. Every one of them was a real character and a barrel of laughs. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet up some time again guys!! :bigsmile: Meeting people for real is generally a rare thing with online communities, and even though the vast majority of those I have interacted with on here have been only through text or chat in a game, I do consider a number of them friends who I would very much like to meet. It may sound weird, but those times where we all jumped on to play a few hours of whatever game gave the same feeling and sense of enjoyment as meeting up with my mates for a drink at the pub. In the sense that the banter was flowing and so were plenty of jokes. And of course a good amount of these times had alcohol present! :D From humble beginnings to becoming a known name in certain gaming circles, and in such, getting noticed by the people behind them. Resulting in being able to get to know and meet Mr Nadal and all of Eden Games, Lee ‘Pizza & Games’ Kirton formerly of Atari and now Namco Bandai Partners, and having back and forth conversations with sterling community managers such as Soufyane and Natchai at Ubisoft. There are probably more but my stupid memory cannot remember who they are. :confused: Last but not least I come to all of you guys, the members. Whether you are someone who shares their excellent in-game or real life images and video, a modder putting out good stuff for the community to use with their game, or just simply a chatty sod. Know that I have enjoyed seeing all sorts here. :tup: I wish I could say more and be more epic with this but you all know how terrible I am at this sort of thing. So, I will say my goodbyes but rest assured I am not leaving, I will still be around, but not in an official capacity, and in a funny way this will actually not only help me, but also help this place as the new boss can surely give it what I wasn’t able to. I got a bit of time as one of the better members to show the new boss around and give them the wealth of my experience (oh boy) before I become one of you scum. And so with that, all I have left to say is... smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! :crazy: [SIZE=5]Cheers![/SIZE] [SIZE=6]Diablo[/SIZE] (former community Admin & Owner) So.. uh what? [B]Q: Who is the new owner of turboduck on tduck?[/B] [I]A: The new owner is now in control and uses the @Diablo account.[/I] [B]Q: Who is Diablo now then?[/B] [I]A: Diablo, as they used to be, is now under the @insaneone username.[/I] [B]Q: Will Diablo still be around?[/B] [I]A: Of course they will, but as @insaneone as this is who they are now (and has always been! :cheeky:).[/I] [B]Q: Why did Diablo leave?[/B] [I]A: They haven't left, they are now known as @insaneone and so is still here. As much as the original Diablo loved this place, they knew it was time to pass it on so that the :duck:'s future could be preserved. :cool:[/I]
  2. [HEADLINE]February 15th Maintenance[/HEADLINE] Hey all, we have some major maintenance planned for Feb 15th. This involves a lot of different items and so there is no real time limit we can confidently announce as for how long it will take to complete but at most we are hoping for less than 12 hours. For the duration of this you will receive a Maintenance Page in place of our site or forum and also you may experience server errors, or even the inability to connect, as updates and upgrades are performed that might require a server reboot. :warnsaw: I will do my best to post information and current progress on our twitter and facebook, throughout. Feel free to wish me luck! :nuts: Thanks!
  3. [headline]You Raaaaaannnnggg![/headline] We are always looking for ways to get you guys to be able to interact with one another in a more seamless fashion and we think this is one way that will definitely help with that. This new plugin we have installed allows you to mention other members by using [B]@MEMBERNAME[/B] (have to know their name) or using the newly created [B][plain][MENTION]MEMBERNAME[/MENTION][/plain][/B] bbcode or [B][plain]@OP:[/plain][/B] (needs the ':' to mention the original topic creator [I](OP = original post[er][/I]). This notifies the member's you've mentioned that you have done so and shows them a brief excerpt of the text that surrounds it on their [I]Profile[/I]. Also note that the mention will only show when the post is submitted, not at preview. [U]Example:[/U] Yo @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=201"]bob[/URL] you smell of eggs! Works with spaces and most other characters too: @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=5705"]Mr Softie[/URL] :p @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=301"]#Myk2016[/URL] If it doesn't work for a member you are trying to mention then find their userid and use the [B][plain]@MEMBERNAME[/plain][/B] bbcode instead. Do this by finding the userid of the member you want to mention by hovering over their name on a post or elsewhere on the forum and look for the [B]NUMBER[/B] after [B][...]/members/NUMBER-MEMBERNAME. (I am [...]/members/1-diablo so my number would be 1)[/B] [U]Example:[/U] Yo @[URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/member.php?u=201"]bob[/URL] you smell of fried cactus! [B]([plain]@bob[/plain])[/B] And you know how you will be taking part in a discussion and then come back and scroll down to see what was said and perhaps miss someone who quoted you? Well now you will also find a little notification alerting you to this too, again with a small blurb of the response to your quoted text. There is a small niggle however, where in order to get rid of the displayed notification, you need to click the link for it. You cannot jump from the [B]Mentions[/B] tab to the [B]Quotes[/B] tab or vice versa on your [I]Profile[/I] and find both have been updated to reflect you have seen them. They need to be actioned via the dropdown itself. Hopefully you will find this at least 1% useful. [B][SIZE=4]Cheers!![/SIZE][/B] [SIZE=3][B]-- turboduck team [/B][/SIZE]
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